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Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Ecommerce secure payment processing with ready to use CMS plugins. Low cost global CNP payments.

Retail Credit Card Processing

Feature rich and cost effective Retail Credit Card Processing POS solutions.

SEPA ACH Echeck Processing

Maximise sales by offering various payment modes including ACH & APMs.

In App Payment Acceptance

Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.
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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Ecommerce Merchant Account. Start Accepting Payments At Low Rates.

In the year 2021, Quadrapay is announcing the availability of even more eCommerce merchant account solutions from multiple partners acquiring institutions. Quadrapay partners offer eCommerce merchant accounts to advance your credit card processing capability to the next level. Ecommerce accounts give you the ability to accept and manage the transactions through credit, debit cards and AMPs. Digital payment processing systems are now a backbone for every business across the globe. With a sudden boom in the rise of eCommerce accounts, it is now required for every business owner to have a credit card processing solution to send and retrieve payments digitally.

Key Benefits Of Our Ecommerce Merchant Account 2.0

  • Faster Approvals: Quick approvals to merchant accounts so that you can quickly get more sales through the market. If the merchant provides all the KYC documents together, then approvals may come even within 2-3 business days. Speed is the main factor in serving customers better. Our PSP partners and we understand this very well.
  • High Up-time: Many providers don’t even want to talk about this. The up-time of the gateway infrastructure and server plays a critical role in the transaction success ratio. A low up-time gateway increases transaction risk and elevates losses for card scheme and merchant. We can proudly say that our EU and USA based partner providers have an excellent reputation and can provide super stable eCommerce processing solutions.
  • Low Rates: Cost always comes first, no matter what we are looking to buy or signup. Choose a payment gateway that is affordable and fulfils all your business needs. Our solutions offer lower rates compared to many other service providers in the market. Qualifying merchants can get rates terms like Interchange plus, Tiered or Fixed.
  • PCI-DSS Compliant Gateway: Superior technology with high-grade protection transcends the most potent standards for compliant eCommerce payments that protect your business and customers. Our Ecommerce gateway solutions are proactive and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. The compliance protected payment gateway ensures additional protection from online information thefts and frauds.
  • A Vast Global Ecommerce Acquiring Network: You can take a single eCommerce merchant account or take multiple eCommerce transaction accounts to lessen processing risk. With a comprehensive relationship with partner card acquiring institutions, we can say that we always have various merchant solutions. If one eCommerce provider says no, you don’t have to worry; the second may say yes. There are hundreds of eCommerce PSPs. We just need to find the best one for you.
  • Protection From High Chargebacks: This is a crucial factor. Our processing partners take multiple risk mitigation steps that reduce fraud and chargebacks risk. At the time of application, they ensure that merchants comply with all the standard guidelines. Additional checks help our PSP partners to secure on-boarded merchants. Quadrapay can also assist merchants with 2 of the worlds most popular eCommerce CDRN solutions. With CDRN solutions, merchants can get alerts when cardholder raises dispute. The merchant gets a window of opportunity to either refund or gets ready to fight the chargeback case.
  • Safeguard From Frauds: A risk-free trading experience by quickly accepting only good orders while rejecting the wrong request orders. Several fake charges or frauds can ruin your processing records with the possibility of a large number of chargebacks. Various filters on eCommerce gateway help merchants in automatically rejecting many fraud transactions. Quadrapay with NS8 can help merchants reduce various online fraud activities and secure the account for a more extended time.
  • Superior Customer Service Support: You get access to double customer care and support. Although the acquiring institution will offer you top class support, the Quadrapay team will also be there whenever you need. In this era of digital processing services, where millions of digital transactions are being processed every day. There can be a chance that you might be stuck in a glitch. That’s why getting an excellent customer support service is also necessary.
  • High Encryption Standard: Encryption standards help your business to build trust with your customer. It is essential how your gateway is handling customer’s sensitive information. It lowers the data- leakage risk and other online fraudulent activities.
  • Compatibility And Integration: We will ensure that the payment gateway we recommend is compatible with your technology stack/Platform/CMS. A good understanding of your eCommerce platform helps you to select the right eCommerce payment gateway. Not every payment solution is well compatible with various platforms. Sometimes merchants face issues with some of the features not working with their site. But don’t worry and research a little on multiple E-commerce Platforms you might be working on. Quadrapay has  solutions for almost every platform including Woo-commerce, WordPress, Magento and Open-cart, to name a few.
  • Invoicing And Recurring Payment Collection Features: Our eCommerce merchant accounts come with inbuilt Invoice capabilities. It helps businesses to focus more on productivity rather than accounting. Ecomm merchants that require recurring payments need not pay for any subscription to get regular billing software. Our PSP partners have that feature inbuilt on the gateway.
  • Tokenisation: An excellent payment gateway provides you with some valuable features like tokenisation. Tokenisation feature is beneficial for regular customers. This feature allows them to save their credit card details in an encrypted database. This ensures high security. Offer a quick checkout process without entering credit card details every time.

