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fantasy sports merchant processing
fantasy sports payment processing
fantasy sports merchant account

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Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.
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QuadraPay Offers Low Cost International Fantasy Sports Credit Card Processing.

Now getting a credit card processing account for fantasy sports businesses is no problem anymore. Our Powerful processing solutions can help you accept the most popular credit and debit cards online on your fantasy sports site and mobile app.

Fantasy sports are online games that allow users to create teams with real-life players. These are virtual teams. The participants get fantasy points as per the game’s real-life statistics. The better the chosen player plays in a real game, the better end the user receives in fantasy sports. Technically speaking, this kind of game is sports skills driven. The more you know about the player and his skills, the better you will perform. Successful players of fantasy sports keep a deep knowledge of the strength and weaknesses of the chosen players. Fantasy sports allow users to add or remove players from the team.

QuadraPay provides credit card processing solutions to fantasy league merchants in most nations, including the US, Canada, EU and EEA.

Technical Information Fantasy Sports Related MCC Code List

MCC 5655 is for merchants who run sports apparel and riding apparel stores.
MCC 5941 is used to classify retail stores that are in the business of selling sports goods.
MCC 7941 is used to classify merchants in the business of organizing an executive commercial Sports.
MCC 7997 is a well-known classification code mostly used by sports membership clubs like Golf courses.
Note: The processing company decides on MCC after analyzing the business model and other factors.

Fantasy Sports Merchant Processing FAQ

Does QuadraPay Also Provide Merchant Accounts For Sports Clubs And Sports Businesses?

Traditional Sports are becoming more advanced now. With the availability of social media and internet marketing, selling sports event tickets and products is a lot easier now. Large organizations and companies sponsor various teams for different events. It has created a massive market for people involved in the sports industry.

No matter what role the business plays, it must accept payments easily. Quadrapay is proud to announce the availability of payment processing solutions for the sports business. These solutions enable sports businesses to receive credit card, debit card, and Direct debit payments online and at retail locations.

What Are Popular Payment Options For Fantasy Sports Merchants.

  • Cards: There are various cards that help in initializing payments for these platforms. Both debit and credit cards are viable for investing a lumpsum in these fantasy accounts.
  • E-checks: E-checks have also jumped on the bandwagon in support of these platforms. They have also started giving recognition to these platforms. As the markets of fantasy sports are expanding, it is profitable to enter. So, e-checks are also accepted as a mode of payment now.
  • Wallets: Wallets are easy and quick ways of providing payment. It is also a secure and efficient way of making payment. These accounts just require an OTP number from your phone. Several fantasy football payment platforms also include wallets.
  • Merchant Accounts: There are also small business merchant accounts which accept payment for these platforms. You just have to transfer some cash from your bank account into these accounts. These accounts will act on your behalf as a payment option.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Digital Payment Modes On Fantasy Sports Platforms?

  • They are a safe way of transferring funds from the bank to these platforms.
  • There can be no chances of any fraud or money laundering. All these methods of payment follow end-to-end encryption. It ensures the best interests of the customer.
  • In case of any monetary fraud from the platform, these platforms will immediately act. They will notify you too.
  • With these platforms, you can trust them with the authorization.
  • All these payment platforms will ensure fast transaction speed. In many cases, the payment could be between countries. In the case of European nations like Romania and Finland, the transaction usually takes 1-2 days to process. But with these payment methods, you can make a payment in 20-30 minutes maximum.
  • There are a lot of benefits of using these payment methods. They are a faster and more secure way of transferring funds to these platforms. With them, you do not have to worry about any fraud.