Travel Agency Credit Card Processing Your Way To No.1 Success

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Travel Agency Credit Card Processing By Quadrapay

Understanding The Risks Of Travel Agency Credit Card Processing?

When it comes to assessing the risks, it can be said that travel agencies are one of the highest risk merchants. As far as the credit card processors are turned out, it can be seen that the risks included can be counted to a ton, a lot.

The reasons behind the dispute of the travel agency credit card processing are because it is seen that customers are more likely to charge them back on the disrupts and the changes issued. To give you a brief idea of how their credit card processes work, we will help you to have a clear understanding. Travel agencies are put into the same line of risk as that of a companion service, a foreign individual mutual settlement firm or even to that of an investment.

The concern most probably comes from the notion that travel agencies do find a hard time to open their account with a merchant account because they require travel agency credit card processing. The merchant accounts are preferred for a ton of reasons, first being that they are shown that the applicant can recover from the higher risks which are managed and also from keeping all the customer disputes and chargebacks. Established travel agencies have close monitoring over the situation, which helps them to have a clear idea and also helps them to remain focussed on monitoring the tasks.

What Is The Exact Solution For Travel Agency?

So what should be done when there is a high-risk value attached to the travel agency credit card processing? This is when a secure payment network and portal comes in.

Quadrapay is one such solution and service provider, which can eliminate all the risk issues and help you to have a smooth transaction with your client—worrying about the payment and other forms of chargebacks that might be received from the customer? Well, Quadrapay has it right here for you.

By ensuring a safe method of payment, we are providing our clients to divert their business towards a brand name and a payment portal which will consequently care for them. First of all, you can apply for a merchant account with us, and we will help you to understand all the potential sales and even the liabilities alongside the asset of your business.

Quadrapay makes it sure that you first understand the risk process and understand the ifs and buts before you start investing. We know that there is a high risk merchant service value included in travel agency credit card processing, and we take proper steps to minimize it. Understanding the risk exposure will help you to take all the essential steps and even protect your travel agencies from facing all the chargebacks from the customer. We know that running a business requires a lot of planning to be done and this is the reason why we are here, helping our team and our possible list of clients to get the best of work done.

What Are The Policies Which Are Issued From Our End?

With our support and to minimize the risk suffered on travel agency credit card processing, here are some of the primary card acceptance policies which we have gathered.

An authorization request that is accepted and issued by the issuer to understand that the credit card is in good standing. There are a lot of online thefts that are currently happening and taking place since most of the businesses are looking forward to going digital. However, the authorization helps to prove that you are the legitimate cardholder and you are making the purchase, or you are guaranteeing all the payment.
As a travel agency, your organization might not or necessarily have a Merchant or a Visa card. However, there are some subject rules and regulations that come from our end to end encryption for the travel agency credit card processing. Be ensured that when there is a fraud-related transaction and financial liability for the travel agency, it has partnered with the firm with a contractual agreement.

Conclusion For Credit Card Processing For Travel Agency

When selecting a payment gateway or a processor, it is essential to evaluate the risks and how they can eliminate the charges or the backlash faced by the customer regarding the travel agency credit card processing.

At Quadrapay, we don’t charge any extra leverage on your travel agency credit card processing and make it entirely sure that all your queries are our concerns. We establish processing statements for the previous years and help our clients to see through the fair ordeal that can manage to keep the chargeback down.

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Naman Verma
Naman Verma