High Risk Echeck Processing

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High Risk Echeck Processing

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QuadraPay Offers Low Cost High Risk Echeck Processing

You need a high risk echeck processing account. QuadraPay brings you high-risk eCheck payment gateway with no setup fees. If your application for an ACH processing account is declined by banks, then high-risk eCheck is the best option for you. Our eCheck solution is perfect for merchants from most high-risk industries.


Online High Risk Echeck Payments | High Risk Echeck Virtual Terminal | Echeck Over Phone | Echeck Mail Order

Our high-risk eCheck merchant account comes with amazing features. These advanced features can help you to easily accept payments on your website and face-to-face. Our check processing solution comes with high-risk tolerance, allowing these accounts to handle a significantly higher return and chargeback rate compared to card solutions.

Rates Of High-Risk eCheck Gateway.

The rates and fees of the eCheck gateway vary depending on the merchant’s risk profile. A low-risk merchant pays fewer fees than a high-risk merchant. Let’s look at a tentative rate structure for these merchants.

Depending on the merchant’s risk profile, industry, and various other factors, the above rates can change.

Low-Risk eCheck Processing Rates Setup Fee: Zero | MDR: 0.75% | Per Transaction: $0.10

High-Risk eCheck Processing Rates Setup Fee: Zero | MDR: Starts 1.99%* | Per Item: $1*

4 Payment Modes with High-Risk Electronic Check

  • Face-to-Face Payments: This eCheck payment option allows the merchant to accept in-store payments. The customer can give the necessary details to the merchant, then the merchant can start the transaction by using a Virtual Terminal.
  • Web eCheck Payment Option: This is like how people make credit card payments online. At the checkout page, the customer fills in the account details.
  • Pay By Email: The merchant can send a payment link via email. The customer can click the link to make payments online.
  • Pay By Phone: Customers can call the support number of the merchant and share the account details. The merchant can accept MOTO orders and submit all of these to the virtual terminal panel.

Features of High-Risk eCheck Merchant Account

  • High-risk tolerance: A regular ACH account requires merchants to keep the return ratio below 0.5%, however, for high-risk eCheck accounts, this ratio can be a lot higher.
  • Cheaper than card processing: A typical card transaction will cost a merchant around 3%, however, with eCheck, the cost is much lower.
  • Merchant-friendly solution: While card processing solutions are more consumer-friendly, eCheck appears to be more merchant-friendly. It is much more difficult to raise disputes on eCheck if compared to card transactions.

High Risk Echeck FAQ

How Does ECheck Work On WordPress And WooCommerce Sites?

Our eCheck solution is compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce websites. An e-check transaction is straightforward, as follows:

  • The customer selects the product on the merchant’s website and adds it to the cart.
  • At the cart page, the customer selected echeck as their preferred mode of payment.
  • The customer submits details (account number, routing number, name, address,address and email) on the checkout page of the WordPress e-commerce site.
  • After hitting the submit button, the order is set to processing mode, and in near real time the transaction is validated for account number check, routing number check, and fund availability check.
  • If checks go fine, the customer gets an order success message. If it fails, then an error message will be shown on the checkout page.

What Is The Dispute Period For Echeck Transactions?

Echeck payment processing offers various benefits. One of the critical benefits for the buyers and merchants is the 60-day dispute window. With echeck payment processing, disagreements can occur within 60 days. The 60 days time frame starts when the account holder(customer/buyer) receives the bank statement. For a deeper understanding, we suggest you read Nacha and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau websites

Is Recurring Billing Possible With An E-Check System?

Yes! With the help of echeck payment processing, a customer can take advantage of recurring billing facilities to streamline the transaction amount for a fixed period of tenure.

The beauty of echeck payments is that it allows the merchant to accept lump-sum and recurring payments. The recurring business model is very much attractive to customers. It also ensures the merchant receives payments on time.

A merchant can accept recurring payments by key-in the customer’s details into the virtual terminal. It can also be done through an email invoice or through a website where the customer fills in the details and opts for recurring billing.

How Quickly Can A Merchant Accept Echeck (Substitute Check) Payment In Canada?

A Canadian merchant can accept echeck within seconds. Yes! You heard it right. To accept an echeck, it just takes a few seconds as you are receiving an echeck over the phone or mail, unlike physical checks, which usually take 3-5 days to arrive at your destination via traditional mail or post. But after receiving the echecks, you have to initiate the transaction to process the echecks and settle it.

After the echeck is being initiated, it takes 1-2 business days to verify the echeck. It confirms whether the payer of the check has a sufficient amount of funds in a bank account to process the settlement. After the verification of the echeck, it proceeds for settlement. The whole process takes 3-5 business days.

Can I Use Echeck For My Vitamin/Nutraceuticals Web-Shop?

Vitamins are essential for growth. They also play crucial roles in body functions such as metabolism, immunity, and digestion. After a specific age interval, people tend to lose vitamins in their bodies. To overcome the deficiency of vitamins, many vitamin pills are introduced in the market. These pills can quickly cure vitamin deficiency. To sell these vitamin tablets online, the merchant should have a licensed website and a gateway to accept payments from customers.

If you are a merchant selling vitamins tablets in the US, Echeck is the best solution for receiving payments from customers. Echeck has a meager transaction fee than other payment options like credit card processing. Getting an echeck solution is more manageable than getting a nutraceuticals merchant account. Please keep in mind that the product sold should be legal to sell online.


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