Wireless Credit Card Processing


If you are looking for wireless credit card processing solution then Quadrapay can help. As a reseller partner of well known processing companies we can suggest you few good options. Our processing partners provides high quality wireless credit card processing service at ease. There was a time when every business was done with cash or check only. Today’s wireless card processing is all about high security. Today’s wireless card processing services have given freedom to merchants form stress. This technology allows merchants to handle every transaction with ease and security. Our processing partners provide this service at low rates as compared to other providers.
With these point of sales terminals you can accept all major cards. Credit and debit cards payments need high security which our partner providers understand and deliver.

How Wireless Credit Card Processing Works:

For using this services, you must have POS(point of sale) machine/wireless terminals any other equipment for swiping card.

  • The merchant will swipe customer’s card in the wireless credit card machine and then the device will ask for pin. The PIN will be entered by the customer on the device.
  • Once the pin is entered the information will send it to the acquiring bank. The bank will cross-check the information of a customer. If the information is correct and the requested amount is available on the card account then the further processing will take place.
  • The bank will send approval or decline message to the merchant.
  • If the bank sends an approval message then, the transaction will take place. A transaction will hardly take less than few seconds to complete.
  • Once the settlement is done, the amount will be transferred to their respective merchant account as per the agreement between the acquirer and merchant.

Wireless Processing VS Mobile Processing

Many of us are quite confused between these two terms. Of course, there is a difference between these two options. Both are payment processing solution. Both the services allow merchants to deal with their money/cash problems.

Wireless processing needs a wireless card terminal, keypad or a display screen. Wireless terminals can print your paper receipts regarding transactions. They don’t require any direct connection to phone lines, and they can work independently. It can wirelessly accept the card in any location. This method is generally used in the service industry like repairing, taxi driving, etc.

In mobile card processing, the whole transaction is going on in your mobile phone. It will accept credit and debit cards through your cell phone. Sometimes we need an app as a mediator between phone and a card swiper. While the transaction has been done the receipt will be sent to the customer via email or text message. We can do mobile payment easily by using this method.

In India currently wireless card processing solutions are extremely popular. If you need a wireless credit card processing machine in India, EU and USA then feel free to email us. We will be happy to suggest you some good options.

Conclusion About Wireless Credit Card Processing

If you’re expanding the sale outside the store and would be working on the streets regardless of the work you are doing on the road, we have wireless credit card processing for you. As we all know that wireless is more flexible than the traditional connectivity, so from now, you can connect with more number of customers and can increase the sale.

Is the payment processing method convenient and quick? On these two factors, the popularity of e-commerce depends. The wireless credit card processing enables the merchants to accept payments wherever they want to, regardless of the kind of work and place you are at, wireless credit card processing has covered you.

Wireless credit card processing includes a wireless terminal, a keypad, and a display. They not even require to connect to a phone line or Internet connection, they work wirelessly to accept credit cards at any location. This method is having more number of the audience than any other means in industries like delivery, repair, and cab facilities.