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What Is A Payment Gateway By Quadrapay

What Is A Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is one of the simplest ways a customer can handle out the expense to the merchant and from where they can collect. A payment gateway acts as a bridge between the customer and the business merchant, and it helps them to do the transaction in a better manner. Online payment is a part of our lives, and there are only a few systems out there which have a proper and structured payment method and module through which the cost can be processed.

Paying with the help of a virtual payment gateway is an essential component that each internet business stage on the planet offers. What’s more, they can furnish this office by coordinating with an instalment entryway.

Online instalments are quick and helpful. They permit you to purchase items and administrations from everywhere the world. In the event that you are a dealer, you can offer to anybody on the planet with a fair web association. Your client doesn’t have to have a PC; a cell phone is also sufficient.

Understanding The Working Mechanism To Clarify “What Is A Payment Gateway”:

So, as you can notice, the work of a payment gateway is to help the customer, and the merchant comes to proper ways through which their transaction can be handled. It is an appropriate way through which the customer finds it easy to pay for the merchant and the services they have born. It is like a virtual tunnel that connects with the bank account of the merchant and from where, when the merchant allows the bank servers to transfer the money to the merchant’s business account, the same happens.

A payment gateway helps with issuing of the payment process right with the help of the merchant’s effort and the solution expert.

What Is The Flow Of Payment Processing Through A Payment Gateway?

Before we start, we need to know how the gateway works for the amount to be deducted from the customer’s account and reach the merchant’s bank.

  • A customer places his/her order, and then the submit button is pressed.
  • After the same, the merchant asks the customer to pay for the service enthralled.
  • The customer has to choose for the debit or the credit options which are present and right, which fits them, the customer can pay accordingly.
  • With the help of the business payment gateway, the customer can choose the convenient method of sending the funds to the business processing account of the merchant without any fault lines in between.

Just like the same, Quadrapay helps and stands with you to provide you with the best payment gateway solution for your business. The best part of us is that we have partnered with various reputed processors and several offshore solutions so that the payment process can become more comfortable for every business requirements. Fill the application form Now!

For more information about what is a payment gateway and best merchant account solution for your business, you can mail us at [email protected].

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Naman Verma
Naman Verma