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With easy-to-use plugins, it usually takes just a few minutes for integration. The extended API helps implement various mission-critical rules.


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Frequently Asked Questions

QuadraPay is a leading payment processing solutions provider, offering a wide range of services in association with our partners. Our key services include:

Payment Gateway Integration: Seamlessly integrate payment gateways into websites or applications for secure and convenient online transactions.

Merchant Account Setup: Assist in setting up merchant accounts, allowing businesses to accept credit card payments and other electronic forms of payment.

High-Risk Merchant Solutions: specialized solutions tailored to high-risk businesses, ensuring smooth payment processing.

International Payment Processing: Facilitate global payment processing, helping businesses expand their reach and accept payments from customers worldwide.

Chargeback Prevention: Provide tools and strategies to minimize chargebacks, safeguarding businesses from potential revenue losses.

Multi-Currency Processing: Enable businesses to accept payments in multiple currencies, catering to an international customer base.

E-commerce Solutions: Offer tailored payment solutions for e-commerce businesses to enhance customer checkout experiences.

Offshore Merchant Account: Facilitate offshore merchant accounts for businesses looking to diversify their payment processing options.

High-Risk eCheck: specialized electronic check processing solutions designed for high-risk industries.

High-Risk ACH: Secure ACH payment processing services for high-risk businesses.

Interac: Enable Interac payments to cater to customers in Canada.

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area): Offer seamless SEPA payment processing for businesses operating within the European Union.

Business Funding: Explore funding options to support the growth and financial needs of your business.

QuadraPay is committed to providing comprehensive payment solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses, ensuring reliability, security, and flexibility.

QuadraPay understands the importance of a swift setup process. Typically, you can start using our payment solutions within a few days. Our onboarding process is designed to be efficient and hassle-free. We work closely with you to gather the necessary information and documentation, ensuring a smooth transition to our payment processing services.

Absolutely. QuadraPay caters to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, we offer scalable payment solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our goal is to empower businesses to grow and thrive by providing flexible, cost-effective payment processing options.

The fees and costs associated with QuadraPay's services can vary depending on your specific requirements and the type of payment processing solution you choose. We offer customized pricing based on your business's needs, ensuring transparency and affordability. To get a personalized quote, please reach out to our team, and we'll provide you with a clear breakdown of costs.

No, QuadraPay offers flexibility without long-term contracts or commitments. We believe in earning your business through exceptional service and value, not locking you into rigid agreements. You have the freedom to adjust your payment processing solutions as your business needs evolve, ensuring that you always have the right solutions in place.