Multi Currency Merchant Account

Multi Currency Merchant Account By Quadrapay

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Multi Currency Merchant Account

Nowadays, all the whole e-commerce community is focusing on selling their products on the global market. But to adopt a global market, a merchant should also accept the different currencies. To accept multiple and different currencies, getting a muti currency merchant account is very necessary as it allows a merchant to sell a product or a service in different currencies and also allows them to show the prices in the multi currency pricing on the pages of the product. This facilitates your customers to quickly understand the product price according to their local currency for international products.

Benefits Of Using Multiple Currency Merchant Account From Quadrapay

Quadrapay provides multiple currency merchant account solutions which provide benefits to the businesses as well as the customers.

Benefits For The Business Merchants:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to stand out in this competitive e-commerce market so that you can gain more customers on the global market level.
  2. We benefit you with a better conversion rate of shoppers to buyers.
  3. There will be no need for a buyer to convert the product or services price into the local currency.
  4. By this solution, it allows you to gain more trust of your buyers.
  5. It reduces the chargebacks and several queries from the buyers and shows a transparent buying experience.
  6. It lowers the chances of foreign exchange risks and also reduces the transaction processing fees.

Benefits For Customers Or The Card Holders:

  1. It expresses an excellent familiar impression towards your customers while shopping.
  2. Customers will be free from the exchange fees even by paying in the local currency.
  3. It increases the overall sales and revenue as the customers will clearly understand the products and prices.

Final Verdict About Multiple Currency Credit Card Processing Solutions

A multi currency merchant account provides you with the opportunity to accept and process payments in several foreign currencies. There will be no need for an offshore merchant account. If you use a payment gateway certified with payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS), then you can still be able to use your gateway as multi currency payment gateway with this multi currency merchant account from Quadrapay. It is essential to know that in case of any chargebacks or refunds, it will be processed in the same foreign currency, as this refund price amount can be different from the price at the time of purchase.

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