Virus Free Payment Gateway – Safe And Secure To Use

Virus-free Payment Gateway Quadrapay

Virus Free Payment Gateway – Safe And Secure To Use

Virus-free Payment Gateway Quadrapay

The Concern Of Security Lets The Demand For Virus-free Payment Gateway.

People in today’s time are more concerned about security flaws and issues related to their credit/debit cards. They generally don’t give their cards to other people for payment. Customers are very much scared about the breach of security. With the COVID-19, the fears get doubled. The fear is now not only online safety but also physical security. They don’t want to get in contact with any person for payment.

In a study by researchers, it has been found that there exist the presence of microorganisms on banknotes. Researchers found the survival of human influenza viruses on banknotes. To control influenza, outbreaks or pandemic customers tries to maintain physical distance. They don’t even want to touch the terminal to input OTP or one-time password. This is becoming a prominent problem for retail shops to process credit cards. One solution to secure yourself and your customers is to use a Virus-free Payment Gateway. The context virus-free means contactless payment method. It helps to maintain physical contact with the terminal and process payments with ease.

With the advancement in technology, it is possible to process a credit card without physical touch. Yes, you heard it right. With the emergence of Bluetooth technology and NFC technology, a customer can pay via credit card without even contact. NFC technology lets you wirelessly transfer the card details to the terminal to process.

Virus-free Contactless Payment Solution For Your Convenience

  1. Contactless NFC Enabled Payment Solution: NFC is a communication technology that helps to share data between two devices wirelessly. In NFC enabled payment solutions, customers can pay a merchant just by tapping over the terminal. But the customers can only pay if they have NFC based contactless cards. In today’s time, almost every financial institution issuing NFC based cards. But traditional cards still exist.
  2. Phone Payments: With the growth in mobile technology, the customer loves to pay merchants by just a few clicks in their mobile. A smart merchant is the one who follows the trend in the payment industry and adopts it. Mobile payment solutions make the transaction process smooth and simple. A merchant can also send a payment link to their customer to collect the payment. With the payment link, the customer can pay you as per their convenient payment methods like credit/debit card, net-banking or e-wallets.

Features Of Contactless Payment Solution For For Hassle-free Transactions

  • Tap And Pay: Get paid by merely tapping the card over the terminal until the terminal fetches the information. It takes seconds to transfer the card information into the terminal.
  • Contactless and Phone Payments: A merchant can accept both the payments that don’t require any physical contact. Contactless payment by our NFC enabled EMV compliant terminal. And Phone payments by just downloading our apps from google play store or apple store.
  • Fast And Reliable: Using an online or electronic payment method, it reduces time and convenience to customers. Transactions take place within seconds.
  • Safe And Secure: We provide safe and PCI compliant solutions which follow PCI-DSS standards. A contactless payment solution protects you from online security breach as well as physical contact. That’s why the virus-free payment gateway is now in the trend. Virus-free gateway is nothing but a contactless means of payment method.
  • No Cash Payment: With the online payment system or contactless credit card processing, merchants get relief from cash.
  • 24×7 Customer Support: Any issue with electronic transactions? Don’t worry; our customer support team will help you 24×7

Apply today! Safe yourself and your customer with an online fraudulent. The solution even helps merchants with the pandemic of the physical virus or microorganisms on banknotes.

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