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CRM stands for Customer Relation Management. It is a software that manages business relations with the customer. There are mainly three types of CRM software present at a time, namely Operational, Analytics and Collaborative. This software helps organisations to improve their profitable sales volume. CRM payment processing is a merchant service. CRM with payment processing is an easy task to integrate with your website. We have a payment solution for both the owner that is the CRM provider and CRM end-user.

  • CRM Provider Solution. If you are a CRM provider and need to accept payment from the end-user, then we have a solution for you. You can accept one-time payment or as a monthly basis. On a monthly basis, you can use a subscription payment processing solution. This solution is also called recurring payment processing. A lot of customers want them to make monthly payments.
  • End-User Solution. There are various types of CRM available across the globe. You are using any of them, and you want to accept payment from your customer then we have a solution for you. We are at Quadrapay will assist you in getting the best CRM payment processing solution.

Fully Utilise CRM Payment Processing To Enhance Your Business.

  • Credit Card Payment Gateway Worldwide. If you want to take payment from your customer and you are a CRM provider or end-user, then we can help you in getting the solution. This solution will easily connect to your website, with the help of this solution, you can take payment from your customer anytime, anywhere. The payment that the customer makes will go directly to your bank account.
  • Echeck ACH Payment Gateway. Echeck(Electronic Check) and ACH(Automated Clearing House) are both two solutions. But there is a small discrepancy in the processing of both. In eCheck processing, the paper check is captured and uploaded to the system, and then the ACH network processes it. When processing is done, the money gets transferred to your account, and if it fails for some reason, the transaction is cancelled at that time. ACH is an alternative solution in which the person who wants the money sends the request to the user if the user does not accept the request; it is cancelled at the same time. Echeck has more decline ratio compared to the ACH.

How Do You Choose The Best CRM Payment Processing?

No need to worry about how to choose the right payment processing solution. We Quadrapay Team are dedicated to helping merchants to get the best solution for their business. We do not charge our customers. We are a reseller of various payment processing processors. Our job is to connect you to the payment processor so that you get the best solution for your business. We have a solution for every size of company whether your business is small or large.

We Have Many Features That You Will Get With Us

  • Fast Approval
  • Easy, Fast and secure payment platform
  • 24/7 Help Support
  • Within a day settlement
  • No hidden charge

Still, CRM payment processing related queries in your mind you can mail us [email protected].

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