Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

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Accept Cryptocurrency Payments by Quadrapay

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments To Save Money In Business!

Every business merchant must be heard about a digital currency that bypasses all the middlemen. It’s a cryptocurrency which allows peer to peer transactions. In this, all the funds transferred by cryptocurrency get transferred directly to the receiver crypto wallet. Nowadays, this method of transferring funds is quite getting popular in terms of business payments. Now it’s easy to accept cryptocurrency payments for your business. We at Quadrapay provide you with a simple and easy process for crypto merchant account application. This allows you to accept payments from your customers more efficiently.

What Are The Benefits To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments?

Cryptocurrency is the new modern payment method. In future, this can become one of the preferred payment methods because of a lot of features associated with it. Right now, credit card processing is one of the most preferred payment methods. But still, there are a lot of factors that are not adequate if we compare with the cryptocurrency payments.
Some of the significant benefits a merchant can enjoy to accept cryptocurrency payments are as follows:

  • Low processing fee: One of the significant concerns that affects the revenue of a business is processing charges. If a business merchant accepts cryptocurrency payments for their business, then they can save a lot in terms of processing fee applied per transaction. Cryptocurrency payments settlement charges are far lower than that of credit card payment processing.
  • Increase Customers Base: If you accept cryptocurrency payments for business payments from customers, you can increase more customers base. In this competitive market, it is very crucial to provide a more convenient customer purchase experience. Customers who prefer to pay by cryptocurrency like bitcoin are always going to purchase products and services from your website or retail store.
  • Fast Money Processing: There can be a delay in terms of credit card processing. As there is a middleman involved in the credit card payments processing, the final settlement can take some time. But this is not in the case if you accept cryptocurrency payments. Cryptocurrency payments are based on blockchain technology, which involves layered encryptions. This makes sure the transactions are safe and secure.
  • Non-Reversible Payments: A business merchant faces a lot of problems with fake disputes. This can result in a higher chargeback. This problem can be resolved if you accept cryptocurrency payments. This payment method does not allow reverse transactions. That means a customer will not file an unwanted dispute, and this will further help you to reduce the number of chargebacks.
  • Payment Acceptability: The most satisfying part of cryptocurrency is that it is accepted worldwide. There is no need for currency exchange and charges involved in it. That is why it is easier for international customers to pay for your products and services.

Get Started With Quadrapay To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

We at Quadrapay are operating with the payment processing industry experts. We know better what is the best possible payment processing solution for you as per your business needs.
With our merchant account and processing solution, you can enjoy:

  • Easy onboarding process
  • Fast payment settlement
  • Multiple cryptocurrency acceptance
  • No hidden charges
  • Low processing rates
  • 24*7 Customer Tech Support.

If you still need further assistance to accept cryptocurrency payments. Contact us at [email protected].

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