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QuadraPay offers stable and reliable HVAC Credit Card Processing. Air conditioning and HVAC contractors are aggressively using advanced mode of credit card payment processing options. They are doing this because they want to offer better customer experience. No matter where the customer is located it always helps if they can pay by credit and debit cards. Most payment processors provide advanced tools like invoice payment and virtual terminal.

Air conditioning and HVAC contractors offer their services to consumers as well as businesses. These contractors ensure that the customer experiences a better quality of living. This industry requires a lot of hard work along with that it also has to be at the forefront of using the latest from the payment industry.

What do Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors do?

Air conditioning and HVAC contractors cater to different kind of customers. This may include setting up a new HVAC infrastructure or fixing a regular air conditioner. A lot of work is done onsite, and that is why taking payments in advance is always a better option for contractors. Contractors can accept payments from customers by offering them the ability to use credit or debit merchant account. Merchants can use highly scalable payment gateway solutions and integrate multiple merchant accounts on the same. Contractors can also use alternative mode of payment processing that includes echeck and ACH payment processing.

Why do Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors need a merchant account?

Contractors usually work with clients located in far-flung areas this requires the contractor to request for bank payment. Customers are pretty comfortable in making the advance payment by using the card rather than driving to the location of the contractor and handing over the cash. Customers can also make payment to contractors by using ACH Payment Gateway.

Features of Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors merchant account
There are multiple reasons why businesses have started using credit and debit card processing options. Here we have listed few of them.

1. Low Rates: The payment processing industry is becoming competitive every day, and that is why customers or contractors can get better rates than before. Better rates help contractors in increasing their profit percentage.

2. Fast Setup: Payment processing companies utilize a lot of automation. That means the onboarding process is swift. It takes limited time for contractors to get started.

3. Easy Integration: Most payment gateways do offer easy to integrate API. Multiple ready made plugins are provided, and these plugins can be deployed on the merchant’s website. Once the API or the plugin is integrated into the site, then the customers can make transactions

4. Pay by Email/Invoice Payment Link: Many contractors offer services to businesses and these businesses prefer to make payment after receiving an invoice. Processors offer the capability of sending an invoice email to the customer. Businesses feel more comfortable in paying if they receive the invoice first.

Payment gateway for Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors
Businesses involved in Air Conditioning and HVAC industry sometimes may work with multiple merchant account providers. These merchant account providers may offer separate logins. This may become a little bit difficult for the contractors to manage all the account. Contractors can use a payment gateway and easily integrate multiple Merchant IDs on the same payment gateway.

Alternative Payment processing for Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors
HVAC contractors can also use the alternative modes of payment processing apart from regular Credit Card processing. Here we have listed few of the alternatives that we can recommend for your air conditioning business.

1. Echeck or Verified Check: To get the solution, you must have a US company and a US business bank account. You will be able to get a verified check within 5 minutes, and this check can be deposited into your bank account, and the funds will soon appear in the business bank account.

2. ACH Payment processing: ACH transactions are sent to the clearance system in batches. It can be an effective way of accepting transactions. Funds move from the Payers account(ODFI) to Receivers account(RDFI) via the ACH processing network. ACH and echeck are more cost effective solution then Credit Card processing. Credit Card processing companies may say no in case if your average ticket size is very high. If that is the case, then we recommend you to analyze various available options for ACH and echeck payment processing.

Chargeback Alerts for Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors
Just like any other industry chargeback can be a critical factor in determining the life of your payment processing options for HVAC merchants as well. Merchants should always ensure a very low chargeback ratio and should also evaluate available options that can help him in achieving this goal. There are multiple chargeback alerts and notification companies that do offer alert services. After getting Alerts, the merchant can coordinate with the customer and try to resolve the issue. In most of the industries, chargeback alerts help merchants in reducing the chargeback ratio.

Prepaid Debit Cards for Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors
Sometimes contractors work with temporary workers, and this can create a challenge concerning payroll and salary disbursement. With a prepaid debit card contractors can easily make payments to their employees. This prepaid debit card does not require a credit check and also does not require any employment verification. To get this prepaid debit card the individual does not need to spend any upfront money. Charges are deducted once the card is loaded with cash. There are thousands of locations where this prepaid card can be loaded. This prepaid debit card comes with its account number and routing number for ACH transactions.

Merchant Cash Advance for Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors
This industry requires a lot of investment, and it is common to see pieces of equipment not working within a specific time frame. It creates a need cash flow and sometimes cash flow can be a problem. To eliminate these challenges merchants from this industry can also request merchant cash advance. It the Air conditioning contractor is already using a point of sales device and has got good history then he may qualify for merchant cash advance for business funding.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding payment processing solutions as well as prepaid debit card and Merchant accounts. If you are interested in putting your air conditioning business into the fast lane, then you should contact us today.

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