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In today’s time, all merchants want a credit and debit card processing solution. But many do not get the right solution because there are so many solutions in the market for Best credit card merchants for small businesses. They cannot understand which is right for them. A business without a credit card merchant is just like a ship without its rudder. In order to improvise the business to the next level, every small business or industry should have a merchant account for credit card processing. The business must look forward to such a credit card processor that should be easy and flexible to use because customers always prefer to grow their relationship with those merchants who showcase easiness and security. Thus, we understand your association with your customer is equivalently essential and therefore we at Quadrapay, make sure that at the cheaper and affordable transaction fees merchant account is provided.

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Every small business needs to process or run credit debit cards. This is possible with a merchant account or payment gateway. The small business needs to apply for a merchant account with a credit card processing company.The merchant will have to share the business info and KYC documents. Once the business documents are received then the underwriting team initiates the process of underwriting. The Underwriting is a very intense process and sometimes can take time. All the KYC documents and processing statements are analyzed and then the account is approved.

Once the account is approved then the merchant can integrate the Merchant account or payment gateway to the website. API integration help is provided by our technical team. We do give help to all our merchants with API integrations


Most of the accounts start without any upfront cost. The Payment processors typically charge these fees

  • TDR/MDR – Also known as a Transaction Rate. This is a Fixed % per Transaction
  • Monthly Fee – Some Processors Charge a Monthly Fee
  • Wire Fee – Few International Merchant Account providers charge a wire fee. Domestic Processors generally don’t charge any fee for the local transfer.
  • Virtual Terminal Fee – Most of the PSP’s offer free Virtual Terminal some may charge a monthly Fee.


Yes! You can accept credit debit cards without a merchant account. You may choose an aggregated solution and integrate the same on the website.


Credit card processing company allows the merchants to accept the credit and debit cards online and via the virtual terminal.


The rate of transactions varies depending upon industry type.


The setup time is very fast for small business merchant accounts. In many cases, it is just within few hours of application. The best way to a faster setup is to make sure that you send all the required KYC documents to the underwriting or processing team.


This is a good question. Most of the large businesses prefer Virtual Terminal. This is primarily because they process a lot of orders over the phone. Payment processors are not very comfortable in offering Virtual Terminal to small businesses. It does not mean that there are no options available. The best way will be to request the processor about a VT. If they think your business model and industry is not risky enough they may help you with one. Most of the processors will charge a Fixed Monthly Fee for the Virtual Terminal. If your volume is big then you may try to negotiate. Some small businesses may be considered high risk. These small businesses may require merchant account for high risk businesses.

You have made a great decision to accept credit debit cards for your business. Let us know in case you need any assistance.

Merchant Accounts For Small Business

Small business credit card processing should be easy and flexible. The reason why we say that is because the number of startups means the number of success stories.

A small businesses is an independently owned company that is small in size and revenue depending on the category of industry. A local store that employs 1- 20 people to handle customer needs is an example of small business. A local plastic company with a workforce of 20 personnel is also an example of small business. There are many websites on the internet that offer Guaranteed  Merchant Account. In determining the best merchant services for small business these factors must be taken into consideration, some of this factors are

  • Rate of Transaction
  • Honest Pricing
  • Termination and Cancellation Charges
  • Contract length
  • Billing and Technical Support
  • High Risk Merchant Acceptance
  • Fraud Reductions and Prevention Features
  • Online Reputation
  • Free Setup and Free POS Terminals
  • Card Not Present Transactions

  • Easy Integration with Chargeback Alert and Notification Services

After looking at the mentioned factors we have come to the conclusion the best merchant services for small businesses can be categorized into four different categories.

Qualities Of Best Credit Card Processor For Small Business

The company must offer a robust and cheap credit card processing service for small businesses, it must have provisions to enable the merchant services to accept credit card transactions in various ways like using a point of sale terminal, mobile phone, online, and tablet point of sales. The company must give a merchant account, including businesses that are considered high risk. It must have a dedicated team of customer support that operate on a 24/7 basis either through phone support, email, help desk, and live chat support.

Qualities Of Best Low-Volume Credit Card Processor Small Business

It must have a lot of available payment options that always suites its customers, this options can either be online, in person and on the go. The company must offer services to startups and small businesses. It should come with a lot of packages such as a complete POS terminal, the ability to extend credit to customers, a virtual card plan and around the clock customer support.

Qualities Of Best Online Credit Card Processing For Small Business

It should not require a merchant account. It should offer aggregated payment processing solution. This makes it easier for the merchant to start processing payments right away. It must be loaded with a lot of customer friendly features which makes the merchant arrange his/her service to their ecommerce business unique desires. The company should also boost of a customer friendly tariff plan, it should also make provision for transparent charges, this makes the merchant knows what he is paying for in other to avoid surprises during reconciliation of funds.

Qualities Of Best Mobile Credit Card Processor For Small Business

It must offer the reliable and flexible way to receive credit card payments anytime. The application process should be easy that can be set up within few minutes. It should only require the merchant services to register for an account online. The charges should be friendly for small businesses from bakeries to restaurants e.t.c

Alternative Payment Processing Options For Startups

In case if you are facing challenges in getting a credit card processing account then it will be a nice idea to look at few alternative modes of payment processing. These modes are Echeck,  ACH, Check21, and Check22.

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Low Cost Mobile Payment Processing For Small Businesses. Mobile Merchant Services Are Vital For Small Businesses.

