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Our connection with various processing partners enables us in assisting Asian businesses get reliable Credit debit And ACH Payment Options.

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Dual Level Of Fraud Filtering Helps Philippines Based Merchants In Fighting Fraud Transactions.

Quadrapay Connected With Various Payment Gateway Providers For Philippines.

We are connected with a huge range of payment processing partners. If one processing company says no we take your application to the other one. If they call you High Risk then we will get you connected to High Risk Merchant Account Providers.

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A List Of Payment Gateway Providers Waiting To Service You In The Philippines

With the International payment gateway in the Philippines, entrepreneurs can get the notification about the success or decline of the transaction instantly. Since entrepreneurs work directly with the registered payment service provider, the information is received by the merchant in less than few seconds. The same notification goes to the buyer as well. This helps businesses in generating faster cash flow.
Our payment processing partners implement multiple filters and security checks to ensure that the transactions are verified and checked before processing. Dual level of fraud prevention can help businesses in reducing their fraud ratio to a small percentage. These filter also assists companies in reducing fraudulent transactions.
With the 3D secure payment processing solutions, International and Philippines based buyers can make payments without any concern. The process is straightforward to pay by credit cards. The entire process happens within a few seconds. Customers visit the merchant’s website to purchase services and goods. He/She will make a selection of products and services and proceed to checkout pages. On the Checkout or payment page, Buyer will fill the credit card details. These transaction details will get encrypted by payment gateway. After submitting the transaction details on payment gateway, the buyer redirects to the 3D secure page. On this page, the buyers will authenticate to the card issuing bank by entering OTP, PIN or Password. After the authentication process, the transactions will go through from buyers account to merchant acquiring banks account.
The best suggestion for Philippines based merchants is to go through a global merchant service reseller company like Quadrapay. Reseller companies are the sales partner of the various acquiring firms or payment service providers. Resellers know very well about pricing structures of various payment service providers for the different industries type. They will help you to get quickly approved for the merchant account and may also help with the integration process. They will also assist you in finding multiple payment methods like ACH and echeck. So it would be best for the Philippines based merchants to get best payment gateways through a reseller company.
Opening a merchant account in the Philippines is very simple. Get in touch with merchant service reseller company like Quadrapay. There are a few steps involved which Quadrapay follows. These are mentioned below: First of all, Quadrapay will send the merchant’s website URL to the Credit card processing company for the pre-approval process. The acquiring bank/firm will evaluate business URL and will let the reseller company know whether business URL is approved or not. If business gets the pre-approval, then Quadrapay will request merchants to send a set of KYC documents. The documents will then be forwarded to the acquiring bank/PSP. The acquiring firm works on the underwriting process by evaluating the merchant account application form and the KYC documents. The entire process takes about 2 to 3 days. After getting approved the payment service provider sends the merchant account agreement direct to the merchant. Merchant has to read the terms carefully, and sign it and send it back to the PSP. After sending a signed merchant account agreement, the merchant gets the access of credit card processing account and merchant centre control panel.

Entrepreneurs can accept payments in multiple currencies.
Merchants can get the settlements in the local currency.
Fast Processing and Quick Approvals
Quick and Free Integration Assistance.
All the Processors are PCI DSS Compliant. Merchants can verify the compliance status on the websites of the card brands We are proud to announce that we have the capability of helping international merchants in getting connected with USA based check processing companies. To use this innovative check processing solution your Philippines bank must accept USA checks. These checks are verified and you get the check in email. Then you can print and deposit the same in your bank.

Philippines based merchants who are looking forward to getting a payment processing solution, then they certainly contact us at [email protected]

Process Limo Payments At Low Rates

Our processing partners are also comfortable in on-boarding merchants from nations like Thailand, China, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, And UAE.

