Be No 1 With WooCommerce Ach Payment

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WooCommerce ACH Payment Gateway in 2022

QuadraPay Now offers Woocommerce ACH Processing For WordPress Driven Sites.

Most eCommerce sites that use WooCommerce with WordPress require a ready to use a plugin that allows echeck and ACH transactions. Quadrapay is proud to announce tha it’s USA based acquiring partner provides ready to use ach plugins for WooCommerce sites. The integration process is straightforward. The merchant must upload the plugin to the site and enter the credentials to accept ACH transactions. This solution also comes with a virtual terminal.

Transaction Flow Of ACH On Woocommerce Platform

The process of making a transaction is simple. The customer selects the products on the merchant’s website and navigates to the checkout page. On the payment section, the customer selects ACH/Echeck option. In this section, the details that are needed are following.

  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • Routing Number
  • Product information – The plugin directly pulls this.
  • Billing and Shipping address with zip code

The WooCommerce ACH plugin sends the information securely to the ach payment gateway for validation. The account number, routing number, and funds availability are validated in this step. Finally, the transaction is pushed to the ach network for processing. The processing company offers onetime and recurring payment facilities as well. This means merchants can also offer subscriptions to the buyers.

WooCoomerce ACH Integration Process

The zip file or the WooCommerce plugin file can be uploaded to the WordPress site via FTP or the wp-admin panel. The merchant can also try the zip file before switching to live mode. Merchants can also use other methods of payments with ACH. These options include Credit Card, Vouchers, Money transfers, EFT and EBT. Since our processing partner is entirely compliant with the industry requirements, merchants do not have to pay for the compliance charges.

Benefits Of Using ACH On Woocommerce Sites.

WordPress is the most popular CMS right now. And the most popular eCommerce addon for WordPress is Woocommerce. The module offers enormous flexibility and features. In a matter of a few days, new entrepreneurs can create an entire site with hundreds of products. Payment companies can not ignore this fact, and this is why we have a woocommerce ACH solution.

  • Easy Setup. The application process is easy in comparison to a credit card processing account. Most of the merchants quickly get approved, and we have seen applications going live in a matter of 1-3 days.
  • Perfect For Hard To Place Merchants. Some accounts are challenging to place because of the bad credit of the high risk vertical. These accounts are manageable in most cases for ACH.
  • Subscriptions. With ACH, you can accept recurring billings. Most card processors will not approve subscription accounts as they consider it risky.
  • High Ticket Size. Lage merchants always have preferred alternatives to card processing. Big B2B transactions are normally done via bank transfer. Midsize transactions are perfect for ACH.
  • Effective Fraud Control. The transaction data is validated multiple times and is cross-checked in a national database to identify bad accounts. This results in fewer returns and disputes.
  • Merchant Dashboard. A highly advanced merchant dashboard helps businesses keep track of transactions and cash flow.

To start accepting ACH Payments on your Woocommerce site, email us at [email protected]