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The Most Definitive Guide About Online Dating Merchant Account By The Quadrapay Team

We all know about top dating sites and apps like Tinder, Bumble,, and Happen. Since online dating is a popular trend, many merchant account providers offer credit card processing to this industry. Some banks still do not prefer working in this industry because of a few factors like High chargebacks or reputation risk. However, you will understand how Quadrapay can quickly assist you with an online dating merchant account with top quality features with this detailed guide. Quadrapay has been assisting international merchants since December 2016. In the year 2021, we are even more robust. We work with multiple online dating payment processing companies in the USA, Europe, and other parts of the world. With massive merchant acquiring partners, we can find desirable Credit Card Payment processing options for almost all kinds of dating sites and apps.

Trending Online Dating Merchant Account Options In 2021

UK/EU/EEA Credit Card Processing Solutions for Online Dating Merchants.

At Present, we have five-plus highly reputable dating payment processors interested in evaluating applications for this industry. All of our EU Acquiring partners offer cost-effective pricing models. These are the prerequisites that you must have to get approved by these top credit card processing companies.

  • Merchant Type. They accept startup and experienced online dating merchants.
  • Merchant Location – Merchant must have an EU/EEA/UK Company
  • Merchant Bank Account. The Business bank account must be in any of these locations UK/EU/EEA.
  • Directors Nationality. Directors must be EU/EEA/UK passport holders. If the company has EU and Non-Eu directors, then the signing authority should be an EU/EEA/UK resident. Directors with 15% plus shares are considered significant shareholders.
  • The company Must have a physical presence in the UK/EEA/EU.
  • Pricing. Our High Risk Online Dating Acquiring Partners decide on the pricing on a case by case basis. However, they usually offer Fixed or Tiered pricing. Large merchants may also get interchange type pricing.
  • Approval Timeline. Most of the time, the approval depends a lot upon the proactiveness of the merchant. Suppose the merchant proactively provides all the required documents and the application form to the processor. In that case, the application should not take more than three to four business days to be approved. Sometimes the underwriting team may request additional documents, and this may delay the approval process. A better way to be ready for the underwriting would be to make your website 100% compliant with the payment service provider’s requirements.

Non-EU Global Offshore Online Dating Merchant Processing Solutions

Global entrepreneurs have gazed at the full potential of the online dating industry. They are now venturing into new nations. It has created a need for international online dating acquiring solutions. We have already done the hard work for these potential merchants. Our team has established strategic partner relationships with Non-EU/Non-EEA acquirers open to online dating merchants.

  • Approval Timeline For Offshore Dating Accounts. 5 to 10 Business days

Top 3 Pro Ways To Get Credit Card Payment Processor For Dating Sites

Getting an online dating payment gateway is an extensive process that involves underwriting. The underwriting team at the payment service providers office or the acquiring bank starts by analysing the business as per the documents and application provided. Please keep in mind that business must be active before applying for a merchant account. The organisation should have a website that clearly shows all the services and pricing. The underwriters will also ask for the required KYC documents. To sum it up, we recommend applying for an online dating merchant account after starting your business. Suppose you are sending an application before beginning the business. In that case, there is a high possibility that the payment service provider may ignore your application. Some payment service providers have internal rules that restrict merchants to reapply within a specific time frame. If the application declines because of incomplete documents, then later on, it can create challenges when you reapply. Merchants who offer Online Dating Services can apply to a payment processor by sending a filled merchant account application form with the required KYC documents. Once the team approves the application, the merchant can swiftly integrate it with the payment gateway and start accepting the credit card transactions. Let’s look at the three top ways of getting approved for a merchant account.

