White Label Payment Gateway

How Quadrapay’s White Label Gateway Is Different From Traditional Gateways?

Quadrapay provides white label payment gateway service which provides a business to use its own name on the top in the label of the payment gateway while processing a transaction by it’s merchants or customers. This customized payment gateway process helps a business to grow its market name, reputation and image by providing out of the box experience exclusively designed according to their requirements. As the traditional payment gateway is fully controlled by the merchant acquirers as per their protocols, but this gateway gives white label merchant services a chance to advertise your services as well.

A Quadrapay White Label Payment Solution Facilitates Easier To:

  • Obtain the value-added services.
  • Get a Single payment API.
  • Maximum protection with PCI compliance.
  • Accepting payments through a Pay by Link method.
  • Virtual Terminal so that it will be easier to take payments over the phone or email.
  • Get a customized payment gateway according to your specific requirements and type of business.
  • Easily control over sales, marketing, and the main product.
  • Get innovation in the product.
  • Get professional software and services.

How To Get A White Label Payment Gateway For Your Business?

Quadrapay offers white label payment gateway service where you have to submit your requirements that you need to be on the payment gateway and we will configure the payment gateway and so that you can continue processing the online white label credit card processing payments.

A custom label payment gateway is mostly suitable for :

  • E-commerce service providers.
  • Platform for gaming.
  • Online casino and other similar businesses.

What Are The Advantages Of Obtaining A White Label Payment Gateway?

  • It improves your relationships with your merchants.
  • It puts you in a position which exceeds expectations of your valuable merchants or customers.
  • It improves your customer base by providing the method to accept local payments.
  • It costs cheaper in comparison to the traditional payment gateway solution.
  • You can easily create and show a localized content according to your needs and business industry.
  • The best part, you can include your brand name on the payment gateway while transacting.


This payment gateway offers some of the very beneficial features that are not provided by the ordinary payment gateways. Quadrapay helps you to get a gateway so that you can take control over your customer experience and gives you an additional opportunity to promote your brand name.

We are happy to assist our customers, for any query related to white label payment processing, we are ready to help you at [email protected].