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Save Your Online Business From Frauds With Tokenization Payment Processing!

When we talk about payment processing, our most pressing concern is the safety and security of the information we provide on the payment processing website. Everyone wants to be assured that the sensitive information that they provide while purchasing products and services online are scam and fraud-free. Quadrapay understands their customer’s safety concerns very well. That’s why we have provided a tokenization payment processing through our payment gateway, which ensures your data is safe and secure.

How Does Tokenization Payment Processing Works?

The tokenization payment processing works by replacing the information provided by the customer in the payments section such as credit card number of 16 digits, and other sensitive bank account details to be converted into tokens. These tokens are the non-pass through further information which are obtained by the help of javascript.
With the method of tokenization credit card processing, all the details of debit card or credit card payments information provided by the user are entirely secured and thus processed without any risk of exposure of sensitive pieces of information.
All the provided data is stored as highly encrypted under the payment card industry and data security standards (PCI DSS). And these tokens are then forwarded by the merchants as a unique pointer to store and process the transactions under the tokenization payment processing without the need of decrypting it.

Why Is Tokenization Payment Processing Essential For A Business Merchant?

Every day, a prosperous merchant has to fulfil the lots of transactions. And these batches of transactions also contain the risk of frauds. That’s why it is necessary to reduce the chances of the scam to its minimum factor, and this can be successfully achieved by implementing the tokenization payment processing; So that all the sensitive payment information you process for your product or services are safe and secure with fewer chances of any such fraud.
All the data entered by the customer is stored in a highly encrypted format so that even in the worst case of a data breach the scammer can’t be able to retrieve the actual information of the customer’s credit card details.

Is Tokenization Credit Card Processing Beneficial?

Yes, tokenization credit card processing helps you to boost the security parameter for your website credit card processing of your online business. Thus it also makes you a more reliable merchant among others in the market of the same industry.

  • Saves Cost: Our payment gateway platform follows the rules and guidelines of the PCI DSS compliance to ensure a risk-free experience. So you don’t need to spend more while in terms of data being processed for security.
  • Trustworthy Security: Because all the data stored as the encrypted tokens. This reduces the chances of any fraud at the most.
  • Improves The User Experience: As the data stored as tokens are safe to be stored on the payment page. The user can use the feature of a single tap payment to quickly complete the transaction checkout with the help of already stored credentials of the credit card as an encrypted token.

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