Why Accept Credit Cards?

Why Accept Credit Cards? Key Reasons How Credit Card Processing Can Help You.

Credit cards are everywhere. No matter which country you travel to you will find people using credit and debit cards. There are hundreds of payment systems across the world, out of these the most prominent mode of transaction across the world is credit and debit card payment processing. A few decades ago the only way people use to transact was by cash. Various companies that depend a lot on the impulse buying were not able to expand. Customers used to lose interest in the long signup process.

With credit and debit cards customers can quickly make payments without carrying cash. A credit card issued in the United States of America works at most of the ATMs across the world. It is the same case with credit cards issued in most of the countries. While traveling carrying a massive amount of cash can be very challenging and most of the times not at all possible. Airport and customs authorities do not allow to take a tremendous amount of money. International travelers and business owners prefer to carry the credit and debit card when it will it travel. Prepaid debit cards also play a significant role in helping people to manage expenses accurately. Credit Cards Offer Multiple Benefits To Merchants.

1. More Sales.

By the time credit and debit cards have been introduced to the market merchants are making more sales. It is primarily because now customers do not have to go to the bank to withdraw cash and make the purchase. A small card in the wallet can store hundreds and thousands of dollars. Merchants who accept credit and debit cards can undoubtedly see better sales than those merchants who only accept cash transactions.

2. Convenience to the customer.

Who wants to carry cash in today’s world? Customers prefer to work with those merchants that accept all major credit and debit cards. Card acceptance creates a sense of comfort in the minds of the customers. Customers get buyer protection with most of the cards. Customers can easily dispute transactions if the product and services are not as per the commitment of the merchant.

3. Recurring billing

Many Merchants sell products and services that require recurring payments. Example of this can be an online dating site, Nutraceutical, Herbal Supplements, Web Design, PC Support and Professional services. With a Credit card, merchant account businesses can collect recurring and continuity payments. Customers prefer to make small payments every month rather than making a massive amount of fees at one time.

4. Cashback

Many credit card companies have tie-ups with major brands and retail stores. If the customer uses the card at select outlets, the customer may be eligible for cashback. This cashback concept was not available with regular cash and Bank wire transfer. Everybody understands that a Dollar saved is a Dollar earned and that is why people prefer to get credit and debit card that offer the maximum cashback benefits.

5. MOTO/Mail Order/Telephone orders

Many companies run large Call Centres, and they accept orders over the phone. Here credit card merchant accounts can play a crucial role. Customers can give the credit card information to the merchant, and the merchant can submit the same data into the virtual terminal provided by the payment service provider. Although getting a Virtual Terminal on Moto account is very difficult for most of the merchants, but some payment service providers in few geographies of the world may offer virtual terminal and moto facility.

If you want to know more about additional benefits of accepting credit and debit cards or you want to explore ach payment processing online then feel free to send a small email to us [email protected]. Our team loves to talk to merchants from across the globe and will be happy to let you know about additional advantages of accepting credit and debit card for your business.