Mobile Merchant Services For Small Businesses are vital because usually there are less number of employees in these firms. Every small business wants solutions that are portable and can be moved easily from one place to another and also easily get integrated with their mobile phones. Many times the employees go outside and collect money from customer’s at there office, home, shop etc. This payment solution is perfect for businesses that  provide door to door services. They can easily collect the money using mobile card swiping terminals. There are mainly two types of solutions available to accept payment over mobile. These are:

  • Card Swiping Attachment Solution For Small Businesses. In this solution Merchant swipes the customer’s card using another device which is connected through the mobile, and the customer enters the pin and digital signature over the merchant mobile to complete all the process to accept payment. In this solution, there are two devices used to accept a payment. One is mobile, and another is credit card reader. In using card swiping attachment, some common problems may be faced by the merchant like whether both devices work properly or not, Connectivity issue, Both devices are charged or not etc. We as a professional merchant services reseller do not usually recommend going for a solution like this. We always recommend merchants to go for a POS credit card processing solution.
  • POS Credit card Processing Solution is straightforward and more comfortable to accept payments. This device is also known as POS Machine. It is small in size and too easy to carry in your pocket. This device works on various modules like GPRS, WiFi etc. In today’s world pos machines also take contactless or EMV chip payments. This solution accepts almost all types of cards.

Benefits of Quadrapay Mobile Credit Card Processing For Small And Medium Businesses.

  • Fast approval: We are Sales Agents for various payment processing companies and we aim to provide the best solution according to your business requirement. Our solutions take less time to get approved.
  • Customer support: Our Credit card processing partners offer 24×7 customer support. If you are stuck anywhere regarding billing or transaction queries, you can directly contact customer care team.
  • PCI Compliance: In the present time, secure transactions are vital to accept safe payments online. Our solutions strictly follow required PCI Compliance standards and all the transactions are secure.
  • Low Transaction Fee: We offer low transaction fees and fast settlement for credit card processing.
  • Easy Integration: Credit card processing solutions can be easily integrated with your mobile devices. It is a very cost effective solution.

How Small Businesses Can Get This Solution From Quadrapay?

We at Quadrapay are happy to assist. To get any of our solution you can reach us at [email protected].

Happy Processing!


Quadrapay Brings Low Cost Credit Card Processing Services For Your best Small Businesses

  1. High-Risk Merchant. High risk is an industry in which the transmission volume is very high. This type of account is not for all merchants as there is a lot of uncertainty in it. It is challenging to get a merchant account of this type, but Quadrapay is able to get you this service. There are many sectors that are high risk like CBD, Hemp Oil Merchant Account, Adult Entertainment, Dating Site Merchant AccountCasino Merchant AccountOnline Poker Merchant Account etc.
  2. Low-Risk Merchant. It includes those industries whose transmission volume is low. Small business also comes in low risk. It is easy to get approved within 1-2 day.
  3. Offshore Merchant Account. It is a type of another merchant bank account which is established in a non-resident country. For easy to understand, suppose a person lives in one country, but the bank does not give a merchant account to him/her. They try to get a merchant account to another country where they can easily get this. Local providers may not be given the solution to accept high-risk payment. But in other countries, they may approve accounts after the complete document verification.
  4. Chargeback Alerts. It performs a very vital role in the card industry. This tells how you can save your merchant account status from deteriorating. It also helps you to prevent unauthorized transactions.
  5. ACH & Echeck. Quadrapay offer ACH and Echeck at a lower rate and also you may get this solution within a day as well. This solution has an easy interface and fast settlement process.

Documents Required for your Small Business Credit Card Gateway

To start processing you collect all these essential documentation. You want further information related to Documents required in opening a merchant account click on it.

  • Business Documents
  • Means of Identification
  • Utility bill
  • Application Form
  • Void check
  • Cover letter
  • Processing Statements
  • Business Financial Statement

Still, you have any inquiries in your mind associated with Services, documents you can mail us at [email protected]. We are always ahead to help you.

Everything You Need To Know About The Best Eftpos Machine For Small Business.

EFTPOS is abbreviated as Electronic Fund Transfer at Point Of Sale. It is an electronic device that allows the transfer of funds from a customer bank account to a merchant bank account. It is also called EFTPOS terminal to accept all major credit and debit card payments at the point of sale location. In this solution funds are transferred electronically bank to bank instead of cash and paper check. EFT payments are processed over the Automated Clearing House(ACH) network.

For a small and newly setup business, choosing the right pos solution is a somewhat critical task. If you choose the wrong payment solution, then it may affect your business. Especially for small and startup companies, some hard to bear the loss. It may be in upcoming years if you carry lots of failures then you will find it hard to stand in the market. So, you must choose the right payment solution according to your business needs. But you don’t have to worry. We are at Quadrapay assist you in getting a Best EFTPOS Machine For Your Small Business.

The Trending Stuff About Best Eftpos Machine

  • Some countries in Oceania like Australia and New Zealand are using EFTPOS machines to stop the spread of the virus during Covid19.-source
  • By using this solution, customers are able to pay at the retail shop without touching the post terminal.
  • EFTPOS Terminal accepts contactless payment as well as recognises all major cards.

How the Eftpos Machine Can Help You Improve Your Small Business.

  • EMV Terminal. It is a special type of terminal which is used to accept chip cards as well as smart card payments. An EMV card has two technologies to receive payment. First one is credit card readers, and second is to read and process the chip transaction. By using this solution, you also help to prevent credit card fraud transactions.
  • Pos Solution. In today’s fast-paced world, POS solutions play a vital role in business growth. In this solution, customers are able to pay for products and services at your location. POS Solution is a robust payment solution with large touch screens.
  • Mobile/Wireless Terminal. Quadrapay offers mobile terminal solutions at a lower price. These solutions use those merchants who provide products and services door to door, domestic & commercial industries, offices. Flexibility and the easy user interface is a key to do any successful business. These devices are easy to carry from one place to another and support all type devices.

