Top Facts On Virtual Merchant Processing With Quadrapay

Virtual Merchant Processing Solution For Every Business Needs

For every business owner, a seamless payment processing solution is a must requirement. There are multiple types of products and services available to ease payment processing procedures. But as a business owner, you know the actual requirements of your business and processing volume. A business merchant who has just started a new business or have an adequate processing volume can go with a virtual merchant processing solution. This virtual processing terminal lets you process credit card payments, Echeck/ ACH payments and MOTO payments from customers. In this digital era, every business needs to have a virtual terminal to process all on-going payments from business customers.
Quadrapay is a one-stop solution for all your payment processing solution related needs. From a low-risk business to a high-risk business, we have a processing solution for any business needs.

What Makes A Virtual Merchant Processing Better?

The factor that makes a virtual merchant processing solution (virtual terminal) a better option compared to the traditional payment processing terminal is the overall cost factor. In terms of the physical terminal, a business requires to buy the set of pieces of equipment required to set up the station/terminal for payments. This can be a big hassle for a startup or a small business owner because the investments might not that much worth as per the number of physical transactions a day. In such cases, a business owner can enjoy most of the features of a physical terminal with the help of a virtual terminal. This virtual merchant processing solution works the same, where software is integrated with all the facilities to process various methods of payments.
Multiple people try to compare a virtual terminal with a payment gateway and get confused in between the statements. Here we have concluded all the major differences to make things easy to understand.


Payment GatewayVirtual Terminal
Customer enters the details of credit card over the internet by their own.A Business merchant manually enters the payment details provided by the customer.
It is a customer InterfaceIt is a merchant Interface
It is a Independent merchant service which is connected to the payment processor.It is a merchant service feature which comes under the payment gateway
It is provided by the Merchant service providerIt is provided by the Merchant service provider
It is mostly used by business merchant operating under High risk industriesIt is preferred and mostly used by Low risk industries.

What Are The Features Of A High-Risk Virtual Merchant Processing Terminal?

There are multiple types of advantages with a virtual merchant processing terminal. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ease To Retrieve MOTO Payments: With the help of MOTO service, you can accept business payments from your customer over a phone call, mail or even a fax.
  • ACH/Echeck Processing: A VT allows you to process ACH and E-check payments easily. Accepting diversified payment methods also helps to boost your business performance.
  • PCI Compliant Payment Gateway: It helps in a secured payment processing. The virtual terminal is based on PCI compliance and follows standards of PCI-DSS.
  • Multiple Merchant Accounts: A virtual merchant terminal can be easily shared among other employees working in your business store among various accounts. This means a virtual terminal account can be used by multiple employees to accept payments seamlessly. This feature helps to boost payment handling as more number of transactions are undertaken by multiple employees.
  • Recurring Billing: A business merchant can also offer a feature of recurring billing to the customers. In this, a date is decided by signing by both the parties for a fixed period of tenure and funds gets debited from customer and credited to the business account.
  • Generate Email Receipt and Annual Reports: After processing every transaction, a digital invoice will be generated, which can be easily shared to the customer on the registered email address or SMS. This feature also facilitates a business owner to analyze the sales report and record of each and every transaction, either daily, monthly or weekly.
  • Fast And Reliable Transaction Processing: The payment gets debited from the customers’ bank account and credited into the business merchant account. The whole process is fast and secure.
  • Simple And Easy To Use Interface: The best part of a virtual merchant terminal is that it is seamless, fast and easy to understand and use.
  • Easy To Access From Anywhere: As there is no physical terminal, a virtual terminal can easily operate from anywhere. All it needs a browser or application installed in the mobile device or a desktop and proper internet connectivity.
  • 24×7 Customer Support

For more information on Virtual Merchant Processing, you can mail us at [email protected].

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