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Quadrapay Now Offers International Zambia Payment Gateway

Zambia is a country in East Africa. The market of Zambia’s economy is one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa. Lusaka is the largest and capital city of Zambia. According to the world bank, In 2018, the Zambian economy increased by 3.7% compared to 3.5% in 2017. The small increment in growth shows the vigorous enforcement of services. The leading service includes wholesale, retail, information and communication. The GDP(Gross Domestic Product) structure by sector of origin of Zambia includes agriculture industry that accounts for 19.8%, industry for 33.8% and services for 46.5% of the GDP. Significant industries include copper mining and processing, construction, jewel mining, textiles, beverages, foodstuffs, chemicals, horticulture and fertilizer.

If you are a business owner and you need a payment solution for your online business no need to worry. We are at Quadrapay will be happy to assist you in getting payment gateway for Zambians. We are tied up partnered with various payment processors to boost your sales endeavor. You can accept payment in multiple currencies as well as local currency.

Features Of International Payment Gateway In Zambia

  • Fast Approval.
  • Chargeback Alert Service
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • No Integration Charge
  • Fast Settlement
  • No hidden cost
  • Easy Fast User Interface
  • Accept Multiple Currencies
  • Easy On-boarding for Zambia Merchants. Yes all you have to do is to send the copies of KYC documents and the filled application form. Our processing partners mostly respond within 24 hours. If approved your account can be live within a weeks time.
  • Truly international and multicurrency gateway. The solution allows merchants to accept payments from customers in different currencies.
    1. USD Payment gateway In Zambia. With this mode merchants can accept payment from USA and international customers in USD. This is a perfect solution if the merchant is targeting USA traffic and sales. Most eCommerce merchants in Zambia prefer to explore the USA market. Along with The card based solution we may also help merchants with USA echeck Solution. Echeck solution is generally used by merchants in the B2B Space or those that do bigger sales volume.
    2. HKD Payment gateway In Zambia. This solution is a good fit for merchants that are focusing on the hong kong market. As it is an international business location many African companies transact with Hong kong entities. These Hong kong entities wish to make payment in HKD.
    3. CNY Payment Gateway In Zambia. This is to accept payments in CNY
    4. EUR Payment Gateway In Zambia. This is to accept payments in EURO from the European Union.
    5. GBP Payment Gateway In Zambia. This is to accept Payments in GBP or British Pounds.
    6. SGD Payment Gateway In Zambia. This is to accept Payments in Singapore Dollars.
    7. JPY Payment Gateway In Zambia. This is to accept payments from Japanese market.
    8. CAD Payment Gateway In Zambia. This is to accept Canadian Dollar payments.

Apply For Merchant Services In Zambia

  • Payment Gateways in Zambia. It is a merchant services platform that allows you to accept online payments through their own website. You can take payment from various kinds of payment methods including credit card, debit card, Recurring payment etc. By using this solution, you can also accept international payment without any hassle.
  • Zambia Merchant Account. It is a special type of merchant bank account that allows your business to accept payment in multiple ways. It is essential because when a customer pays for goods or services with a credit/debit card, the funds are first credited into the merchant account. And after that, the funds are finally transferred to the business bank account.

Document Requirement For Merchant Account In Zambia

  1. Business Documents
    • Document of incorporation
  2. Means of Identification
    • Passport/ID Proof
    • Utility bill
  3. Application Form
  4. Void check
  5. Processing Statements
    • Personal Processing statement
    • Business Processing statement. If Available.

Still, you have any queries related to Zambia payment gateway. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are glad to assist you with the best payments solutions. Our customer support team lives 24×7 to grow your business.

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