Other Premium Feature For EFTPOS Machine Holder

  • Easy Application Procedure
  • Fast Approval
  • Fast Settlement
  • No setup Cost
  • Accept Multiple Currencies
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Easy and Fast Payment
  • Proactive Customer Support

If you still have any queries related to EFTPOS Machine, then feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Which Credit Card Processing Is Cheapest For Small Businesses?

Does the idea of expenditure hard-acquired income on credit card handling expenses worry you?

Numerous entrepreneurs discover different card companies preparing charges to be amazingly overpowering. Without the capacity to acknowledge, the fate of your business could be in genuine peril.

So how might you acknowledge these companies while additionally making money?

So here are some ways through which you can find the top credit card processing service to process.

Finding A Proper Merchant Service Provider:

Banks don’t generally give their vendor administrations. All things considered, banks will commonly contract out to an outsider to handle exchanges for them, and can even charge you extra expenses to hand your business to another person.

With a merchant account, your business can handle payments online without diverting your customers to an outsider site. Furthermore, you’ll pick up misrepresentation assurance to ensure safe credit card exchanges and secure trader services. A merchant account will help your business manage all increment income and oversee funds all the more effectively by empowering a brief assortment of accounts receivable. A productive trader administration should have the option to consequently stamp your solicitations as paid and update your accounts receivable.

Choose A Proper Payment Gateway:

One thing for sure is that the fact is, a lot of payment gateway portals are not that safer to choose. So choosing the right one for your credit card processing can indeed be a hard choice to make for everyone. It would be best if you made your choice based on the trends which are working right now. A lot of payment gateways are formed on the basis of cloud-based accounting and movement. It can help you with the payment system; it will help and utilize them adequately placed methods and will be working accordingly.

Choosing Quadrapay, we have the perfect solution right here for you. Our services are correctly compiled with one another, and we help our customers to get the best of work. Our primary term is to help our clients to get the best card-processing solution so that they can process payment through the means of our experts with a hassle-free experience.

For more information on “which credit card processing is cheapest for small businesses ” or payment processing solutions for your business, you can mail us at [email protected] or fill the quick application form.

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Choosing The Right Credit Card Machine For Small Business

Choosing the right credit card machine for small business can be a hard decision to make. Now coming to the main question, you might be wondering about the existence of this term or the process which works around here. Well, this abbreviation belongs to the top brand quality and assurance of any other company which is located in the Czech Republic. So choosing a reliable credit card machine for small business can be a hard decision to make for a lot of companies out there and also including the customers as a whole. There are a lot of payment solution companies that have been here for a very long time now, and with every passing phase, this association is increasing its branch in the rise. It is the biggest retailer in the whole American market and what makes it famous is the credit line and the sense of options that it helps with.

Quadrapay is one such service right here for you where you can find all your information regarding your credit card processing and machine solutions for small businesses. In today’s world, every other small business needs an adequately advocated digital processing management that can help them to access the draws given by their customers. This forms a significant point of view for most companies as a lot of them or their merchants are not aware of the solution and how the work can be done. This is when Quadrapay comes to the rescue. We are a team of digitally assessing companies with payment solutions and have partnered with merchants ranging from the high risk merchants to the lower risk category. Our process is to bring a close connection and a targeted platform to our customers and even to our merchants so that they don’t face further issues regarding their payments and solutions.

How To Opt For The Best Credit Card Machine For Small Business

Now this store is so popular with the people because there is a different and wide range of options that you can get at these credit card machine for small business. What makes this store stand out is the fact that there are different credit card machine for small business which you can manage to get for your service and choose to see which one will be the best option for you. These credit card solutions are in such a way that you can buy all your items and your accessories in such a way that you can pay off with this credit card that is presented right there with you. Now the machines and other integrated efforts can be a bit hard to manage for the first time.

While picking up the right credit card machine for small business is a reliable and thoughtful choice to do, there are other things to take care of as well. First of all, it is essential for a company or any business out there to have a proper decision and then implement the choices. There is a specific list of factors that goes into making a choice and helping the merchants choose a reliable and safety measured payment solution. At Quadrapay, we are here to help you out with the best. Regarding your credit card information, we have the right solution for all your queries. Our experts are on their feet 24×7 so that our customers and also our merchants, partnered with us do not face any issue. Our team will correlate with you if you face any problems regarding the payment structure since proper security choices back our portal.

Conclusion On Credit Card Machine For Small Business

At Quadrapay, all your services are stored right here with us. Our options are wide open for our customers and our clients so that we can build them both a common platform to interact. We all understand the importance and the meaning to choose the right platform accordingly. Once you have got all your details, you can enjoy their services from then on. With the exemplary service in your domain, you can understand how to use them right and be prepared for your purchase if you are trying to make it with the help of the right credit card business for small business.

We have a lot of services and offers right here for our customers. The range of offers we have right here is to help both the merchants and the customers find a reliable payment solution regarding their credit card processing and units, which can even help them in the longer term as well.