Integrated And Non-Integrated Approach For Online Ecommerce Business

  • Integrated Approach: Under this, your online payment service provider will give all the benefits. All components, including under a single account solution. This is the best approach for a merchant who is new to the eCommerce merchant services. By this, you can rest assured that all your cc processing mechanisms are working correctly.
  • Non-Integrated Approach: Under this, you have to be confident about selecting the processing components manually. i.e. taking a shopping cart from another provider rather than sticking to the one which your payment service provider offers. This may also involve getting self compliant to PCI standards. Most of the time, large organisations with specific requirements go for this kind of setup.

Rates Associated With E-Commerce Credit And Debit Card Processing

The rate of transaction varies because of various reasons. Startup merchants and businesses from high-risk industries are subject to higher transaction fees. Experienced merchants with a high volume transaction can expect low rates.

  • Tentative Rates For USA merchants. In the USA the rates for online card processing can range between 2.95% to 3.5%. Verified echeck rates can start as low as 1.95%.
  • Tentative Rates For EU/EEA Merchants. For EU Transaction rates can be less than 2.5%. for Non-EU Transactions, it can be up to 3.5%
  • Tentative Rates For the Middle East And GCC Merchants. For E-commerce merchants in Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Jordan and Lebanon tha rate can be as low as 2.25%
  • Tentative Rates For India Based Ecommerce Merchants. International Ecommerce merchants can get processing solutions in india at around 3%.

Ecommerce Merchant Accounts And The Chargeback Stress.

Banks generally classify some accounts as a high risk eCommerce merchant accounts, which have a statistical analysis of getting more significant chargebacks. A high chargeback can occur because of many factors, that can be a product not performing as promised, product not received by the customer, and not responding to the customer’s issue. There is also an issue of friendly fraud where some customers often dispute a transaction for getting a product purchased by some other family member using the same card. Even if an eCommerce business has a low chargeback history, banks will still classify it as high risk because all transactions are happening in CNP mode. CNP stands for card not present. Our Processing partners reduce the risk by adding various filters like 3DS and Full AVS. Merchants can signup for this service without payment any huge setup charges. The CDRN solution will allow merchants to add multiple MIDS. This way, merchants will have a detailed overview of disputes on all accounts—one login for all MID dispute monitoring.

Which Merchant Account Is Best For Your Ecommerce Site. How To Find The Best One.

Quadrapay has made a faster and simple process to apply for an eCommerce merchant account. You have to fill the online pre-application form. With this basic information, we will immediately start working on checking which provider offers the best solution. Suppose we get a response that you accept. In that case, we will further ask you to send the copies of KYC documents that include government-approved Identity Card, Bank account Statements, your online processing history, and business structure documents. The Ecommerce Credit Card Processing Company will check your application, KYC and Website and may say yes to you. If it’s a yes, then you will get an agreement. Once you sign and return the agreement, then you will get access to gateway logins and integration information. A dedicated integration support member will be assigned for your account, and you can start accepting live transactions soon.

You are looking for one of the best payment solutions for your online eCommerce business. Fortunately, there are a lot of solutions available to choose from. But is it the right approach? No, to select one of the Best Payment Solution For Ecommerce Websites, you have to dig deeper. Understand your platform because not all the solutions are suitable for every type of eCommerce Platform you are using. Are you still worried? Leave everything on Quadrapay. We at Quadrapay will make this job easy for you. We have served many industries with various eCommerce platforms and know which payment gateway best suits your requirements.

