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QuadraPay Offers Online Dating Merchant Account With AI Based Fraud Reduction

QuadraPay brings to you highly reliable online dating merchant account solutions powered by top acquiring institutions. Our online dating payment solutions include multi-currency gateway with dynamic currency conversion for global membership sales. . Look no further apply with QuadraPay today to get dating payment processing for sites and apps. Yes also for dating apps. As per Deloitte 2017 Global Mobile Consumer Survey: US edition 89% of smartphone users check there phone within 1 hour of waking up. Online dating is definitely more happening on mobile devices than desktops and laptops. Online dating business is not complete without mobile payment acceptance.

The industry will grow at a CAGR of 5.11% from the year 2021 to 2028. Its market value will be worth $ 10.87 billion by 2028.


This article will give you good information about online dating merchant services from a business owner’s perspective.

We all know about top dating sites and apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Happen. The online dating market is vast, but merchants struggle to get payment processing options. Factors like chargebacks & reputation risk force banks to stay away. Quadrapay has been helping international merchants since December 2016. In the year 2022, we are even more robust. We work with many online dating payment processing companies in the USA & Europe. Our massive acquiring partners can provide Card Processing to dating sites and apps.

QuadraPay’s Trending Online Dating Payment Processing Solutions In 2022

QuadraPay offers cost-effective pricing models for dating sites. We provide online dating credit card processing to both startup and experienced merchants. Let us look at the prerequisites for dating payment gateways.

  • Merchant Type. We accept startup and experienced online dating merchants.
  • Merchant Location. Merchant must have a company.
  • Merchant Bank Account. The business bank account must be active and in the same region as the Merchant’s company.
  • The company must have a physical office as the processor may conduct a site inspection.
  • Functional website or App. The product should be live and should have some traffic.

Merchant Accounts For Online Dating With Special Features.

  • Zero Setup Charges. We do not put the burden of setup fees on dating merchants. We offer fast solutions at low transaction rates.
  • Zero Application Charge. Our team will not ask for any applicable charges.
  • Low Merchant Discount Rate. Rates can be as low as 1.99%* to 3%*. For merchants processing over 500K Euro/USD per month, we may offer an even better model.
  • Recurring Payment Option. Dating websites charge a monthly fee. We offer a recurring payment option. We can help merchants accept monthly payments.
  • Transparent Pricing. Our acquiring Partners decide on the pricing on a case-by-case basis. They usually offer fixed or tiered pricing. Large merchants may also get interchange++ pricing.
  • Approval Timeline. If all the KYC and compliance are in place, merchants may go live in a week. Most of the time, the approval depends a lot upon the pro-activeness of the Merchant.
  • Direct Acquiring For Dating Merchants. With our solutions, you will be working with a natural acquiring institution. You will get better services and low rates.
  • Accept All Major Cards And AMPs. Our solutions for dating merchants don’t restrict the transactions. Your members will be able to use all major credit and debit cards. We also provide APM acceptance to offer more flexibility to dating site members.
  • Flexible API With Plugins. Detailed API document helps merchants with integration. Merchants also get ready-to-use plugins for WordPress, Woocomerce, and other CMS.

#1 Cheat Sheet To Get Payment Gateway For Dating Site

Getting an online dating payment gateway is an extensive process that involves underwriting. The underwriting team starts by analyzing the business per the documents provided. Remember that business must be active before applying for a merchant account. The organization must have a website that shows all the services and pricing.

Let’s look at the three top ways of getting approved for a dating merchant account.

Direct From Bank. It is always good to get merchant accounts for online dating from bank. The benefit that the dating Merchant gets is a better rate of transactions. Yet most banks don’t like a direct involvement with dating merchants. It is because, for banks, credit card processing is usually an off-balance activity. They want to focus on the savings and loan business.

Third-Party Payment Service Providers/HR-ISO/IPSP/Payfac For Online Dating Payment Processing. These can play a significant role in onboarding businesses from this category. PSPs are compliant with the latest standards, and some handle High-Risk applications. They follow the underwriting guidelines and recommendations of acquiring banks. These highrisk online dating merchant account providers put many risk mitigation measures. Charging a high fee and adding a rolling reserve to the account are a few steps. The challenge is that these processing institutions may work in a few industries. Some may say yes to online dating; some may say no. Some may say yes to startups, and some may only say yes to merchants processing over $500K per month.

Quadrapay The Best Option For Dating Payment Processing. The Quadrapay team makes it easy to get a dating merchant account. QuadraPay has already established channels that can work for most merchants. Our expertise helps merchants save time and money.

Apply Today With QuadraPay To Get A Dating Site Merchant Account.

Dating Merchant Service With Easy Integration.

There are many ways to integrate a payment gateway on your dating website. The easiest will be to combine with the help of a plugin. Our acquiring partners host ready-to-use plugins for WordPress and Magento. Dating merchants can download and upload the plugin to the hosting server. After updating the settings, sites can start accepting live card transactions. Let’s look at popular ways to ingrates a dating payment gateway.