Fascinating Credit Card Processing For Small Business Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

If you just started a small business or running your business online, you can’t survive on relaying on cash-only services. In today’s market, every customer prefers to pay using the technology to pay for the product and services. This can include a debit card payment, credit card payment, e-wallets, ach processing, bitcoin payments, and a lot more different methods of payment. That’s why a credit card processing for small business is a must. At present, there are so many credit card processors available in the market and so much competition is going on, including claims of flexibility, better customer service, pricing, and android credit card processing capabilities. Don’t worry! We have sorted all this for you so that you can quickly conclude what is best for your business needs.

Why Should A Small Business Start Accepting Credit Cards For Business Payments?

Credit Card processing provides several benefits to small business merchants.

  • Credit card payments provide flexibility to the customers. They don’t have to carry an exact change of cash which are prone to be loss or theft.
  • Small business merchants don’t have to store the cash and then deposit it in their bank account.
  • Credit card payments get settled quickly in comparing to checks which take a hell lot of time to get reflected in the business merchant account. Thus it also helps in improving the overall cash flow for your small business.
  • As per experts analysis, the customer usually purchases a lot of products with a credit card payment, rather than in the case of a customer who uses cash to purchase goods and services.
  • Credit card payment attracts a lot of customers to shop in your business, so more customers results in more repeating customers and more increase in business revenue.
  • Credit card processing helps to make each record of transactions and helps you to reduce the problem of wrong duplicate data while accounting and tax preparation.

What Equipments Do You Need To Accept Credit Card Processing For Small Business?

To successfully process the low-cost credit card processing for small business owners, you need to have a terminal for POS (point of sale) and an integrated system of point of sale. A standalone terminal is sufficient for a small business store, an integrated point of sale system should be advisable for a business like a restaurant or large retail stores. These new equipment to process, pos credit card processing for small business are so advanced that it can also help in payroll and accounting systems.

Thanks to continuous advancement in the technology, now you can also take benefit of your mobile device like iPhone or Android device to process the credit card transactions with android phone credit card processing from Quadrapay which turns a smartphone into a terminal to process the debit card and credit card payment solution under mobile credit card processing for small business.

What Should A Small Business Have To Start Trading Online?

  • Website: The first essential thing is to have a website which will act as a storefront for your online business, this will allow you to show all the available products and services so that your customers can easily browse and select what they want to purchase.
  • Shopping Cart: A customer who browses on your storefront website can select the products and services and then add them in a virtual cart. When the customer selects all the required items, this virtual shopping cart will help them to calculate the number of items and their total charge without including tax and shipping charges(if applicable) during the checkout process.
  • Payment Gateway: To successfully complete, the payment process for the items added by the customer in the checkout process, the eCommerce credit card processing for small business helps to process the payments using online credit card processing for small business, debit cards, e-wallets and other payment methods to successfully complete the transaction in a safe and secure environment under the regulations and guidelines provided by PCI DSS (payment card industry and data security standards).

What About The Processing Fees Applicable To Credit Card Processing For Small Business?

There are various types of transaction fees and monthly fee applicable to credit card processing.

  • Interchange Fee: A interchange rate is applicable as a percentage of surplus applicable for the network of the card provider.
  • Markup Charges: This markup fee is the charges that a small business merchant has to pay to the payment processor that will be applicable per transaction. A high-risk business merchant may attract more charges for the transactions because of the high-risk payment category of credit card processing for small business. Quadrapay charges very low fees for the processing of your lot of daily payment transactions and high risk credit card processing which ensures you to have hassle-free business experience.
  • Chargeback Charges: These charges are applicable if a customer disputes a purchase and resulting in a refund. Quadrapay has a solution for this with a chargeback alerts facility so that you can monitor and maintain your business transactions.
  • Equipment Fees: In case if you didn’t purchase a piece of equipment, then you have to pay the leasing charges for that point of sale terminal equipment.
  • Payment Gateway Charges: These are the fees that a payment gateway charges for processing the transactions from the checkout page of your website in a safe and secure environment. You can save these charges with the help of Quadrapay eCommerce merchant account solution.

If you have still had any concern finding the best online credit card processing for small business, we are always happy to assist you at [email protected].

Merchant Processing For Small Business To Achieve Your Goal

Merchant Services – The Need Of Small Business

Small businesses are doing big these days. According to the report, the annual gross revenue grew by 19.2 per cent from Jan 2018 to Jan 2019 for small businesses. There are over 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S.A, and they are accountable for 99.7% of all businesses in the U.S.A. It is also observed that 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems or lack of money. With Merchant Processing For Small Business, you can not only improve your cash flow but also get a quick loan if you are a U.S. citizen.

What Merchant Services Do I Need For My Small Business?

A small business needs a merchant service to accept credit /debit card payments online or in his retail shop. A merchant payment processing solution helps the merchant to improve the cash flow and accept payments seamlessly. Every small business may require a different payment solution depending on the need and business type. Not every payment accepting method is suitable for every business, like some businesses require a virtual terminal who deals and accepts payments from their customer over the phone. And some may require a credit card terminal to accept payments in their retail shop. And some may even require N.F.C. enabled terminals to accept payments just by holding the card near the terminal. We help business with most of the payment processing solutions, and we even support high-risk merchants.

  • Credit card Terminal For Small Business: This is the most demanded payment processing solution. A card terminal helps the merchant to accept credit/debit card payments. We provide EMV certified terminals to accept chip-based cards, and our solution also comes with NFC enabled.
  • POS System: A POS system is also one of the basic needs of even every type of business because it not only helps you to accept credit/ debit card payments but it comes with a lot more functionality to streamline your business activities. It can manage your employees, invoicing capabilities, report analytics and lot more
  • Credit card Processing For Small Business: Credit card processing solution can help you to process the ‘card-present’ and ‘card-not-present’ transaction. A merchant can also accept credit card payments online through the website integrated with payment gateway solution. If your business is not flagged as high risk, then you can easily go through the onboarding process with a credit card processing solution and a virtual terminal on demand.

