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Online And Retail Merchant Accounts For Car Washes By Quadrapay.

MCC 7542/MCG 25 Category/ Vehicle Servicing And Spares.

The automotive industry is growing across the world. Not only that in the United States but also in other parts of the world. People are buying more and more cars. This trend has created a massive market for professional car washing companies. Traditionally car washing companies used to accept payments by cash and check. In today’s world merchants prefer to receive payments by Credit cards, Debit cards, ACH and Echeck. Customers also feel comfortable and quickly swipe the credit or debit card on the automated car washing machine. Computer controlled automatic car washing systems help businesses in reducing the total cost of ownership. When this kind of infrastructure starts utilizing the credit card merchant account, then the overall cost of ownership goes down. Merchant account acquiring banks and payment service providers know that this global industry may reach US$ 26 Billion dollars in revenue by year 2024 :- Source

Credit Card processing companies want to capture this massive global market. To assist merchants with car wash payment systems processing these companies offer secure integration facility. Quadrapay believes in supporting merchants from many industries. As of now, our partner processing Institutions are comfortable in on-boarding merchants from the car washing industry. In this detailed article, you will come to know about different modes of payment processing for the Car Wash Industry.

Online Credit Card Processing For Car Wash Companies.

To understand why online Credit Card processing can work for the car wash industry. Let’s look at some keywords first.

  • “Do car washes accept credit cards”
  • “car wash that takes credit card near me”
  • “drive through car wash dc”
  • “debit card car wash near me”

Your customers are possibly using the keywords mentioned above to find service providers like you. If you have a website for your car wash business, then there is a possibility that they can see you as well. If people search for your business on the Internet, then they are possibly comfortable in making payments online by using credit and debit card. As a growth-oriented entrepreneur we are pretty sure that you would be interested in catching these opportunities. It is the key reason why your website must have an online payment gateway which accepts well-known credit and debit cards.

Car Wash Credit Card Reader

As mentioned previously in this article processing companies offer various custom solutions for this industry. If your business has a self-service car wash solution or you have an automated car washing system in both the scenarios you can use a credit card readers. Customers can easily swipe their credit and debit cards on this terminal and make the payment instantly. The way customers make payments using a Car wash credit card reader is similar to how they make payments at a gas station. Select the service Swipe the card and Get the Service/Gas.

Factors To Look At When You Apply For A Car Wash Merchant Account.

Although there are many solutions available in the market, it does not mean that every solution is right for you. You are the best judge, and you should evaluate the options on multiple factors. Let’s look at some elements that you must analyze before signing The merchant account agreement for your car wash business.

  • Equipment Cost.

Credit card readers or point of sales terminals are usually very expensive since they use highly advanced technologies. Having said that many processing companies might offer Zero upfront cost solutions to select merchants.

  • Transaction Charges Merchant Discount Rate/MDR.

Remember no matter what you sell you will be charged. This is the MDR. Your processing institution may offer you Tiered Pricing, Flat Rate Pricing or Interchange Plus Pricing Model. As a professional business owner, you should evaluate the available rates in the market and choose the most cost-effective solution provider.

  • Cards accepted.

You may be aware of the top credit card brands. Apart from these brands, there are many other card schemes across the world. To maximize the sales, you should offer the ability to the customer so that they can make payments by using almost any credit or debit card brand. It will be a wise step to ask your Credit Card processing company for the list of accepted payment methods.

  • Early Termination Charges.

Like you offer services to car owners Credit Card processing companies provides services to merchants like you. There may be a possibility that you may not be interested in working with a specific processor after signing up. If the processing company implements a high termination fee, then this can be difficult for you. It would help if you evaluated all the clauses in the Merchant account agreement before saying yes.

ACH/Echeck For Car Wash Operators

Car wash operators can also use ACH and echeck solutions to accept payments from regular customers. Most ACH processing companies offer the facility of recurring billing. This helps the car wash company to charge a specific amount from the customer’s account each month. Not many car wash companies use ACH, but if you have regular clients, then this can help you a lot.

Quadrapay Assisting Car Wash Merchants Across The Globe.

That’s right as a global merchant service reseller we have established valuable relationships with various payment processing institutions. Our team can help car wash merchants in establishing cost-effective Credit Card processing account through our partners. Currently, we can assist merchants across the United States, Canada, European Union, Saudi Arabia, India, and few African countries. To get more details about how can assist you in getting a cost-effective credit card processing account for your car wash business, please send us an email on [email protected].

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