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Credit, Debit, Echeck And ACH For Eassy Writing Websites.

Essay writing is a big industry. With the help of the internet, professional writers can assist students with different kind of essays. Some most popular essay services are

  • Argumentative Essay Writing
  • Dissertation Services
  • Assignment Help
  • Thesis Preparation
  • Research paper creation

These companies generally generate traffic through organic searches. Some of them also advertise using various pay-per-click platforms. As these companies offer services to global customers, they require global merchant accounts. Quadrapay works as an affiliate for different payment processing companies. With its association, it can provide quality assistance to merchants who look forward to getting payment gateways for essay website.

Let’s look at the methods of payments that can be used by essay writing service entrepreneurs.

Online Credit Card Processing For Essay Writing Websites.

It is the most common mode of payment processing used by merchants in this industry. Students prefer to use this mode of payment. A merchant should be cautious about choosing a payment service provider regarding the number of currencies and nations supported. It would help if you worked with a processing company that allows you to accept payments from multiple countries. This may help you to get global sales.

Retail Credit Card Processing For Essay Writing Companies.

If you have a physical store where students come and make the payments, then retail credit card swiping machines can be a perfect option. Unfortunately, most of essay writing companies offer services online and that is why retail card processing is not popular in this industry.

Echeck And ACH Payment Processing For Essay Writing Companies.

Essay writing Companies selling the services to clients in the United States of America can also use ACH/echeck as a reliable mode of payment processing. For some strange reasons, some payment service providers may consider this industry to be high risk. If various processors have declined your application for credit card processing, then you can approach ACH processing companies.

Merchants Account For Essay Writing And Content Writing

Technical Information – Closely Related Merchant Classification Codes

MCC 8299 School and Educational Services Not Elsewhere Classified
MCC 8999 Professional Services Not Elsewhere Classified

Quadrapay being a re-seller of various high risk payment providers welcome all the merchants account holders for essay writing service as well as content writing as we are providing all the services like Credit, Debit, Echeck and ACH payments. From low-risk to high-risk business, whether you are a startup or existing merchant seeking better solutions for your business, we are there for you. Companies that provide essay writing services deal in depth-research work with better content than we usually find on the internet easily. Many payment processing companies may consider startup merchants to be of high risk so they might deny. Still, you don’t have to worry as Quadrapay is there for you to provide you with all the facilities you need to start your business in essay and content writing services.

We Offer Services To The Business That Offer Following Content Services

  • Argumentative Essay Writing
  • Dissertation Services
  • Assignment Help
  • Thesis Preparation
  • Research Paper Creation

Essay Writing Merchant Service With Fast Approvals

Once you fill your form and it gets approved, you can accept payments from worldwide in a couple of business days. Till that time, we work with the acquiring bank/PSP to set up the platform that fits best for your business needs.

  • Various Payment Methods

We recommend to merchants to accept payments via online credit and debit card processing solution with a reliable payment gateway. It will be easier for merchants to accept payment via this mode over the globe as most of the students prefer to pay using their credit and debit card. Apart from this, you can also opt for USA ACH as well as online cheque facility to grow your business.

  • No Hidden Charges

We never charge you for opening an account with us as we understand the cruciality of the business and we do want your growth first over any amount. Our processing partners will charge you once you start initiating the transaction as we believe in long-term partnership over making a quick profit.

  • Process Multiple Currencies With Global Gateway

As its a global service you will be getting the business from worldwide. So we understand the need for acceptance of payment in every possible currency that is why we fulfil the localized buying experience by allowing the consumer to pay in the money that they are most familiar.

  • Easy To Use Reporting Tools

To have the complete account of the payments made that is very important for you as a merchant Quadrapay partners provide you with comprehensive reporting interface, so you don’t have to worry about any records about the payment.

  • Our Support Availability

Quadrapay is always there whenever you need us. You can feel free to contact us anywhere and however, you want. Our customer service executives are available to solve your queries and to provide you with the best solutions.

Are You Still Stuck In Your Thoughts Regarding An Essay Writing Merchant Account?

Contact us anytime to get your query solved as Quadrapay has startup-friendly options to give a boost to your business and we stand with you in this venture of yours. Get an Essay writing payment gateway account and start accepting payments from worldwide in your account without any inconvenience.

Quadrapay Assisting Essay Writing Merchant With Payment Processing Solutions.

Merchant Account For Paper Writing Service And Online Essay Writing Companies

Quadrapay is proud to announce that now businesses that offer online paper writing services, as well as essay writing services, can quickly get Merchant Account for Credit, Debit, Echeck and ACH payment processing. Since the internet is available almost everywhere in the world, it is quite easy to find reliable research paper writers over the world wide web. These professional paper writing service companies provide in-depth research-based writing services. Unfortunately, many payment processing companies may consider startup merchants in this industry to be high risk in nature. Having said that you do not have to worry as Quadrapay works with a vast range of payment processors across the world. Our primary goal would be to request a reliable processing company to analyze your website for pre-approval. After getting the pre-approval, the processing company will ask you for additional documents. Once you send the KYC documents to the processing company, then the processor will perform in-depth risk analysis as well as web audit. If successful you will get access to the merchant account provided you sign on the merchant account agreement. Our services are precious for businesses that offer services like.

  • Research Analysis Paper Writing
  • Term Paper Writing Services
  • Paper Writing Help And Assistant Services
  • College Research Paper Writing Services
  • Professional Paper Writing Services
  • Online Educational Paper Writing Services
  • Essay Writing Services.
  • Market Research Companies

Based on our understanding this industry has got enormous potential, and that is why most credit card processors would say yes. The first option that we recommend t merchants is online credit and debit card processing solution with a reliable payment gateway. With online credit and debit card, merchant account these essay writing companies can readily accept payments on the web. Some processors may also provide a Virtual terminal to select merchants. Apart from online credit and debit card processing solutions, these businesses can also accept electronic cheque as well as ACH. Please keep in mind that most ACH processors do offer reoccurring payment facility.

Our team will be happy to help you with the integration process once your account is approved through one of our recommended processors. Most processing companies will offer ready-made plugins for your website. In case if your site is not compatible with the ready-made plugin, then you can easily use the API integration guide. Our processing partners offer highly advanced services that include 3D Secure processing and Address Validation Services. These services help you in reducing fraud transactions. If you want to minimize the chargeback ratio on your existing merchant account, then we can also suggest you chargeback alert and notification services.

As an affiliate we can recommend you some good payment processing companies that may assist you with reliable Credit, Debit, Echeck and ACH processing for your essay writing business. Please send us an email on [email protected] so that we can help you further.


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