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Multi Currency Payment Processing By Quadrapay

Time To Expand Business With Multi Currency Payment Processing

In every business industry, having a payment processing solution to accept multi currency payments is now a must solution. As the Ecommerce market is now rising and people now prefer to purchase almost everything through online shopping. This also encourages people to purchase imported goods and services from other countries. For this, a business needs to have a multi currency payment processing solution. This makes it easier for business customers to pay in their domestic currency and at the same time, a business merchant can seamlessly accept foreign currencies and get them settled into acquiring a business merchant account.

What Are The Benefits For A Business Merchant To Integrate Multi Currency Payment Processing Solution?

We at Quadrapay offers multi currency payment processing solution for businesses that requires payment solution to accept payments from offshore business customers. By integrating a multi currency payment processing solution on your website, you can avail several benefits like these:

  • Multi currency payment processing solution assists your business to gain the better trust of your customers.
  • With the help of multi payments solution, you can get a better conversion rate of the potential store or website visitor to a shopper.
  • Showing your products and services in a local currency for offshore countries and also providing your customers to pay in their desired payment currency method allows and provides your better opportunity to you for standing out in this highly competitive e-commerce business market so that you can attract more number of potential customers on the global level of the market.
  • There will be less hassle for customers to calculate the actual cost of the product after evaluating the currency exchange price and other relevant charges.
  • By integrating multi currency payment processing solution, you will take a better step in lowering the chances of risks that are involved in terms of foreign currency exchanges, and it also helps you to save a lot of funds in terms of getting a low rate card processing solution for your offshore merchant business account.
  • It also further helps an offshore business merchant to reduce the number of chargeback issuance and several other concerns of the buyer in a while purchasing goods and services from offshore countries.

What Is The Procedure To Apply For Multi Currency Payment Processing Solution?

The application procedure to apply for a multi currency merchant account is easy and simple to understand. A business merchant needs to submit the merchant application form by filling all the required details as asked in the form. Some of the vital details that must be mentioned while filling the form are business registration details, details of the business owner, processing volume, lowest and highest ticket value of products or services that you offer your business website.
Along with the merchant application form, it is also recommended to submit all required set of KYC documents. These documents may include registration certificates, utility bills for the business, business owner identity documents like passport or driving license, Voided check, bank letter mentioning the full business registered name and payment processing historical records up to the last three months.

Final Verdict For Small Offshore Business Merchants

Nowadays, in order to expand and grow a business, it is always advisable to go with the latest trends follow updated parameters of the market. In the current digital era, everyone wants to have a seamless online shopping experience to purchase any goods and services from the comfort of their home. In order to fulfil the demands of customers and attract more customers, it is recommended for every small business merchants to go for a multi currency merchant account so that they can gain attention in the global market and attract more number of customers.

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