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Credit Card Processing For Dry Cleaning Companies

Dry cleaning or laundry business, just like any other business, needs several hours and much hard work. It is a competitive, high value and fast-paced industry. You have a lot to do in this business, from managing your employees to delivering services to your customers. You have to take care of all the transactions and make sure that you have all the latest tools to grow your business. Quadrapay is happy to announce that we now offer tier 1 Quality Payment systems for laundromats. Our laundromat pos solutions allow you to accept payments in several ways to make sure you never lose a customer. Accept payments over the phone, online, in an app, or in-person our solutions are fit for all.

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Laundry Business Credit Card Processing With Industry Relevant Features.

  • Reliable Laundry POS System. Accept payments in a mode that is suitable for customers. It will build a good business experience for you and your customers. Why get stuck in one method and lose customers when you can have more than one? Other than that, sales reporting and analytics, customer management, employee management and many more features are there.
  • Laundromat Online Payment Gateway. We provide a secure payment gateway so that no data leaks happen. All your transactions and details remain safe. It will help build trust between you and your customer, as trust is the foundation of your relationships with your customers. The online payment gateway can be easily connected to your Laundry website or mobile app.
  • Fraud Prevention And Chargeback Alerts. You have worked so hard to establish your business. Why lose it because of fraud or chargeback? Our solution for CB defence provides early warnings for chargebacks. Quadrapay provides you with features like AVS and 3DS that reduce fraud and minimizes the chances of chargeback extending the age of your payment processor.
  • Lower Rates. Quadrapay offers a flat rate so that you profit more from your business. Reporting tools. We provide you with updated tools that keep track of all your transactions and provide you with sales details. It lessens your work of mentioning every time you made a sale in a notebook and can focus more on generating ideas for your business.
  • Free Account Setup. Wondering if you join us, you will have to pay? No, you will not be, as the charge for the services does not start before the first transaction.