Credit Card Processing For Salons

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Credit Card Processing For Salons

Low Transaction Fees

Competitive rates to help businesses maximize their profits.

Secure Transactions

Advanced encryption and fraud protection to ensure safe and secure payments.

Multi-Currency Support

Ability to handle payments in various currencies, catering to international customers.

QuadraPay Offers  Tier 1 Quality Salon Credit Card Processing Account.

Payment processing is a vital aspect of any salon. Quadrapay helps you increase your business revenue by offering low-cost salon credit card processing. With low-rate salon merchant services, you will be paying reduced transaction charges. Accept all major credit, debit, and gift cards for all salon services.

Super Low Rates For US, Canada, and EU Salon Merchants. Start with Zero Setup Charges. Get a Free Salon Credit Card Reader*(US Only Conditions Apply) Quadrapay has massive connections with direct processing institutions in the EU, USA, and Canada. Most salon merchants may qualify for the interchange ++ model, which is considered the best merchant service fee structure.

Features Of Our Salon Credit Card Processing Solutions.

We provide complete transparency and never restrict you to long-term contracts or hidden costs. Some of the main benefits of choosing our credit card processing for salons are listed below.

Easy To Understand Online Application Procedure For Beauty Industry Payment Processing: It might be tricky for some merchants to know how to apply for a salon merchant account for startup salon business owners. That is why we have made things simpler for you. A business owner only has to provide necessary business details by filling out the merchant application form.

Super Low Transaction Charges For Salon And Barber Shop Merchants. That’s correct. We work directly with acquirers and thus help merchants reduce the additional markups. Only accept our offer if it helps you save money. If you see our rates are more than what you are presently paying, use full force negotiation. We love watching acquirers fail the negotiation war with merchants.

Transparent Contract. No Long-Term Contracts. Read the lines on the agreement before you sign. All our solutions come with Super Simple Agreements. We believe in transparency; hence, we do not keep any hidden charges. We help you set up your account in the minimum time possible without any setup fee.

Brand New Retail Credit Card Readers and Terminals For Salon, Barbershop, and Hair Stylists. Nobody wants to use old and refurbished terminals and pos machines. We understand that. All of our POS and Retail Credit Card Terminal products are brand new.

Multi Merchant Salon Payment Processing. The Multi TID terminals help business locations with multiple individual salon professionals run their shops. The Terminal offers a menu with a TID selection. Before the transaction, the salon representative selects the respecting TID of the hairstylist/barber/Makeup artist and proceeds. It helps funds reach the account of the selected professional.

PCI Compliant Salon Payment Gateway. The biggest concern for hair salons or any business is financial security. Even a tiny fraud can ruin your business revenue and rating. That’s why we understand and provide salon merchant accounts with Payment Cards Industry (PCI) compliant gateway. There are various advantages of using a PCI-compliant Salon payment gateway. All transactions are validated and go through multiple checks. These fraud filters help reduce the transactions that have red flags. These security alerts may include triggers for forged cards, wrong billing addresses, Wrong Pin, and IP alerts. Overall the PCI-compliant salon merchant account offers a boosted defense system.

Data security is our main concern; that is why our payment processing partners provide you with a robust payment gateway. It builds trust between you and the customer, making you trust our services. We ensure that your system has PCI-DSS(The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 compliance so that when you make any transactions online, no debit or credit card data is lost. It helps both the merchant and the cardholder. It is essential for your customer to feel safe while using your website. We ensure it happens by providing you with a secure payment gateway.

Detailed Management Interface For Salon and Barber Shop Transaction Overview. We keep you updated with the transactions completed on your account by providing you with the tools that give a detailed report.

Chargeback Defense For Salon, Hair Stylists, And Barbershop. Some payments are prone to be high-risk transactions like accepting a high-value funds transfer for a large contract. A large-scale business can run effectively on its own. Still, a small business needs to maintain and optimize its services effectively to cope with the market. These big transactions contain a risk of higher chargebacks.

Our credit card processing solution for salons helps you avoid the risk of chargeback-driven loss. With chargeback alerts, merchants get sufficient time to provide proof of service delivery and thus help reduce the chargeback ratio. Fraud tools that will prevent the occurrence of fraud and give an early alert for the chargeback so you can solve the dispute before it reduces the life of your payment processor.

Beauty Industry Pos Solution With Inventory Management. Quadrapay provides a reliable POS system that will make it easy to accept payments from various credit and debit cards. As a result, merchants have started accepting payments via these POS systems rather than relying on the primitive way.

Our advanced salon pos system helps you to keep your client’s favorite products always in stock. Save your sales reports for a hassle-free customer experience. Offer customers more flexibility for payment by accepting credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and alternative payments.

EPOS systems for beauty salons and hairdressers. These can be customized to suit your salon business, meaning that the prices and treatments are pre-programmed before the hardware arrives on site. In addition, this solution can work with compatible salon card readers, leaving minimum human error room.

The statistics and reporting enable business owners to assess what is most profitable and where to focus marketing. The possibilities are enormous, and this solution is suitable for salons big and small.

