Travel Credit Card Processing

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Travel Credit Card Processing Quadrapay

Travel Agency – Grasp The Opportunity With Travel Credit Card Processing

With the fast pace change in developing technology has made a new trend in the travel industry. Customer travel is growing day by day and so travel industries. The travel industry in the USA plays a significant role in the economy. According to Statista reports, the Travel and Tourism industry excepting a market volume of US$182,927m by 2023. It’s time to take advantage of the enormous growth in the Travel and Tourism Industry. To remain competitive, travel agents must have a Travel Credit Card Processing solution to serve the traveller better.

We at Quadrapay helps business with payment processing solution. We have partnered with a payment processor from the USA, Canada, EU and other global companies to help the merchants with one of the best solution possible. Stay tuned!

Travel Industries Are High Risk – The Bitter Truth

Are you a merchant looking to set up a travel agency? Or you are a merchant already minting profitability but in the retail market. The boom in the travel agency compelled the travel agents to opt for travel credit card processing solutions. But most of the traveller agents or merchants didn’t know the bitter truth about the travel industry. The card networks or the acquiring banks considered the industry as a high-risk industry. It is a challenge for a merchant to get a credit card processing solution for their travel business. But why is the industry a high risk? Well, the answer is simple; it is a targeted industry for chargeback and fraud. The industry has huge transactional volume with large CNP transactions over 15%. The industry has to deal with multiple currencies and hence another factor of its high risk.

Credit Card Processing For Travel Industry

Every business or industry acquainted with a payment processor who handles all the credit/debit card transactions. Payment processing industries not only process credit/debit card transactions but almost all various digital payment services like echeck, ACH, direct debit, recurring payment service etc.

The payment processor helps a travelling merchant with a travel credit card processing solution which allows the business to accept credit/ debit cards payments. If you are accepting payments online through their travel website, our travel payment gateway integrates with your site, which allows the merchants to accept payments online.

If a merchant wants to accept in- payments in his travel agency firm, Out featured rich and customizable POS solution will help you to accept credit, debit or prepaid card payments. We have many more solutions which help your businesses to provide a smooth payment experience to your customers. We also help merchants with airline payment solution which are a closely related industry with the travel agency.

Echeck And ACH For Travel Industry

Quadrapay has been helping the travel industry since long ago and knows which solution can best fit your business requirements. The eCheck payment gateway for travel and ACH payment services are also the most demanded payment solution for travel industries. The echeck and ACH are US-based payment solutions which helps you to accept eCheck and ACH payments. Both the solution gets processed through the ACH network, which binds all the financial institutions processing ACH payments across the nation. The transactional rate is also less as compared to credit card processing for travels.

Why Quadrapay For Credit card Processing Solution

  • High-Risk Merchant Services
  • Smooth Onboarding
  • Lower Transactional Rates
  • Multi-Currency Acceptance
  • Accept Multi-card transaction
  • PCI-Compliant Payment Solution
  • Chargeback Alerts and Notification
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Travel Agency Payment Solution Is Crucial To Your Business – Apply Today!

“People don’t take trips; they take travel experience”. So what are you waiting for? The travel industry is all about to provide the best possible comfort to your travellers. Offer your traveller with a travel-friendly payment solution. To get started, fill the pre-approval form, and we will be right back to you to help you.

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Happy Processing!!!

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