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Quadrapay is happy to announce that our payment processing partners in the EU are providing online payment processor or a merchant account for your jewellery and precious stone stores under the MCC (Merchant Category Code) 5094.

Having a merchant account or an online payment processor will help you to generate more revenue for your business, and it will also make your method of accepting payments hassle-free.

Wondering How? Let Quadrapay Tell You How Our Payment Processor Will Be Beneficial For You.
  • Our online payment processor allows you to accept payments from various modes rather than only taking cash for the products you are selling. We all know that buying jewellery requires a considerable amount of money that the customer needs to carry while visiting the store to make the payment. But, if you will have an online payment processor, it will only require your customer’s credit card or debit card to make the payment. It will decrease the stress of carrying such a massive amount of cash with them and also it will lessen your hassle of counting that hefty sum.
  • We provide you with POS equipment that you can use on the go with broadband connection or wifi or without wifi. This POS equipment can accept various credit cards and debit cards.
  • Our online payment processor lets you accept mobile payments, e-wallet payments, virtual credit cards and smart cards. Think of a method from which customer can pay, and we have all for you and your customers in one processor.
  • Are you worried about the data breaching? You don’t have to be as our payment processor has PCI-DSS level 1 security compliance that reduces the data loss, card theft activities And data breaching.
  • We understand that apart from maintaining your store, you also have this burden of managing an account for each sale or transaction happening.
  • That is why our payment processing partners provide you with an online payment processor that has Artificial intelligence (AI) integration and smart tools. Artificial intelligence will be suggesting you proceed the transaction by the most preferred way depending on the customer’s activity.
  • Smart reporting tools lessen your burden of accounting by keeping track of all your transactions.
  • You can keep track of all your customers.
  • It categorizes your transactions by year, month, week, day and time and keeps you updated with your transaction volume.
  • It sets a schedule for your upcoming and recurring payments.
  • Save cards on this smart online payment processor for future references.
  • No matter what payment method has been opted to process the transaction, you can view it all on the same platform.
  • 24/7 customer service to solve your problems related to the online payment processor.
  • Zero setup fees.
  • No monthly fees as we charge you when you start making transactions.
  • Accept payments from any credit card with the lowest processing rate possible.
  • The payment processor warns you about the disputes raised by your customers so that it can be resolved within a limited time to reduce the chargeback ratio. Credit card networks keep a keen eye on your chargeback ratios, and it should not exceed 1% of your transactions. In case your chargeback ratio exceeds that 1% ratio, you might have to lose your merchant account.

Online Frauds That Haunt The Merchants:

  1. Counterfeit fraud in which the duplication of magnetic stripes occurs that are present on your credit card or debit card. Criminals copy it on a legitimate credit card or debit card. Duplication occurs using a small device called skimmer that makes your credit card and debit card insecure even when it is in your care. But now as the EMV chip cards implementation has is there, counterfeit frauds have become less.
  2. The countries that do not have EMV chip card implementation facility they face the problem of counterfeit fraud as the cards get compromised and hence the number of scams is increasing there.
  3. Card-not-present fraud has become a well-known type of card fraud. Though the preventive measure is there like 3D secure authentication, it has reduced the number of cards not present scams but on a minor scale. Strong Customer Authentication is required to finish the card, not present fraud. Emv tokenizations, 3D secure 2.0 and SCA- Strong Customer Authentication are essential measures that have to be included to reduce the number of online scams.
  4. Chargeback fraud is the most haunting fraud for merchants because you are not aware when and who is raising a dispute regarding the transaction and the chargeback ratios keep on increasing that leads to loss of your merchant account as well as your online payment processor.
  5. Identity theft occurs when criminals who deceive the customer. Take their card details and withdraw the available amount in their account. Criminals take all the sensitive information like username, password, and the authentication number. Customers trust them and provide them with the details because these criminals pretend to be a renowned entity.

Various frauds can occur while you are making payments online and protecting you from that we provide you with the safest payment gateway that can warn you if fraud is occurring. If it has happened, then it will give you solutions as well to resolve them.

To know more about our payment processor you can contact us anytime as we have a live customer service 24/7. You can also send us an email on [email protected].

You can connect to us on Skype our skype ID is Netcaller.


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