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Merchant Site Inspection – Detailed Guide

Whenever you apply for a credit card processing account, the financial institution may initiate an on-site inspection. The on-site inspection is primarily to analyze the genuineness of your business. As a professional business owner you must be ready to give a great impression to the on-site inspector. Most of the times acquiring institution may hire third-party agencies to perform the on-site inspection(This is mostly the case in USA/Canada/EU). Sometimes credit card payment processing companies may send their representatives for this analysis(This is mostly the case in emerging markets like India, Singapore and, etc).

Credit Card processing companies wish to analyze if the details mentioned on the merchant account application are in sync with the merchant’s physical presence. They will verify if the business is being operated at the commercial location or a residential location as mentioned in the merchant account application. They will also analyze how large is your office and how are you managing your everyday business activities. The inspection team may carry a checklist with them and based on the list they may ask you additional questions. The Credit Card processing company may also click pictures of your business premises.

To improve the chances of getting a merchant account, you must ensure that you create a positive impression in the minds of the inspection representative. You should be ready to show the products that you sell and also share the marketing materials that use to promote your product. Neatly and Professionally managed companies stand a better chance of success than a non-professionally managed company.

The onsite inspection executive would mostly inform you before reaching your business premises. You are indeed free to ask for the identification of the representative at the time of visit. Most of the times the inspection agent will only communicate with the person who has failed the merchant account application(The Applicant).

The on-site inspection executive will click pictures of the storefront. The representative will also click photos of the exterior and interior of your business premises. The representative me also ask for your business card or any marketing material that use.

To ensure that you are available at the time of inspection it’s better to mention the most appropriate phone number in the merchant account application. Most of the times the inspection executive would make upto 3 attempts to reach over the phone to fix an appointment.

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