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Our National and International Connections with Acquiring Partners gives us the edge to offer Reliable Credit, Debit and Echeck Processing to almost every industry. No Matter if you are located in USA, Australia, Latin America, EU or Africa. We have the capabilities of getting the right payment processor for you.

Huge Range of Services for Merchants

We can help in Huge Range of Merchant Services to Business owners across the world.

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Merchant Services for Businesses and Resellers

All services at one location. Highly efficient services for Businesses that need processing solutions and organizations involved in the Payment Industry. Ask us about the Merchant Services Reseller Program. Generate extra Revenue by sharing Merchant Service leads.

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Offshore Payment Processing

Quadrapay can assists national and international Merchants get offshore payment processing solutions. Our reliable partnership with offshore payment processing companies help us to get low cost Credit and Debit Card Processing solutions for Merchants. Our Solutions are highly effective for businesses that need to accept multi currency transactions. Our Partners process multiple currencies. Settlements can be made in few of the most popular currencies.The technical support team will assist you with the integration process. Plugins are available for few top CMS.


If you sell your products and services in The United States of America then Echeck can be a great payment processing alternative. Its easy to start and costs less per transaction. We work with reliable Echeck and ACH solution providers in USA. These partners use certified Gateway and use high level of Verification techniques. The USA based ACH Payment Service Providers can onboard merchants from Non US locations as well. Of Course there are few locations and few industry types that are prohibited. Feel free to ask us if your business type qualifies for Echeck Payment Gateway.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Merchants that are very new or business owners with bad credit score may be considered High Risk by many payment processors. Now you do not have to worry you may still get a credit card processing account for your High Risk Business. There are many Payment Service Providers located outside the USA that may offer help. The rates can be a little bit higher than domestic solution. The Payout can be a bit delayed but still its better than not processing Credit Debit Cards. Merchants can also use echeck as an alternative mode of payment processing.

Prepaid Debit Card USA - No Credit Check

We are proud to be the partner of Genie Gateway USA. Genie card platinum is a super awesome prepaid card for individuals in usa who are struggling with bad credit score. There is no credit check or employment verification needed. The best thing about the solution is that applicants can order the card without making any upfront payment. The card can be reloaded at over 100,000 loading locations across the USA. This card comes with its own ABA and Routing number . That means card holders can accept ACH Transactions as well.

Chargeback Alerts and Business Funding

High End Chargeback Alerts and Notification service can easily assist merchants in reducing Fraud and enhance profit. The Chargeback Alert and Notification service can be easily used by merchants. It takes less than 2-3 business Days for integration. Quadrapay also works with few well known Lenders in USA that help businesses with Merchant Cash advance and Business Funding. Funds can be used by merchants for expanding their footprint or expanding resources. There are no upfront charges for these solutions.

Requirements To Become A Credit Card Processing Reseller

It is easy to start your own Credit Card Processing Reseller business. All you need is a Merchant Services website, Some signed Reseller agreements with Payment service provides and the will to make profit. You mush have a registered company and a business Bank account. The processors want you to do the initial application grabbing job. The compliance, Risk Analysis and On-boarding is done by the processing company. You only work as an affiliate as generate profit by sending the maximum number of clean applications.

Advantages Of Merchant Account Reseller Program

The Advantages of Merchant reseller program are many. The Most important is that you make commissions on every transaction. In this industry the growth is slow but the returns are rock solid. All you need to do is grab applications and send it to the processing company. The PSP handles the underwriting process and the Risk Compliance.

Start A White Label Payment Processing Business

To start with a White Label payment gateway you will need to sign up with a Payment Service provider that will allow you to redesign the payment gateway interface. The White Label concept pretty much works like a regular resellership but the only difference is that your merchants will never realise that which company is helping you from the backend.