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Looking For Website Merchant Services? The Solution Is Here!

Nowadays, every business is now moving to a digital platform. Nowadays, the most successful businesses are making profits because of their products and services being offered at ease with the help of a mobile app or a website. Having a website for business really makes a big difference in terms of approach to more number of customers and business identity. A wise businessman is the one who always adapts to new trends and update according to the technology. In order to accept card payments from your customers online, you need to have a Website Merchant Services. This way, you can take full-fledge advantage of the website merchant account to accept credit cards on your business website. Quadrapay is your one-stop for all your online payment processing needs.

What Types Of Website Merchant Services Offered By Quadrapay?

If you are a business owner who is willing to or just started an eCommerce business by setting up your startup online store, then you must be aware of that you need to have website merchant services to fulfil the online business needs. The website merchant services or a merchant account provides helps you by providing you with all the application or hardware requirements that are required to streamline their online payment processing needs. These are the essential website merchant services required for a new or startup business website.

  • Website Payment Gateway: In order to accept payments from your online customers, then you will need a software application that will act as an intermediate to process those pieces of information from your website to the payment processor. In other words, a payment gateway is an advanced technology or an online application which gets integrated with your business website. This payment gateway will be responsible for capturing and validating all the credit card or debit card details. All the payment information are encrypted by the process of tokenization and then forwarded to the payment processor. The payment processor further provides a direct connection to the issuing bank and card network and further collects the information whether the transaction gets declined or approved as per the condition statement. Upon approval, the funds get deducted from the customer’s bank account and finally settled into the website merchant account. The result for the transaction is sent back to the payment gateway, and the customer gets notified about the transaction. Thus a payment gateway streamlines the transactional data and authorizes the transaction.
  • Merchant Account: Some of the new business owners thinks that the money they collected from their website will be directly credited into their business bank account. Actually, it is not. The funds that are taken from customers go straight to the business website merchant account. This merchant account acts as a holding place for all the funds. Later on, these funds get moved from the merchant account to the acquiring bank account. This can vary from processor to processor for settlement time within a week.
  • Virtual Terminal: A virtual terminal is an additional service but very much essential for a website business merchant to fulfil day-to-day payment related queries. Website merchant services which provide VT (virtual terminal) makes a business owner accept payments over the mail, phone call or even a fax. The virtual terminal is also called MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order). If you are operating a business that mostly requires payment through phone, then a virtual terminal solution is perfect for all your payment needs. This Virtual Terminal can able to process credit cards and debit cards as well as eCheck and ACH payments.

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