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Our National And International Connections With Acquiring Partners Gives Us The Edge To Offer Reliable Credit, Debit And Echeck Processing To Almost Every Industry. No Matter If You Are Located In the USA, Australia, Latin America, EU Or Africa. We Have The Capabilities Of Getting The Right Payment Processor For You.

Multiple Solutions

QuadraPay offers various solutions . This helps merchants in choosing the best option as per there needs.

Transparent Pricing

No Push At All. If you dont like the offer then demand for a better one. Use your right to negotiate.

No Invoicing

Yes, QuadraPay does not invoice merchants. Others may charge application fees, but we don't. PSPs may charge upfront fees*.
Help Merchants Save More On Payment Processing
In the world of web technologies, there are thousands of payment solutions. Unfortunately, it becomes incredibly confusing for merchants to identify the most cost-effective solution because of so many options. QuadraPay provides the much-needed solution to this situation. We help merchants use their right to negotiate. It's time for you to negotiate your payment processing charges.

2016 - 2017

The year of learning. This year we started our operations. The focus region was the USA and Canada. The two key products were cnp card processing and ach. The same year we started offering a patent-pending digital check processing solution to our USA and Canada based merchants.

2017 - 2018

This year we started exploring european union and established some robust relationships with few huge processing companies in the region. We were able to add eu cnp payment solutions to our portfolio. This was the year when QuadraPay established another crucial strategic partnership with a well known CDRN solution provider. Now our portfolio has a chargeback alert solution.

2018 - 2019

The year of GCC and APAC. This year QuadraPay established a strategic relationship with PSPs and Acquiring institutions in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. The same year we started selling retail credit card processing terminals in India in association with a local pos acquirer.

2019 - 2020

Year of covid 19. The year of patience. This year many banks went bankrupt, and many psps voluntarily surrendered their licences. Our team stayed intact, and we did not see any member leave us. While many were busy reducing cost, we focused on our network expansion and portfolio diversification. In the last quarter of 2020, we started our research on pos processing in europe. Eventually, next year we found two robust pos partners for eu eea.

2020 - 2021

This year we are working aggressively in the eu to promote retail solutions, including pin pad machines, emv, nfc and counter-top devices. We are also concentrating much on few sectors like crypto exchanges, gaming, legal gambling, legal betting, remittances and legal forex brokers.

“The only way we can establish our value in the payment chain is by helping Merchants pay lower transaction fees.

Bankim Chandra
Founder and CEO

Key Sectors In 2021
The following are the key sectors that we offer our services in. Having said that please be aware that we also have payment solutions for merchants from various other sectors.
Public Sector
Digital Exchanges
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To become most loved merchant service company by helping clients reduce cost without compromising on security and standards.

We take pride in being 100% transparent about our business model with our merchants and psps. The card processing industry operates in association with various building blocks. These include acquiring banks, issuers, isos, psps, ipsp, tps, mso, msbs and isc, to name a few. We call these blocks quadra. “Yes, the plinth of a podium” without these building blocks, the payment industry can not operate. To address the requirements of merchants, the sector needs players like QuadraPay that are genuine and transparent!

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