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QuadraPay Brings To You Domestic Credit Repair Merchant Accounts.

Credit repair companies play a significant role in helping individuals and organizations establish a better financial standing. Consultants and companies in this industry work hand in hand with clients to find ways to improve credit scores. A bad FICO score can significantly impact the approval of a merchant account. As per Experian, a FICO score of over 580 is considered Fair. Merchants with less than 580 FICO are at high risk.

QuadraPay offers dependable Credit Repair Merchant Accounts from direct acquiring institutions. We provide low-cost ACH and card payment processing for credit repair companies in the USA. Now you can accept all major credit and debit cards on your credit repair website.

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Get Reliable Credit Repair Merchant Services From Credit Repair Friendly Banks

Getting a Credit Repair Merchant Account is difficult these days. Most of the acquirers will not even look at the application. The credit repair industry experiences higher chargebacks than most of the other industries. Still, QuadraPay can provide credit repair merchant services from offshore and domestic processors.

There are various reasons why banks do not prefer to work with Credit repair merchants. One of these factors is False Claims. As a marketing gimmick, many credit repair agencies have claimed massive improvements and have failed to deliver. The fact is that a credit repair consultation can only offer advice to clients. Eventually, it depends on the client’s financial discipline and capacity to implement these suggestions. Clients already struggling with financials don’t have a lot of patience. Thus no improvements or delayed improvements result in chargebacks.

You will need a credit repair friendly banks that offers merchant services to your industry. QuadraPay can help you with your requirements as we have massive connections with local and offshore payment processing companies. We offer two types of solutions to credit repair consultants. The solution depends on the KYC and the previous history of the merchant. Let’s look at these options and these requirements in detail.

Domestic Credit Repair Merchant Account.

Our domestic solutions are from local banks in the USA. These solutions are the most recommended. Merchants currently accepting credit card or ACH payments get better chances of approval. If the profile is incredible, a local American solution can also offer a virtual terminal. A domestic merchant account offers faster settlements and low rates. These are some important features of a domestic solution.

  • The transaction or merchant fee rate is less than 2%
  • Settlement is generally twice a week.
  • Merchants can accept all major credit and debit cards with ach.
  • 99.99% transaction success ratio.
  • Monthly volume up-to $25,000.

Offshore Merchant Account And Gateway For Credit Repair

With offshore credit repair merchant accounts you will be paying high fees. Settlements are a bit slow if compared to domestic solutions. Most offshore providers we work with offer weekly payments. With the Offshore solution, you can accept all major cards and will get API. Let’s look at some factors associated with offshore solutions.

  • The transaction or merchant fee rate over 4%
  • Settlement is generally once a week.
  • Merchants can accept all major credit and debit cards with APMs.
  • Up to 80% transaction success ratio.
  • Monthly volume has no limits.

Credit Card Processing For Credit Repair Companies At Low Transaction Charges.

There were many companies in this industry, but not anymore. It is because there are very few payment solutions for credit repair merchants. Payment service providers prefer to work with sectors that have low risk. Credit repair merchant accounts are not the most loved accounts by processors. It takes time to improve the credit score, but chargebacks don’t take time.

To Get Access To American Credit Repair Processing Companies, Contact QuadraPay Today.

FAQ For Credit Repair Businesses And Payment Processing Requirements.

  • Is there A VT With Merchant Account For Credit Repair?
    • Please note ACH VT is open to all credit repair merchants. Credit Repair merchants receive orders via the website or Virtual Terminal. Moto is only available to select merchants.
  • What KYC documents are required to get a credit repair MID.
    • Incorporation Documents with Letter of Good Standing or Voided check from the Bank. The documents must be in PDF format.
    • Latest six months banking and processing statement(if available).
    • Valid ID and Address proof of all the directors.
    • Pitch a Perfect Business Plan as well.
  • What Are The Website Compliance For Credit Counseling Payment Gateway
    • Check your website and update all services, terms, and policies.
    • Check if the contact email and the phone number listed on the site are working.
    • Go back to any previous payment provider and clear the pending disputes. See if there are any pending chargebacks and refund settlements. You don’t want your info to be in the Match or TMF List.
    • Check if there are any complaints about your company on the internet. The underwriting team checks all the factors, including online reputation.
  • What is a credit repair merchant account?
    • A merchant account for credit repair allows credit repair consultants to accept payments from clients by using various payment modes like credit and debit cards.
  • Is credit repair a high-risk business?
    • Yes, Credit repair is a high-risk business as it attracts high chargebacks and returns.
  • Does stripe support credit repair companies?
    • No Stripe does not support Credit Repair merchants. Credit repair is listed as a prohibited business.
  • How does your payment gateway solution integrates with popular credit repair software?
    • There are various credit repair software’s used by merchant in this industry. Our solutions integrate well with popular credit repair software’s. What is the benefit of getting a credit card processing account if integration is not possible. Fortunately our solutions connect well with many industry software’s. Some of the most promising software are Credit Repair Cloud, Dispute Composer DisCo, Trackstar, DebtPayPro, Dispute Suite, Score CEO, Credit Money Machine, Dispute Bee, Credit Admiral Software, Turbo Dispute and Dispute Fox.
  • Can we get a free credit card terminal with a merchant account?
    • Yes, one of our solutions comes with a free credit card terminal. However, you must keep in mind that we have multiple solutions. Many do not offer free terminals but may offer better rates.
  • Do I need good credit for a merchant account?

Final Six Tips Getting Merchant Account For Credit Repair Business.

Many industries, including credit repair, face risks of excessive chargebacks from customers. Merchants can reduce the chargeback ratio by implementing a few checks. These can extend the life of your credit repair payment gateway.

  • Use the services of a reliable Chargeback Alert company.
  • Ensure you get the DocuSign agreement signed by the customers.
  • Keep a proactive support team in place.
  • Offer various customer care channels. Channel like include email, Phone, Chat, and web.
  • Above all, deliver the service on time and do it before the time.
  • Take the service delivery confirmation from the customer. has observed the risk factors faced by the credit repair industry. We have resolved to come up with the most credible solutions. You can reach us on or mail us at [email protected].