Find The Best Gas Station Credit Card Processing With Quadrapay

Understand Best Credit Card Processors For Gas Stations Before You Regret

Quadrapay card processing solutions for gas stations help you to improve customer experience by allowing clients to pay money at the fuel pump with major credit and debit cards. You can integrate our automated gas station credit card processing solution directly with your gas vending machine. We offer this solution in USA, CEMEA and the European Union. In the USA and other economies where the gas stations are self vended. We have customised devices that directly fit in gas vending machines and also offer portable POS machines. Portable POS machines are used only when atleast one employee of a gas station is present. We are a reseller of various payment processorsĀ  that specialise in providing Best credit card processing solutions for gas stations.

Our Pos solution will make your business agile because this solution also accepts EMV chip cards that are contact-less. In this way, a customer wants to get service quickly, if they get service late, then that customer will move to another service station. These days the Tap and Pay mode is also called Virus Free Payment Option as there is no touching involved.

Benefits Of POS Solution For Gas Station

  • Integration. Our solutions easily integrate with your business(pay at the fuel pump and automated fuel vendor). Using our credit card processing solutions integrated with gas station POS systems will support you to preserve time and money while enhancing sales.
  • Customer Support. We offer 24×7 help support for gas stations. If a customer pays through a card using a Pos machine and then faces any error in that case you can contact the support number. Our customer support team will solve your issue in the quickest time possible.
  • Fast Approval. If you have all the documents, then your application will be accepted within 1-2 days, and then you can accept payment easily via solution.
  • Fast Settlement. If anyone does business, he wants to get the money immediately and that is why Quadrapay helps you With Same day and t+1 as well as T+2 settlements.
  • Transaction Charge. We offer low transaction fees for Gas stations.
  • Low Or No Termination Fee. If you want to quit this solution in future, then our processors usually do not take any termination fee. There are some processors who take some money on termination.
  • Security. Our solutions are fully PCI compliant, that is very important and also to reduce your risk of credit card fraud.

You can contact us today at [email protected] to know more about our gas station credit card processing. What are you thinking? Please mail us as soon as possible and grow your business faster with our effective solution.

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