Who Are The Merchant Service Providers And Payment Service Provider?

  1. The merchant Service provider, also known as a payment processor is considered as a financial institution who provides you with a full-fledged merchant account on your name. There is no intermediary party involved. Businesses have full control over their merchant account. If you are also looking for merchant processing for small business, then you should be aware that a full-fledged merchant account on your name involves risk estimation on your business. Based on the risk, you will then go through the onboarding process, and it usually takes some time.
  2. The payment service provider(PSP) is also known as payment facilitators or payment aggregators and even by the name third-party processors. A PSP allows the merchant to accept credit/debit card payments from their customer without having to set up a merchant account. It means a business is taking payment in PSP’s merchant account and hence PSP acts as a payment facilitator. A PSP helps several merchants with several sub-merchant accounts under its own umbrella merchant account. A payment service provider undertakes all the risk liabilities of all the merchants under his merchant account. The onboarding process is simple and smooth and you may start accepting payments within 24 hrs. But as the businesses don’t have their own merchant account, the PSP has the power to terminate the account of any merchant under his umbrella merchant account if he finds risk in your business on evaluating your processing history. If you are a small merchant looking for an online payment processing solution, you should be aware of both the terminology and decide which one is best for you. We help businesses with both a full-fledged merchant service and an aggregation solution.

Why Payment Solution For Small Businesses?

  • Improves sales: Online payment solution improves your sale and is convenient for customers. They love to pay via credit/debit card. You can not only accept credit/debit card payments, but we also have the solution to accept eCheck and ACH.
  • Safe And Secure: Our solutions are PCI-Compliant and follow PCI-DSS standards. All the transactions are safe and secure.
  • Mobile Payments: You can also be able to accept mobile payments from wallets, and you can even process cards right from your mobile through the mobile card reader and an application which you will find easily on google play store or apple store.
  • Customer Support: Support is always there to help you and your customers.

Why Most Of The Small Business Fails? How Can Merchant Services Help?

  • Poor Cash Flow: It has been observed that 82% of the business fails because of poor cash flow. The cash flow depends upon the industry or the payment processing solution. Huge chargebacks can also be havoc on your business profitability and cash flow. Quadrapay helps not only with the robust payment solution but also chargebacks alerts and notification, which improves your cash flow and helps business to maintain a good credit report.
  • Insufficient Fund: Funding is also a major problem in business because small businesses find it difficult to raise quick funds to excel their business. We also have a funding solution for small businesses. If you are a merchant in the U.S.A. and have a 500+ credit score and must be in businesses over six or more months, then you can apply for Merchant cash Advance. A small business can get a loan up to $400,000. So what are you looking for? If you are qualifying the prerequisite, then apply today to excel your business.
  • Inappropriate Business Plan: Inappropriate business plan and poor marketing strategy lead to the failure of a business. We can’t help you with a business plan, but we help merchants with our Free SEO Service, which improves your brand reputation and sales. Our SEO services are done by experts and for only those businesses who take merchant services from our recommended processors.

“A Big Business Starts Small” and to be big and successful; you have to have served your customers with more convenience. Apply today for merchant processing for your small business with Quadrapay and enjoy the limitless services.

Get in touch with us at [email protected]
Happy Processing!!!


Small Business Finds It Overwhelming To Choose Best Payment Processor

It can get pretty overwhelming and hectic for small businesses to choose the best payment processor for their processing requirement. And even it may get worse when a small business owner has never even heard about payment processing solutions. Some small businesses even didn’t know about a merchant account and why it is necessary for processing credit/debit card payments? It might be challenging to find one of the Best Payment Processor For Small Business if a merchant knew nothing about the payment industry and merchant services.
Well, in this article, we will discuss the payment processor and how the onboard merchants. We will also discuss how merchant accounts help small businesses to increase sales.
Luckily, Quadrapay understands every business and industry. No matter whether you need payment processing for your B2B, B2C, enterprise or small business, we help merchants from diversified businesses. We even support high-risk industries to whom very less of the payment processor want to make a contract. Quadrapay is the solution for most of your payment processing needs. Stay tuned!

Small Business Should Know What Merchant Account Is And Who Are Payment Processor

If you are a startup or small business looking for a payment processing solution, you need to know who is a payment processor and what is a merchant account? To be simple, a merchant account is a service provided to merchants by the payment processors. It helps the businesses to accept credit/debit cards payment. The processors are also known as the merchant service provider. If a business owner needs to process credit/debit cards payments, he needs to have a credit card processing solution. To get the processing solution, the business owner must approach one of the best payment processors. They understand the business requirement and provide a robust, reliable and secure merchant service.

How Payment Processor Benefits Small Business

  • Accept Credit Card: The payment processor helps small businesses to accept payments via credit/debit cards or prepaid cards. With a credit card processing solution, businesses can accept credit card payments on their retail shop as well as an eCommerce online store platform. All the payments or funds received from customers settled down into a merchant account.
  • Accept eCheck/ACH: Isn’t It Better To To Accept eCheck/ACH Payments for your small business? Yes, why not. Giving a diversified payment solution to your customer is always better. Payment Processors can help the business to accept electronic checks and ACH payments.
  • Business Growth: Electronic transaction or digital payment services are getting more and more crowded. Researchers found that accepting payments online or electronically is now becoming vital for businesses. The global digital payment market anticipated reaching USD 8686.68 billion by 2025
  • Payment Flexibility And Convenience: By adopting diversified payment acceptance methods, your customers love to pay you. It is convenient for your customer to pay according to their convenience. It leads to a happy customer and happy customers can bring several other customers right to your shop. And as a saying “If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans”, and the customer will become your fans if you provide w=them with the convenience and flexibility.