It is crucial to choose the right payment gateway solution for your E-commerce website. It helps you to bind your customer with your website. In an abandonment survey’s report, it is found that the reason behind abandoning a shopping cart is the quality of your gateway. A high-quality payment gateway helps you to reduce the load time of your site.

  • 5% of visitors abandoned your shopping cart for a better in-store experience.
  • 6% of visitors left due to a lack of payment options.
  • 4% of visitors left due to technical issues or checkout page crashes.

The e-commerce industry has developed and expanded its limits very drastically. This advancement in the e-commerce industry has helped both consumers and businesses. Merchants are now able to sell their products and services across the globe. This can be achieved with the help of an international merchant account. Or global merchant account service provided by one of the best eCommerce merchant account reseller like Quadrapay!.
On the other hand, customers can buy and get any products at their doorstep if you plan to start an eCommerce business. Or If you are looking for the best eCommerce merchant account. Or a provider to upgrade your existing business model. It is very vital to accept digital payment services. Like; Debit cards, e-wallets, eCheck services and cc processing payments. It would help if you considered some of the necessary terms for an eCommerce business.

Improve The Chances Of Getting An ECommerce Merchant Account For Your Business.

E-commerce has got a massive market. The market is enormous. You can sell your products and services across your country and also in other countries. The market is vast, but competition is too intense. To stay ahead in the game and to sell your products to a maximum number of customers, you should implement essential elements in your business.

  • Fix Your Brand Reputation. We suggest you check Reserve all the handles on various social media websites with your brand name. It is a great tool. It does not cost any money. You can visit, and by putting your brand name, it will automatically tell you on what website your brand name is available. It will let you know whether it is available on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc. It will scan the entire internet & give your brand name availability on various social media websites. Remember, social media is considered an essential tool to generate visibility and sales traffic in the eCommerce industry.
  • Update your product with the detailed descriptions. Put the right set of images. As a merchant services consultancy, we get many eCommerce merchant account applications. Sometimes when we check a few websites, we realise that the product description is not precise. To create a significant impact on underwriters’ minds, you should ensure that the product description is idealised on your website. Along with that, you should put high-resolution images on your site. It creates a perfect picture in the mind of the buyers.
  • Your Website Should Be A Subject Matter Expert. We say this because when underwriters look at your website, they are looking at product details and looking at how visionary you are. Go ahead and talk about various aspects of products on your blog. Write about ecommerce industry trends, news and latest innovation. It will help the underwriters understand that you are a serious business owner & you are sincerely looking forward to creating your brand a globally or internationally recognised brand.
  • Generate A Great Relationship With Your Customers Base. Customers can be the best advertisers for your business. Implement better customer services practices in your company. Make sure your customer service team interacts with your customers, resolves the issues on the first call. Try to implement some survey to understand what challenges your customers faced with your products & services.
  • Generate Domain Authority By Creating Viral Content. We are a merchant account consultant. We help merchants across the globe to find reliable payment processing solution. We also understand search engine optimisation & social media marketing. We suggest you create relevant content & try to make the content go viral on the internet, rather than mentioning titles of the page like a “The best coffee mugs” mention “most astonishing coffee mugs”, or something like that. That goes viral. When people look at the title, they should read the entire article. If you create viral content and go viral on Google or different search engines, it will help you get massive domain authority for your website.
  • Update Products & Services With Detailed And High-Resolution Images. When I say high-resolution images, it doesn’t mean large photos. Make sure that the pictures are clear and compressed. Images should not eat much bandwidth because if your website takes much time to load, Google may not rank your site. It may load slowly at the payment processors computer, and they may not consider you a qualified prospect.
  • Focus On Responsiveness. We all use mobile phones these days & most of the traffic is from mobile devices. So if your site is not responsive, then you probably are losing much traffic. So make sure your website is responsive.
  • Advertise If Possible. Although the advertisement would cost you money, if you do it with a little bit of research by focusing on correct keywords, it may help you generate the right traffic. If you advertise, then you may have to look at multiple factors. We suggest you allow a consultant to set up your advertising campaign on google or bing & any other search engine.

Online Shopping Carts That Work Excellent With Our Ecommerce Merchant Account Providers

Online shopping carts are a valuable feature. This allows your customers to see the selected products. This allows your customer to go through more information about their chosen products, like other sizes, quantities and different colours available. This provides your valuable customers to have a seamless shopping experience. That’s why you need to choose the best eCommerce merchant account, provider. This allows you to integrate the shopping cart seamlessly with the payment gateway.

