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Maximise sales by offering various payment modes including ACH & APMs.

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Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.

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QuadraPay Brings to You Direct Credit Card Processing For Churches

Get a multi-currency credit card processing for church in The USA and Canada. With low rates and fast on-boarding this is a never to be missed solution.

A Church is a place of worship where individuals come and pray to the supreme lord. Although churches are not-for-profit organizations, they still have their expenses. In this digital economy, donation boxes to collect financial assistance from parishioners are not enough.

QuadraPay offers genuinely advanced and church-friendly credit card processing accounts. Our solution can undoubtedly be considered the best online payment system for churches.

Why QuadraPay merchant processing accounts are fantastic for churches.

Accept church donations from members over the internet.

Our church payment system is super easy to integrate into any website. After combining the gateway with the church website, anyone can make donations or contributions to the church. For the safety of cardholders, various fraud filters are used. Based on the requirement, you may modify the look and feel of the hosted payment.

Credit Card Reader For Churches.

Swipe debit and credit cards using a Free Church Credit Card Reader. With a credit card reader, you can accept donations from church members the old fashion way. The only difference is that they will hand over their card to you and not cash. Just swipe the card on the reader, punch in the amount and ask the member to enter Pin. That’s it. Your church just received a generous donation. We offer card readers for churches in USA and Canada.

Phone attachment-based card reader.

These card readers are inexpensive and connect easily with most mobile phones. The card is swiped on the reader, and the phone is used additional required functions. We may also offer a free credit card reader to your church*.

Debit card machine for church.

Process credit cards with wireless terminals. We offer modern 3G and Wifi-based debit card processing machines for American and Canadian Churches. These card machines are super easy to carry and extremely easy to operate. To accept contactless payments in your church, send us an email today.

Ecommerce Payment Processing For Church.

These days many religious communities and associations also sell various merchandise online. For this, you can use our church-centric eCommerce payment gateway. You will be able to sell multiple merchandise. some of these are listed below.

Elevated faith has an extensive collection of Christian clothing. Cross sign key holder, custom print mugs with bible verses, pens with printed gospel messages, Christmas t-shirts, and Christian clothing. Your church may also reach the next level in gospel eCommerce and connect more people to divine knowledge.

Recurring payment modes for church services.

Some members may want to donate on a monthly or yearly basis. We have solutions for this in the European Union, the United States of America, and Canada. Our recurring payment solution for religious organizations can help easily accept payment at fixed intervals. The solution also maintains proper records of transactions.

ACH and Echeck Processing For American Churches.

With 24 hours, ACH donations can move quickly between the sender’s account and receive account via the ACH network. ACH solution can account for higher ticket donations than credit card processing solutions.

Features Of QuadraPay Church Payment Processing

Fast Approval. Direct processors will handle your application, and thus you should get more rapid approvals than many other providers.

National Solution. Accept payment from members across the USA and Canada. MIDS powered by top American Banks help achieve better transaction success ratios and negligible declines.

Fast Fund Settlement. Get T+1 funding for qualifying merchants. You can immediately start working on the shipping of the merchandise.

No hidden cost. No hidden charges. The terms and conditions will be with you before you accept the offer. You will have the right to negotiate.

Steps To Get A Church Merchant Account

First, you fill out the on-page form, or you can mail us at [email protected]. Once we receive your application request, we will start work on you within minutes. You have to be ready with some documents for pre-approval, and these include.

  • Tax Id for Church/Cathedral
  • Previous processing history
  • Filled merchant account application

Church Payment FAQ

What’s Unique About Choosing The Best Merchant Provider For Churches?

The majority of merchant account providers ask that your church sign up to a long-term contract where, If you later decide you want to cancel the merchant account, they charge you an early termination fee. With its month-to-month plan*, you can cancel without paying the penalty.

Do churches get charged credit card fees ?

Credit and Debit cards are offered by card issuers in association with card schemes. One must be aware that there is a cost involved in keeping the credit debit card processing system active. This is why churches have to pay a transaction fee on payments received by credit and debit cards. The rate of transaction is usually very low however it is not zero.