Methodology To Choose Payment Processor

  • Transaction Fees: Always understand what you are paying to the processor for accepting credit/debit card payments. As there is a fee associated with every transaction or card swiped. Though fees are usually not fixed and vary with the processor to the processor. Transactional charges also depend upon your industry type and how much risk associated with your business. Quadrapay understands the Overwhelming pressure of costs for small businesses, so we help businesses to get merchant service with as low fees as possible.
  • Support various businesses and industries: It’s better to choose a payment processor who can help you with a various payment solution. As your small business expands, you may need to switch to a more robust solution. So, having a payment processor who can help you with your business requirement is always better.
  • Adhere to PCI-DSS standards: Security is very crucial to every business. And when it comes to electronic payment, there exist online fraud and hacks. But don’t need to worry, if your payment processor is providing you with a PCI compliant solution, and follows PCI-DSS standards, your business is secure.
    Customer support: For all of your disputes or issues, there will be customer support which helps to run your business 24×7.

Apply today for merchant service for your small business, and it helps to boom your business like a pro!

Get in touch with us at [email protected]

How Small Business Merchant Account Can Increase Your Profit!

Every business requires to have a payment processing solution for there business. In this digital era, every person now prefers to pay using credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets. Now, as a small business owner, you need to have a diversified payment solution so that you can attract more number of customers and expand your business. We at Quadrapay offers Small Business Merchant Account that is specially designed for startups and small businesses that helps you to process payments seamlessly.

What Payments Solutions Are Available For A Small Business Merchant Account?

For small businesses, there are a lot of options available to accept payments from your valuable business customers. As a business owner, you should select the right payment processing solution as per your type of business, number of cards being processed on a daily basis, nature of payments and the fluency of payment processing. With the help of a small business merchant account, a business merchant can accept payments through:

  • Point-Of-Sale System: Small businesses that have a retail shop and Brick mortar stores and want to accept credit card or debit card payments can go for a full-fledge point of sale systems. A POS system includes several pieces of equipment which help a small business to have a seamless payment processing experience. The best part of a full-fledged POS system is that apart from accepting credit card debit card payments, it also provides your several benefits that maximize your payment processing operations. With a Point of sale system for small business, a business merchant can achieve better efficiency in terms of cash flow. It is EMV compliant and can accept chip card payments and also contactless payments using NFC technology. It’s management tools also helps you in inventory management as well as employee management. POS is always the processing solution at the highest priority for Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Shopping Complex.
  • Credit Card Terminal: Credit card processing solution is the most preferred processing solution for every business. This does not require you to set up payment stations, while you can use a card processing machine to accept credit card payments from your business customers. This makes it handy and easy to use payment processing solution. It can also be used to accept chip-based cards as well as stripe cards. A merchant can accept payments by swapping the card if it is a magnetic stripe or by inserting the card into the POS card terminal in case of a chip-based. The latest card terminal comes with NFC technology that helps to take contactless payment.
  • Mobile Credit Card Processing: A mobile credit card processing solution is now one of the best solutions in terms of processing convenience. There are several businesses that need to have an on the go payment processing solution or looking for a cheaper solution to accept card payments at their small business. Such small business merchant account can use mobile processing solutions in which a small portable card reader is connected to the smartphone. The card needs to be swiped by the card reader, and all the information will be shared with the mobile device to process the payment further and generate an electronic receipt of payment.
  • Payment Gateway: Nowadays, online services are ruling the market. Now every business needs to have an online website/platform to offer products and services and accept payments online. With the help of payment gateway with a small business merchant account can help you to accept payments online from your customers easily. A payment gateway acts as a processing intermediate between your website and processor to retrieve the payment information from the customers and process it further with the payment processor.
  • Virtual Terminal: A virtual credit card terminal is another great choice for those who want to accept payments over the fax, mail or phone services. The beauty of a virtual terminal is that it can be used to accept card-not-present payments as well as in-person payments.

For more information on a small business merchant account, you can mail us at [email protected].

Inexpensive Merchant Services For Small And Startup Businesses

Now getting Inexpensive Merchant Services is easy. We at Quadrapay are working with our team of payment industry experts that will help you to get a low-cost credit card processing solution for your business. The approval procedure is also simple to understand as our merchant acquirers identify and analyze the level of risk and products or services being offered before onboarding any business merchant. There can be various factors associated with analyzing the risks involved. After analysis of the business merchant’s risk profile, the processor classifies the merchants under the category of risks, i.e. Low-risk merchant or a High-risk merchant. Those business merchants that are classified as low risk takes advantages of several services that are affordable features compared to those that are to be given to use with a high-risk business merchant account. Some of the features of inexpensive merchant services are like lower transaction processing fees, fast settlements times and smooth onboarding procedure.

Does A Business Merchant Need To Have Good Credit Score To Have Affordable Merchant Services?

