Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile Credit Card Processing by Quadrapay

Mobile Credit Card Processing Is The Future Of Payment Method!

How is the market expanded? Well, the market is for the people and by the people, so to expand it we have to reach out to the customers in any way possible. For now, mobile is the primary thing to reach out to our customers, and it is the thing that we can’t even ignore. If your business needs to accept the credit cards anytime and everywhere, then you must go for the mobile credit card processing, and by this, you can easily accept the payments over your smartphones or tablets.
We at, have the solution to this problem also through our partner credit card processors. By using mobile credit card processing in your business, you can easily reach out to your customers and make it very easy for them to buy products.

Benefits Of Integrating Mobile Credit Card Processing In Your Business

  • Integration. Mobile credit card processing can be easily integrated with the point of sales and smartphones. These solutions are cost-effective and hardly take a few minutes to get started after approval.
  • 24/7 Support. The mobile credit card processing companies do offer 24/7 support. This will help you in resolving issues regarding orders and billing queries.
  • Anytime accept credit card payments on the go: With the help of a portable credit card reader, things become more comfortable to accept credit cards at any place or any time. The card reader is easy to pair/connect with your existing smartphone or tablet, and you are ready to perform transactions through the in-built application.
  • Support with highly secured payment apps that are specially developed to support both android and ios operating systems.
  • Low transaction processing fees: We at Quadrapay knows how much high processing charges can eat up your business profits. That is why we always try to look for low rate credit card processing solutions for your business.
  • Low-cost card reader machine while in comparison to traditional terminal machines.
  • Quick processing of credit card payments.
  • Easy to connect with your device, both wireless as well as wired methods.
  • Supports both debit card and credit card transactions.
  • Easy to refund or reverse a payment through the online transaction records.
  • Easy to understand user-friendly interface.
  • It also supports magnetic swipe cards along with EMV chip credit cards.
  • Easy to carry a mobile credit card reader.
  • Track your inventory management through the records, so that you will never run out of the regular products.

What About Security Concerns Of Mobile Credit Card Processing?

There are always several concerns regarding frauds with mobile credit card payments. But in actuality, they do not need to be that concerned about it. But doing business transactions through mobile credit card processing is safe and secure as a card is swiped through the portable card reader, which is connected to the mobile device. All the procedure is similar to the physical payment terminal; the only difference is that it is now a portable smartphone which is connected to the machine to make all the transactions smoother and convenient.

Why Quadrapay For Mobile Credit Card Processing Solution?

Our skilled team at offers you best-crafted services which you need for your business, which fulfils your needs and comparatively with the best processing rates. The merchant application procedure is also simple and straightforward. You need to fill the merchant application form with all the vital details of your business. Along with the form, it is required to submit KYC documents as mentioned in the application form for a mobile credit card processing solution.

For more information or any further assistance required? You can anytime contact us by dropping a mail at [email protected].