  • Woocommerce With WordPress. Most of our merchants from the eCommerce industry use Woocommerce with WordPress. Our providers have ready-made plugins for Woocomerce.
  • Magento. A very advanced eCommerce CMS widely used on the LAMP stack. Our Providers offer ready to integrate module for Magento.
  • Prestashop. A very easy to use content management system utilises PHP and Mysql. We have solutions for this CMS also.
  • Apart from those mentioned above, we also have integrative solutions for Opencart, PHP, Laravel and

Boost Up Your E-commerce Business Revenue With Ecommerce Gateway Solutions!

At Quadrapay, we know how effective and beneficial for an online e-commerce business to implement e-commerce gateway solutions to gain a successful revenue from online business sales. The times when a customer visits your e-commerce website and comes to the checkout page after selecting a product they require. They are required to have a secured environment and fraud-free experience from the payment gateway solution so that they can input their sensitive debit card, credit card payments information. We provide a seamless gateway solution for your e-commerce website, which is easy to integrate with your existing shopping cart applications. So that your valuable customers can have smooth and fraud-free experience while shopping online from your business.

How Beneficial Is An Ecommerce Gateway Solution For Small Scale Businesses?

An eCommerce gateway solutions is an application which ensures each of the transactions being done online is passed through a secured environment which encrypts all the sensitive information provided by the customer like debit card or credit card processing details.
At this second of time, this includes the conversion rates and other processing charges. The e-commerce gateway solutions act as a middleman between your e-commerce payment service provider merchant website and the acquiring bank.

What Is The Working Procedure Behind The Ecommerce Gateway Solutions?

  • Customer visits your website and selects the product they wish to buy.
  • At the checkout page, the customer provides the credit card payment information in an encrypted environment of e-commerce gateway solutions page.
  • The e-commerce gateway solution forwards the information to a payment processor of your acquiring bank.
  • This information is forwarded over the card provider network.
  • The bank verifies the debit card or credit card details provided by the customer and sends the feedback to the payment processor either approve or decline the transaction.
  • The payment processor forwards the feedback of the transaction to the e-commerce gateway solutions.
  • Then the e-commerce payment system provides the result back to the online e-commerce business website.

How To Apply For Ecommerce Gateway Solutions

The process to apply for an eCommerce gateway solutions is easy and straightforward with Quadrapay. You only need to fill the merchant application form and submit it. Along with the merchant application form, it is also required to submit KYC documents to complete the verification procedures.

So stop thinking and get an e-commerce merchant account or e-commerce gateway solutions for your e-commerce business to achieve higher revenue from your business sales.
If you still have any concerns on ecommerce gateway solutions, we are happy to assist you at [email protected]

E-Commerce Payment Gateway

Choosing a Payment gateway for your e-commerce platform can sometimes be difficult.  Look at these few factors before making a decision.

  • Setup Fees.  Make sure you are not getting ripped off. Give value to your dollars and cents. There is no point in spending money on huge setup cost if you can get a payment gateway at zero setup fee. We have seen many merchants getting solutions after the setup fee is waived by the provider after negotiation.
  • Transaction Rates. Every payment processing account or payment gateway comes with Transaction Rates. This is a percentage of sales value merchants pay to the provider on per transaction value. Negotiate with the PSP and get the best rate. use your skills and don’t let the other party add a heavy markup. High risk credit card processing companies may charge higher transaction fees. These processing companies are perfect for eCommerce merchants that sell high value items.
  • Monthly Fee. See if the provider can make the monthly charges lower. Some may offer zero monthly fees.
  • Ease of Integration. How easy is the integration process? Check what languages are supported. In case if your website does not allow you to add psp, or HTML codes then it may be challenging to integrate.

Payout Period. How fast does the processor pay? Merchants need cash flow. You don’t want the provider to delay your payments. Most of the processors make settlements within 3 -4 days. Some High Risk Merchant Account providers may keep 1 or 2 weeks hold.