In order to experience affordable merchant services, the primary requirement is that it should be a low-risk business. A high-risk business owner needs to pay higher processing fees for credit card transactions. This is because a bank is providing them merchant services at a higher risky side because of the type of business operation, geographical issues, business reputation and several other reasons.
If your business operation is not that much complicated or risky, you will be considered as safer, and a low-risk merchant account is provided to you. This account comes under inexpensive merchant services so that will provide you with several benefits of cheaper card processing solution to accept payment from customers. In order to furnish that you are a less risky business merchant, you need to mention about your business activities with the payment processor clearly. Along with that, it is also required to furnish your credit score and bank statements, past processing records showing all transactions and chargeback records. This will help the payment processor to evaluate and put your application under the right business category and provide you with the right suitable solution that will be beneficial for you.

Echeck And ACH Processing Solution For Low-Risk Merchants

Along with the card solution in inexpensive merchant services from Quadrapay, you can also take advantage of Echeck/ACH solutions. Those merchants that mostly accept payments globally, especially from US-based customers, can take several benefits with Echeck processing solution for your business website.

How To Get Inexpensive Merchant Services With Quadrapay?

The onboarding procedure for inexpensive merchant services is simple and straightforward. A business merchant needs to fill the merchant application form, which should mention all the required details of their business as asked in the form. This can include information about the business location, business owner, monthly processing volume and min/max ticket value and much more. After providing all the details, the form needs to be submitted along with mandatory KYC documents.
Without KYC documents, it will become a lengthy procedure to analyze and provide you with the right and feasible card processing solution for your business. Now especially for affordable merchant services, you need to furnish your financial records like recent bank statements, processing statements (if processing or had processed with a payment processor earlier). Some of the other mandatory KYC documents are Government approved identity (Passport or Driving License), Address proof of residence and business (Utility bills), Voided Check of the bank account in which you want to receive payments for your business.

For more information on Inexpensive Merchant Services, you can mail us at [email protected].

Fascinating Credit Card Merchant Account For Small Business That Can Help Your Business Grow

If you are a business owner who just started a small business either online or a wall and brick retail store, you need to have a payment processing solution. Nowadays, in today’s digital era, where every customer prefers to use and pay using digital payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets and ACH. It is very difficult for a business merchant to grow their business and have more profits with large sales by just relying on cash-based payment methods. It is always recommended to have a credit card merchant account for a small business owner. This allows a business to easily accept credit card payments and achieve more sales and business profits.
But things might become difficult while searching for the credit card processing solution for your small business. There are a lot of different payment processing solutions available in the market. Some solutions might not be meant for your actual business needs, and thus, it will attract higher processing charges. Don’t worry now. We at Quadrapay has made things easier for every business solution needs. We provide credit card merchant account for small business solutions. Get in touch with us now for a limited time period lowest processing rates.

Why Should A Business Get A Credit Card Merchant Account For Small Business?

There are several benefits associated with a credit card merchant account for small business. Credit card payments are now one of the most preferred payment methods. This also helps and makes it easier for you to integrate the credit card solution with online eCommerce business. Some of the advantages of credit card merchant account for small business are as follows:

  • Credit card payment helps a business to attract a lot of customers to shop in your store, so more customers results in more repeating customers and more increase in business revenue.
  • Credit card payments get settled efficiently while comparing to paper checks which take a hell lot of time to get settled and reflected in the business merchant account. Thus it also helps in improving the overall cash flow for your small business.
  • Small business merchants don’t have to collect and store the cash and then deposit it in their bank account.
  • Credit card payments provide more flexibility to your valuable customers. They don’t have to carry an exact change of money which is prone to be lost or stolen.
  • Credit card merchant account for small business help to make track and record every transaction. This helps you to reduce the problem of wrong duplicate data while accounting and tax preparation.
  • As per experts analysis, the customer usually purchases a lot of products with a credit card payment, rather than in the case of a customer who uses cash to buy goods and services.

What Are The Requirements To Get Started And Selling Products Or Services Online?

In order to start selling products and services online through e-commerce business solution, a business needs to take care of the following things first:

  • A Secured Website: This is the first initial step. In order to sell products and services online, a business needs to have a working and secured website. This is the first platform to sell goods just like your business retail shop.
  • Payment Gateway: After setting up all the products information on your website, it is time to collect payments for it. In order to accept payments, you need to have a payment gateway. This gateway redirects your customers to a highly secured environment where you and your customers can provide payment details. This can be a debit card, credit cards or other relevant payment methods.

If you still need more information for Credit Card Merchant Account For Small Business, you can mail us at [email protected].

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Credit Card Processing System Is Vital For Small Business

Every business needs an effective payment solution to run their businesses efficiently. Today’s time is an online transaction. Every customer wants to pay digitally. As customers love to pay via credit card, merchants are trying to fulfil customer’s needs better. Additionally, customers’ expectations are not limited to credit cards, but they want a diversified payment solution like mobile credit card processing, mobile wallet etc. So the need for a credit card processing system for small business is growing widely among merchants. Industry research says that credit card processing is one of the most adopted payment processing solutions among merchants. The usage of credit cards is forecasted to continue increasing over the coming years. Thus to survive better, businesses are looking forward to credit card processing and other digital payment services.

Best Pick For Credit Card Processing

There are several ways a merchant can accept credit card payments. While opting for a credit card service, always remember that a single solution can’t fulfil all your needs. Every business has its own needs and requirements. Some merchants may look for in-person payments acceptance, and some require card-not-present payment. It solely depends on the merchant’s needs and business model. Let’s look at some of the ways how a merchant can accept credit card payments.