Quadrapay believes that the Philippines has got enormous potential concerning growth In the E-Commerce industry. The country has over 700 Island, and technically it is not easy to establish the bank branch in almost every island of the nation. It is the key reason why we thought of entering the Philippines market. Our team has done tremendous research and found reliable payment processing companies from across the world that are interested in onboarding merchants from the Philippines. With these payment solutions, business owners in the Philippines can accept payments from within the nation and also from International customers. Traditionally Philippines based businesses have been receiving cash payments. With a vast number of Filipino workforce located in different parts of the world, the nation has got a tremendous potential to grow. Quadrapay is proud to announce that one of its payment processing partners are incredibly excited to venture into the Philippines market. The payment gateway solution is fully compliant to PCI DSS standards and delivers excellent service.
The Philippines is connected to the world through the English language. We all know that the nation has already given a tough time to call centres in countries like India and the US. Excellent English speaking entrepreneurs from the Philippines have got tremendous talent to establish the name in the Global E-Commerce industry. Communication plays a critical role in today’s global business, and that is why companies in the Philippines must use Credit Card processing to excel in the e-commerce industry. By using credit card payment gateways in the Philippines, business owners can quickly expand the footprint in many nations including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, India and other parts of the world. Quadrapay will help businesses in the Philippines to get reliable credit card processing solutions as well as USA ACH payment processing solutions. With card processing business owners get API as well as pay by email facility. With ACH and Echeck business owners get API as well as virtual terminal. Sizeable inbound Call Centres operating in the Philippines can use this virtual terminal to generate sales. ACH processing solutions are powered by well known Third party ACH payment processors.
More Sales Are Better. The sales figure is the most critical factor that directly affects the growth of the organisation. If a business in the Philippines only accepts credit and debit card payments from local customers and ignores International sales, then it may be hard for these organisation to grow to a global level. When you use International payment gateways in the Philippines, then you can sell to International customers. This process of accepting Global payments helps businesses to elevate brands footprint as well as sales figure.
It is a well-known fact that people across the Philippines love spending. The SM Mall of Asia Is an excellent example of the tremendous buying capacity of people across the city of Metro Manila. Just like the mall of Asia, there are different other malls spread across the nation. People prefer to make payments by using credit and debit cards. This facility offers a convenient way of making payments as well as saving time. Gone are the days when people use to carry the chequebook to make purchases and used to wait for many days for the cheque to be cleared so that the merchant can ship the product. In today’s world, the payment is like Tic Tac Toe.

Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean Island. It is famous across the world for tourism, but it also attracts very high investments in the form of FDI. There are over 200 companies in the manufacturing sectors present in Malta A little over 4000 companies register every year. The highly skilled workforce is a major attraction that pulls International companies to operate from Malta. Recently many fintech Companies have also emerged from Malta.

Companies operating in Malta are expanding their wings by selling products and services to customers located in other parts of European Union. Not only European Union/Eurozone but Malta based companies also sell products and services to customers located in other parts of the world including Canada United States, Australia, and many Asian nations. To cater the international requirement merchants in Malta require International payment gateway and merchant account. A global payment gateway offers credit card acceptance from multiple countries in multiple currencies. There can be a situation where a Malta based company is looking forward to serving customers from Brazil or Chile. In this case, the Malta-based company will require an international payment gateway.

Quadrapay has established relationships with multiple payment processing companies across the globe. These financial Institutions onboard merchants from different countries and also help merchants to accept transactions in different currencies from the various nations. If you’re looking forward to getting a merchant account in Malta for your domestic and international Credit Card processing, then email us on [email protected]

The Philippines is also famous across the world because of Its IT talent. Many web designers from the Philippines create fantastic e-commerce websites for customers from around the globe. These designers also establish amazingly looking websites for their businesses and entrepreneurs within the Philippines. An attractive site can result in preparing the impulse buying tendency. It helps in generating more sales and revenue for the business owner.
The talented pool of the people from the Philippines is spread across many countries in the world. This umbilical cord connection is already giving a paradigm shift to the mentality of business owners in the Philippines. Today Philippines based business owners prefer to accept International transactions through well-known credit and debit card brands. Quadrapay is proud to announce that one of its payment processing partner is hugely excited to work with merchants from the Philippines.

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