Take Your Retail Business To Online Ecommerce Store With Payment Gateway

Shopping online is becoming crazy. There is almost nothing left which you can’t buy online. The online stores or eCommerce sites are gaining popularity very rapidly. Technologies are evolving day-by-day to give the user a friendly interface and experience. According to Statista, online sales in the USA of physical goods amounted to 365.2 billion US dollars and are predicted to reach close to 600 billion US dollars in 2024. What would be better than this to open an eCommerce store and start selling your goods and services online? To start with, you need a solid framework or website and a Payment Gateway For Online Store to process payments. The payment gateway is the backbone of the eCommerce site; without it, the site is useless.
There may be a lot of query running on your mind about what exactly a payment gateway is? How do I get One? Is it able to process all currencies? Well, don’t worry! We not only clear all your doubts but help you to get one of the best payment gateways for your online store. We have authorized partners or payment processors from the USA, Canada, Europe and other nations to help you better.

What Is A Payment Gateway And How Do I Get One?

As of now, after reading, you may have a little bit of understanding of a payment gateway. Let’s understand this with a scenario. A customer goes to an eCommerce website, selects the product to purchase, and hits buy now. After hitting, the customer redirects to the checkout page where the customers fill all his card details and necessary information to complete the transaction. But what if there is no payment gateway integrated with your site? The customer will never be able to proceed with the transaction. A payment gateway is a software or service and a customer interface which helps to authorize credit/ debit card transactions.
Now the question comes that how does a merchant get a payment gateway for his online store? Well, there is no challenge to get a payment gateway. The whole process is online, and you may even go live and start accepting payment in less than 24 hrs. To get a payment gateway, all you have to do is to approach the right payment processor or merchant service provider who can meet all your business expectations. Is it looking challenging? Well, we at Quadrapay will help you to get the right processor. We have partnered with several processors across the globe and will connect you with the right processor based on your business requirement and industry-type.

Have You Ever Thought That How Payment Gateway For Your Online Store Works?

Though being a merchant, it’s not so crucial to understanding the in-depth knowledge of how a payment gateway works? But you should have a primary knowledge of how the transactional data flows and is it encrypted or not? Whether your confidential customer data is secure or not? Let’s dig a little deep and understand the basic working of payment gateway.

  1. The process starts with the customer, and as soon as he goes to the checkout page and fills all the card information and necessary details and hits enter, the payment gateway’s work starts.
  2. As soon as a customer hits enter, your web browser encrypts the information using SSL technology and the payment gateway takes the encrypted transactional information and sends it to the payment processor.
  3. The processor then sends the information to the card network or card issuing bank and takes the response back from the issuing bank whether the cardholder has sufficient balance or not.
  4. The processor then forwards the transaction information to the payment gateway with the status as approved or not.
  5. The payment gateway then displays an adequate response to the cardholder or customer and customer then returns back to the shopping page and hence the process completes.

FAQ All About Online Payment Gateway

  1. How Easy To Get A Payment Gateway?
    It is an easy online process to get a payment gateway, but sometimes it may be cumbersome. Approving for a payment gateway by processor side may depend on several factors. If your business is flagged as high risk, then you may face challenges, but still, we trust high-risk industries and help the merchant to get a robust payment gateway that fulfils all their needs. But we only onboards legal businesses who are involved in legal services and activities and follow all the laws and act under their business. Don’t worry, it’s an easy process, and you will enjoy the onboarding process without any complication.
  2. Is It Easy To Integrate Payment Gateway To My Online Store?
    To be straightforward, it is an easy process and doesn’t require much technical process. We will help you throughout the integration process until you go online and ready to accept payments from your customers. The whole process is online, and you only require an API which your payment gateway provider or the payment processor will provide you once you sign an agreement with them.
  3. Is The Payment Gateway Supported On Your Ecommerce Platform?
    Many times it happens that you choose the processor, but the solution is not supported with your platform. Our solution is supported by most of the eCommerce plugins like Woocommerce, Magento, Opencart, 3dcart, PrestaShop, Volusion or many more.
  4. Does Your Payment Gateway Support The Currency Of Your Target Market?
    Make sure that your payment gateway can process the currency of your target market. Not every payment gateway can process the currencies you want. Our payment gateway supports most of the currencies. We have partnered processors from the USA, EU, Canada and other nations and help you with the payment gateway as per your business needs.

Apply today with Quadrapay, and get one of the best Payment Gateway for your online store with our partnered processor. To get started, fill the pre-approval form and leave the rest to us. We will guide you throughout the processes.

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