  • Point-Of-Sale: The businesses who have Brick and mortar stores or retail shop and want to accept credit/debit card payments, POS can be one of the best choices. A POS is a hardware device which is used to accept in-person card payments. The beauty of the POS system is that it is not only used to accept card payments but helps in a number of business operations. With a POS system, a merchant can increase the efficiency of cash flow. It is EMV compliant and can accept chip card payments and also contactless payments using NFC technology. A point of sale hardware also helps you in inventory management as well as employee management. POS is always the first priority of Restaurants, Hotels, motels or Shopping Complex.
  • Credit Card Terminal: Credit card terminal is the portable hardware solution which is easy to use and handle. It can be a good option for small merchants looking forward to accepting card payments. It helps in a secure transaction and seamless checkout. It can also be used to accept magstripe cards as well as the chip-based card. A merchant can accept payments by swapping the card if it is a magnetic stripe or by inserting the card into the terminal if it is chip-based. The latest card terminal comes with NFC technology that helps to take contactless payment.
  • Mobile Credit Card Processing: With advances in technology, it becomes so easy and convenient to process credit card payments over the mobile. Mobile credit card processing is possible with the help of a mobile card reader. It can plug-in with your mobile device and helps to accept card payments on the go.
  • Payment Gateway: A payment gateway is an eCommerce service which helps you to accept payments through your website. Businesses who offer their product and service across the globe through his eCommerce website, POS or Credit card terminal doesn’t work for them. A payment gateway is a merchant service which integrates with your website and helps you to accept credit card payments online.
  • Virtual Terminal: A virtual terminal is another good option for those who require to accept payments over the phone, mail or fax. The beauty of a virtual terminal is that it can be used to accept in-person payments as well as card-not-present payments.

Quick Points To Look While Choosing Credit Card Processing Solution

  • Easy And Smooth Setup
  • Low processing Rates
  • Major Industry Supported
  • Transparent rates
  • Invoicing Capabilities
  • Reporting And Analytics
  • PCI Compliant
  • 24×7 Customer support.

We at Quadrapay can be your one-stop solution for all your credit card processing system for small business. Apply today to enjoy the processing and thrive your business.

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What Is a Portable Credit Card Machine For Small Business?

A portable credit card machine is a device which is used to accept credit and debit cards payment. This device is small in size so that you can easily move it from one place to another place. The merchant and the customer smoothly operate it. No fast internet is required for this portable device. It smoothly runs on Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPRS.

Portable Credit Card Machines are a significant opportunity for small businesses to enhance their daily sales volume. It is easy to carry in your pocket and can travel from one place to another.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Portable Credit Card Machine?

Credit card machines are increasing day by day, making it possible for both customers and merchants to ease transactions. The main benefit and every merchant wants is to have a portable credit card machine to increase your daily sales volume. Along with that, it also improves your business sale with customer satisfaction. If your business is door to door, then this solution will prove more effective for your business. Suppose you take a payment from the customer and your payment is stuck due to any reason, then you can use the customer care service immediately.

Which Credit Card Machine Is Best For A Small Business?

At present, there are various types of credit card machines available. Some devices name including VX675 3G GPRS with Smart Card & Contactless, VX680 3G with Smart Card & Contactless, Move 3500 BT/WiFi/4G, Link 2500 Standard, Link 2500 Slim, D200 MPOS, D210 wifi/Bluetooth, D220 wifi/Bluetooth/4G and many more.

Mainly merchants need the best credit card machine fast and secure to complete the transaction as soon as possible. Merchants need an easy interface to understand the entire working process. If the businessman has a problem, it is natural that the customer will also have to. Therefore it is imperative to choose the best credit card machine that suits your business perfectly.

Types Of Portable Solution For Small Businesses

  • Mobile Payments. Mobile payment usually belongs to payment services worked under financial regulation and done through a mobile device. In this solution, customers are able to pay via credit card using mobile credit card readers. But in this solution you have to use two devices, one is mobile and other is credit card terminals.
  • POS System. It is abbreviated as a point of sale system. By using this solution, merchants can easily accept payment via magnetic stripe credit card(also called magstripe cards) as well as a wireless credit card. Once the transaction gets processed successfully, then the pos machine automatically generates the billing info through the receipt printer.
  • Virtual Terminal Solution. It is a web-based application solution that enables you to enter credit card details manually over the internet. This solution allows you to make a payment over the phone or in-person from your device like computer, tab, etc. This solution works without an additional card reader.

How To Get The Best Credit Card Machine For Small Business?

We are at Quadrapay Team, always suggest you don’t go for the cheaper. You must choose the right payment solution, which gives both profit and speed to your business at affordable rates. If you go for cheaper, you may face a lot of problems, such as network issues, slow processing, security breach issues, processing fees, transaction fees, etc. But don’t worry, we will help you to choose the right solution. We have various solutions for small businesses. We are tied up with various processors which allow you to accept credit card payments.

Many credit card processors are currently accepting payments. But to accept credit card payments, it is important to choose the right payment processor for your business.

Merchant Account For Small Businesses

To accept payments from portable solutions such as POS, Mobile payment and virtual terminal, you also need a merchant account which is required to settle the fund that you have received from the customer.

Documents Required To Apply For Portable Merchant Services

  • Business Documents
    • Document of incorporation
    • Document of Incumbency
  • Means of Identification
    • Passport
    • Utility bill
  • Application Form
  • Void check
  • Processing Statements
    • Personal Processing statement
    • Business Processing statement

Still, Portable Credit Card Machine For Small Business related queries contact us at [email protected]. One of our experts will reach you shortly.

Happy Processing!!!

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