  1. Direct From A Bank. It is always a good idea to get a merchant account directly from a bank. The immediate benefit which the dating merchant gets is a better rate of transactions. The challenge merchants from the online dating industry face are that most banks do not prefer to be directly involved in online dating credit card processing. It is mainly because for banks; credit card processing is usually an off-balance activity. They like to focus on bank accounts and loans. Here the race of getting approved is very long.
  2. Third-Party Payment Service Providers/ISO/IPSP/Payfac For Online Dating Payment Processing. These can play a significant role in onboarding businesses from this category. The PSPs are compliant with the latest card security standards and may also handle some High-Risk applications like yours. Of course, they have to follow the underwriting guidelines and recommendations of the acquiring bank. However, they can put additional risk mitigation initiatives that include charging a more significant transaction fee and placing a rolling reserve on the account. The only crucial challenge is that these third party processing institutions may be focussing on specific industries and specific risk profiles. Some may say yes to online dating; some may say no. Some may say yes to startups, and some may only say yes to merchants processing over $500K per month. Here the race of getting approved may be complicated, and the merchant may end up paying a heavy markup on the actual rates.
  3. Quadrapay The Bridge Between Merchants and Online Dating Card Acquirers. The Quadrapay team focuses on two things when it comes to the online dating industry. Team one is responsible for finding the right payment service providers for dating merchants. Team Two ensures that the requirements of the merchants are matched with the most relevant payment processor. It involves a considerable number of qualified person-hours. These responsibilities are handled manually to ensure proper satisfaction for our dating merchants. The team uses contingency planning techniques to suggest merchants’ additional options if one processor has rejected the application. Suppose the account gets terminated or the merchant ceases to process through the said channel. In that case, the team will implement ad-hoc planning and suggest alternatives. In a nutshell, you will be saving your time and energy when you work with Quadrapay.

Online Dating Website And Merchant Service Integration.

There are multiple ways to integrate a payment gateway on your dating website. The easiest will be to combine with the help of a plugin. Most processors host ready to use standard CMS plugins like WordPress and Magento on their websites API section. Merchants can download and upload the plugin to the hosting server. After updating the setting with secure details, sites can start accepting live card transactions.

  • Payment Page Integration. This can be considered a simple way of integration. Merchants can put simple HTML codes on the website and generate buy now buttons. This utilises the post method. Merchants must have an SSL certificate, and the URLs on the domain should only use HTTPS protocol. Merchants can also adjust the look and feel by modifying changes on CSS file to relate with the dating website brand identity. This may require PCI compliance on the merchant’s website.
  • Javascript Library Based Integration. This can also be termed as a javascript-based hosted payment page. Card details are not stored on merchants’ websites. Some additional features that make this integration a good option are the ability to customise the look and feel.
  • The ability to validate the card authenticity by checking the post code and CVV.
  • Tokenisation will help merchants assist returning customers not fill many fields again.
    Fraud Filter and Duplicate check features help merchants reduce losses. The duplicate check helps merchants reduce the risk of accepting multiple transactions for the same card and amount in a fixed period of time.
  • Mobile SDK Integration. Our payment processing partners offer easy to implement Mobile SDK. These are the Android SDK and the IOS SDK.
  • Web Services API. The extensive web service API allows merchants to use Json Queries for various API functionalities like Refunds, Account Checks, Dynamic currency conversion, payouts and recurring payments.
  • Sandbox Integration. This is a test integration that our merchants can perform and see if the integration is based on both parties’ requirements.
  • Live Transaction Integration. After Sandbox integration, dating merchants can switch to live mode and start accepting live transactions.
  • CMS Plugin Based Integration. Our Payment Processing Partners offer ready to use payment gateway plugins for many cms like Magento 1, Magento 2 and WordPress.

One Time Transactions And Recurring Transactions

  • One Time Transaction. The process of using a credit card to complete a transaction on a dating site is quite simple. Once the free account is created, the member can upgrade to the premium membership. Once the member clicks on the link, they fill card information and proceed with the transactions. Sometimes merchants may directly accept transactions on the website but may forward the member to a hosted payment page. This secure hosted payment page is always located on the server of the PSP or Payments service provider. Once the transaction is complete, the member is upgraded. The member receives the confirmation email as proof of service delivery.
  • Recurring Transaction. This can be in case if the site charges a monthly or yearly, or quarterly subscription. Our Payment gateway provider partners offer a built-in recurring payment and management facility.