Technical Information For Salon Merchant Services And The Industry

According to the report of Statista (A German online portal for statistics that generates data by collecting it from the market and opinion research institutes), revenue generated in the hair care segment sums up to US$ 45.6 Billion in 2019. Therefore, the market is expected to grow at a consistent pace.

Thinking of a beauty salon makes us visualize women and men sitting in a large room undergoing various procedures. Investing in a business beauty and barbershop can be of high profit; all you have to do is make your customers look good and feel good with your services.

Various MCC Codes Used In The Salon/Barbershop/Beauty Industry.

MCC 7230 (Beauty and Barber Shops).MCC 7299 (Miscellaneous Personal Services -Not Elsewhere Classified).MCC 7298 (Health and Beauty Spas).
For businesses that offer services like personal hair care, hair cutting, hair styling, coloring, manicures, pedicures, and sell hair care products. Suitable for Beauty Salons, Fingernail Salons, Hair Cutting Styling salons, Hairdressers, Make-up Studios, Manicurists, Nail Salons, Salons Hair and Beauty Salons Nail.Salon-related businesses that may fall in this MCC include Body Piercing and Tattoo Parlors.Businesses specified with MCC 7298 generally offer personal or therapeutic services, facials, massages, mud baths, herbal wraps, tanning treatments, whirlpools, steam baths, hair makeup styling, and instructional classes.

Types Of POS Machines For Barbershop/ Salon/Hair Stylist/Tattoo Parlour.

Our payment processing partners help you accept payments from various cards rather than payments only in cash. So let your stylists provide excellent services to your clients and not waste time wondering how to accept payments with an outdated payment method. We offer various types of card machines or POS terminals according to your business requirement to take clients’ payments easily and quickly:

Counter-Top/Fixed Machines are a fast, easy and reliable way to accept payments with a broadband connection.
Portable Machines so that if you have to visit any client for the home service under the range of 100 meters, then this Terminal will be of great use. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and has Bluetooth connectivity.

Mobile Card Machines enable you to accept payments from anywhere across the continent. Wi-fi machines can be used outside your store premises wherever a wi-fi signal is available. Contactless payments are digital wallets, also known as e-wallets like Apple pay, Samsung pay, Google pay, and many more have no transaction limits and let you accept payments from worldwide.

Mini Credit Card Readers For Salon/Barbershop. We also offer a mini credit card reader in the USA market. With this card reader, you can attach your smartphone and get most functionalities of an advanced payment terminal. Some merchants may qualify for a free credit card reader*

Salon EPOS System. It stands for Electronic Point Of Sale system. It is a combination of hardware and software. With this, you can easily accept payment at the shop location. Using this solution, you can take all major credit/debit cards and contactless payments. This device is very advanced in its version.

Salon ePOS for iPads are also available and now offer many similarities to the larger integrated systems, such as booking methods and pre-programmed treatments. These are the perfect solution for smaller businesses or home visits. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this can disrupt service when an update is running on iPads or similar. The proper PDQ machine works as a smaller yet efficient solution.

Faq Salon Barber Shop Payment Processing

Do Barber Shops Accept Credit Cards?

Absolutely. Most barbershops use retail card terminals and POS machines to accept credit card payments. These modern card payment machines help barber shops easily accept all major brands’ credit cards.

Does QuadraPay Offer Payment Solutions To Cosmetology Schools? If Yes, What Are The Options?

Yes, we support Cosmetology schools and beauty schools. Our credit card processing solutions allow Cosmetology schools to accept online and in-person payments. You can easily add a merchant account to your cosmetology school website or mobile app. This way, students can easily make fee payments online. With a beauty school, retail POS machine students can make face-to-face payments. Our POS solutions work with contactless EMV, Pinpad, and QR payments.

Can Your Customer Use A Credit Card For Hair Services?

Yes. Credit card payments are quite commonly used for hair services. However, no customers can make card payments for hair services like hair-cutting, coloring, and styling.

Do Nail Salons Take Credit Cards?

Yes, they do. The only condition is that you should either have a retail card terminal or an online merchant account. Online payments can help a nail salon grow significantly.

Do Barber Shops Accept Credit Cards?

Yes. Barber shops across the USA, Canada, and European Union prefer to accept payments in digital form. The global beauty industry is expected to reach 191.6 billion by 2027, and it’s the best time to switch to digital payments for your barber shop business.

How To Process Card Payments In A Salon?

Once you are approved for a merchant account or retail Terminal, you will come to know how to use it. With POS terminals, your customers can give the card to you, and you can swipe it onto the Terminal. In case the customer has an EMV card or wishes to pay via QR code like google pay or apple pay, they can also do with the POS machine.

How To Keep Payments Safe And Secure In A Salon?

The only way to keep payments safe while running a salon is by accepting card payments. Most salons are low on staff, and most of the time, they are busy. If you deal in cash, you know that many things can happen, including theft or forgetting a money bag.

Payment Methods

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