  • Payment Page Integration. It is a simple way of integration. Merchants can put simple HTML codes on the website to create buy-now buttons. Merchants can adjust the look and feel by tweaking the CSS file. Merchants must have an SSL certificate, and the URLs on the domain should only use HTTPS protocol.
  • Javascript Library Based Integration. It is somehow the same as a javascript-based hosted payment page. The Merchant does not store card details.
  • Mobile SDK Integration. Our payment processing partners offer easy-to-use Mobile Payments API. These are the Android SDK and the IOS SDK.
  • Web Services API. The API allows merchants to use Json Queries for various complex API functionalities. Some of these are Refunds, Account Checks, DCC, Payouts, and Recurring payments.
  • Sandbox Integration. Merchants can perform test integration with sandbox API. They can perform test integration before approval as well.
  • Live Transaction Integration. After Sandbox integration, dating merchants can switch to live mode to accept transactions.
  • CMS Plugin Based Integration. Our processing partners offer plugins for Magento 1, Magento 2 and WordPress.

Rates And Fees Associated With Online Dating Merchants.

If the Merchant has a clean history with a low chargeback ratio and high sales volume, the rates can be as low as 1.99% to 3%*. This rate increases as per the risk profile of the dating Merchant. There are various components involved in the merchant service fee. Some of the key elements are the following.

  • Rolling Reserve. MDR/Merchant Discount Rate. It is a fixed percentage that a merchant pays for each transaction. If it is a high-risk merchant, the processor may put a rolling reserve. Generally, the RR is between 5% to 10% for dating merchants. In some cases, it can be zero as well. Dating merchant processing can be expensive if you don’t negotiate on rates and reserves.
  • Fixed Transaction Fee/Per Item Fee. Some processors also put a fixed transaction fee.
  • Set up charges. Some PSPs may charge a setup fee. Our solutions do not charge a setup fee in most cases*.

Credit Card Processing For Dating Sites Application Process.

The application process of getting a dating site merchant account is simple. Merchant fills the application form, also known as merchant account application. The acquiring bank/PSP asks the Merchant to send KYC documents. Here are a few of the KYC documents vital for dating payment processing.

  • Business license. It is usually the company registration certificate and articles. These documents should be the same company that owns and operates the dating website/app.
  • Business bank statement. The processor wants to get the correct bank account information and check if it is in good standing.
  • Utility bills for business premises. It is to confirm the physical address of the company.
  • Utility Bills For Directors. It is to confirm the residential address of the company.
  • Who Is Proof? It is the screenshot of the domain registration panel. The exact purpose is to ensure that the domain belongs to the applicant company.
  • Previous/Present Processing History. We have seen merchants with history get better rates than startup merchants. If available, it’s an excellent option to share the recent six months history.

Merchant integrates the gateway to the dating website to accept credit card transactions. The team will audit the dating website and do background checks on directors. It may also include performing a credit check. If everything works well, then the Merchant gets an agreement. The Merchant signs all the pages and sends the contract back to the processor. The processor activates the account after getting the signed agreement.

Dating Merchant Account FAQ

How Large Is The Online Dating Industry?

As per Pew Research, 59% of internet users agree that online dating is an excellent way to meet individuals. There are thousands of dating websites and apps. These platforms help people to find like-minded individuals. Since they all are adults, they can also further decide how to take the relationship.

Online dating companies offer a platform to connect people for relationship development. Sites like and are the best examples. These websites and mobile apps put filters to increase the platform’s value. Tinder’s mobile app is one of the highest downloaded dating apps on the google play store.

Dating websites are usually for people above 18. Members join by filling out the registration form. They confirm the email by clicking on the validation email. Some websites may also ask for phone number verification. Members update the profile by creating a bio and uploading images. Sites may allow people to search for members but connect; they may have to pay a subscription charge. Some dating will enable members to contact if both parties have shown interest in each other.

Businesses prefer to maximize profit by reducing costs. It is good to find a low-cost online dating credit card processor.

What is the MCC for Online Dating Merchants.

The closest MCC is 7273. It is used to designate merchants that offer online dating services. The same MCC is also Escort services. If the model is different from traditional online dating models then the processors may try to evaluate other relevant MCC. In case if its similar to  online dating and is not elsewhere classified then MCC 7299 may be also looked at by the PSP.

What is a merchant in online dating?

In the web dating industry the company that owns and operates the website or mobile app is called merchant. The acquiring bank evaluates all factors and documents related to the merchant. online dating payment processing requires strict evaluation and vetting as many escort platforms use dating sites as there fronts. Any merchant found doing so faces penalties and immediate account closure.

Disclaimers And Why They Are Important For Online Dating Business.

Dating websites depend a lot on user-generated content. What if the user-generated material is offensive or Illegal? Most website owners do random checks on the content. Yet we suggest declaring your terms on the safer side. In the disclaimer statement, you can mention what you are responsible for and what the user is. You should also state that your website does not offer adult listings and promote nudity. As a responsible merchant, you should keep the site secure and clean. Upscale dating websites are very particular about the hygiene of the content.