Rates And Fees Associated To Online Dating Merchants.

Since online dating is a High Risk industry, the rates are higher than low risk industries. The rates also increase because online dating websites require multi-currency card acceptance. If the merchant has a clean history with a low chargeback ratio and high sales volume, the rates can be as low as 2.75% to 3%*. This rate increases as per the risk profile of the dating merchant. There are various components involved in the merchant service fee. These components are always mentioned in the merchant account agreement signed between the service provider and the merchant. Some of the key elements are.

  • MDR/Merchant Discount Rate. This is a fixed percentage that a merchant pays for each transaction.
  • Rolling Reserve. If the Merchant is considered risk-oriented or considered high risk in nature, the processor may put a rolling reserve. Generally speaking, for dating merchants, the RR is between 5% to 10%.
  • Fixed Transaction Fee/Per Item Fee. Some processors also put an additional fixed transaction fee. This fee is mostly less than $1.
  • Set up charges. Some processes or PSPs may charge a setup fee. Fortunately, the payment service provider we work with does not charge a setup fee at this point.
  • Monthly maintenance charges or annual maintenance charges. Processors also charge this fee sometimes. Most of the time, they put these charges on merchants with meagre sales volume. Few of our PSPs waive this fee on a case by case basis.
  • Chargeback Fee. In case of any dispute where the cardholder contacts the card issuer or card brand and raises a chargeback, the processor charges a chargeback fee.
  • Refund fee. Suppose the merchant wants to return the transaction to the cardholder. In that case, the dating merchant may be liable for a return fee.
  • Chargeback Alerts and Notifications Fee(Optional). Some processors may use additional value-added services to reduce the return and chargeback ratio. To get this accomplished, the PSPs work with third-party companies in the field of Chargeback alerts(CDRN Alerts). Merchants may be subject to additional charges for the same.

Having mentioned all the above charges, businesses should not forget to compare the prices with a few service providers. A little research can help companies to save hundreds and thousands of dollars in a year. At Quadrapay, we help you reach the dating processor that is reasonable in terms of pricing.

Key Advantages Of Quadrapay Dating Merchant Accounts

  • Zero Setup Charges. We do not put the burden of setup fees on dating merchants. Our team will assist the applicants through the application process without charging even a single dollar. We offer fast solutions at low transaction rates. We have already done the research and found highly economical payment processors for online dating websites.
  • Zero Application Charge. We believe that relationships are built on trust, and we trust our partners. Our team will not ask for any application Charges.
  • Low Merchant Discount Rate. Rates can be as low as 2.5%* to 3%*for merchants processing over 500K Euro/USD per month. Startup merchants or those with low processing volume may have to pay a bit higher fees.
  • Dual-Level Support. Merchants are free to call the payment service provider and Quadrapay for any assistance needed. The processor will answer you better, but we do not mind helping merchants with API integration and general questions.
  • Multiple Payment Modes For Dating Sites. The more options you offer to your customers, the better are the chances of generating sales. Some members may not wish to pay by card but maybe ok with virtual checks/ACH/APMs/Cryptocurrency. Offer more options to make more deals. Our team will be happy to help you with acceptance channels for virtual checks/ACH/EFT/APMs/Interac/Vouchers for your dating website. In the age of the internet, dating sites get members from across the world. Some of these members may be from the United States, and others may be from different parts of the world, including the European Union in Latin America. To make your website or dating app successful, you should offer multiple payment processing modes to your members. We recommend you accept all major credit and debit cards and that; you should also get alternative payment methods. We recommend using ACH/APMs and echeck payment processing solutions for receiving payments from global members. You should also accept local Latin American cards from your customers in South America. If your customers are from China, then you should take local cards like China UnionPay. Receiving payments in different modes will help you to make your online dating project successful.
  • Recurring Payment Option. Most of the Dating websites and Apps charge a monthly membership fee. This is only possible if the processors allow a recurring payment option. We can help merchants accept monthly payments.

Application Process For Dating Site Payment Processing Account

The application process of getting a dating site merchant account is simple. Merchant fills the application form, also known as merchant account application. In this application form, the merchant fills essential details that include the directors’ name, Company location, Phone number etc. This application form also requires the merchant to fill in the projected monthly sales volume and minimum and maximum ticket size. After filling the application, the merchant sends the form to the payment service provider or the merchant acquiring company. The acquiring company also asks the merchant to send the KYC documents, also known as knowing your customer document. Here a few of the KYC documents are listed.

KYC/KYM For Dating Site Merchant Account
  • Business license. This is usually the company registration certificate and additional articles. These documents should be of the same company that owns and operates the dating website/app.
  • Business bank statement. This is needed for two things. The payment processor wants to ensure that they have the correct bank account information and check if it is in good standing.
  • Utility bills of business premises. This is to confirm the physical address of the company.
  • Utility Bills of the company Directors. This is to confirm the residential address of the company.
  • Who Is Proof. This is the screenshot of the domain registration panel. The purpose of the same is to ensure that the domain belongs to the applicant company.
  • Previous/Present Processing History. It’s an excellent option to share the recent six months history if available. We have seen merchants with history get better rates than startup merchants.

Once the acquiring company gets the application and KYC documents, they start the underwriting and risk analysis. The acquiring company audits the dating website and also does different verification and background checks on directors. It may also include performing a Credit check. If everything works well, then the merchant gets an agreement. After reading the terms and condition and clauses on the merchant account agreement, the merchant signs all the pages and sends the contract back to the processor. The processor activates the account after getting the signed agreement. The merchant integrates the gateway to the dating website and starts accepting credit card transactions.

Disclaimers And Why They Are Important For Online Dating Business.

Dating websites depend a lot on user-generated content. What if the user-generated material is offensive or Illegal? Most website owners do random checks on the content. However, it’s recommended to declare your terms correctly to be on the safer side. In the disclaimer statement, you can mention what you are responsible for and what the user is responsible for. You should also indicate that your website does not offer escort listings and post pictures that promote nudity. As a responsible webmaster, every merchant should try to keep the site secure and clean. Upscale dating websites are very particular about the hygiene of the content.

Online Dating Merchant Account & Industry Overview

59% of all internet users agree that online dating is an effective way to meet individuals—source Pew Research. There are thousands of dating websites and apps. These platforms help people to find like-minded individuals. Since they all are adults, they can further decide how to take the relationship also. These websites and mobile apps implement multiple rules and filters to increase the platform’s level of effectiveness. Online Dating companies offer a platform to connect people for casual and long-term relationship development. Sites like and are the best example of successful online dating companies. The mobile app, Tinder, is one of the highest downloaded dating apps on the google play store. Dating websites are usually for people above 18. People join these websites by filling the registration form. They validate the email by clicking on the validation email. Some websites may also ask for phone number verification. Members update the profile by creating a bio and uploading images. Sites may allow people to search members but to connect; they may have to pay a subscription charge. Some dating sites only allow members to contact if both parties have shown interest in each other.

Businesses prefer to maximise profit by reducing the cost. That is why it is good to identify the cheapest available online dating credit card processing solution. To determine the most affordable solution, we would recommend contacting multiple payment service providers or acquiring banks and understanding the price difference as per the transaction fee, set up charges, per transaction fixed fee, rolling reserve, monthly fees, wire fee, and termination charges. Once you get these details from multiple service providers, you should analyse a fixed processing volume. You can use an excel sheet to easily view the differences in the overall operation cost per each service provider. As a business owner, it is your right to negotiate with the service provider.

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