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Ecommerce secure payment processing with ready to use CMS plugins. Low cost global CNP payments.

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Feature rich and cost effective Retail Credit Card Processing POS solutions.

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Maximise sales by offering various payment modes including ACH & APMs.

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Mobile API solution to accepts most payments for in app purchases on popular mobile app platforms.
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Need To Accept Donations And Public Contributions. You will Need Non Profit Credit Card Processing.

QuadraPay Brings To You Non Profit Credit Card Processing. Accept all major credit and debit cards from 100+ nations. Get the card processing solution for online and face to face donations. An advanced and fully compliant NGO payment gateway is a perfect solution for your CSR and social initiatives.

Quadrapay is a credit card processing solution provider that helps you out with incredible savings on merchant processing fees. We have massive connections with domestic and offshore processing partners that are NGO/Non Profit Friendly. Our solutions can be perfect for those non-profit organizations considered high risk by most local acquiring banks.

Relevant And Related MCC Codes For Charity Organisations/Non-Profits

The payment industry classifies merchants based on the product/service offerings. The donations and charity vertical are considered high risk. Merchants must find out if they relate to any of the following MCC. Suppose the merchant’s activity is not similar to any of the following. In that case, the merchant can certainly have email communication with us for further discussion. Please keep in mind that the credit card processing company and its underwriters reserve the right to assign the MCC to the applicant merchant.

  • MCC 8398. Charitable Social Service Organizations. This MCC is used to classify Non-Political charity organizations. The same MCC is also used for crowdfunding entities that raise funding for various causes but do not take any financial benefits.
  • MCC 8641 Civic, Social, And Fraternal Associations. An organization classified with this MCC offers civic, social, or fraternal activities. Relevant entity types are Alumni Associations, Civic, Social, Fraternal Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Fund-Raising – Political, Police Athletic Leagues (PAL), Social Associations, Clubs and Veterans’ Organizations
  • MCC 8651 Political Organizations. This MCC is used to classify a merchant that accepts contributions for local, state and national political parties or politicians. This is a Political Fundraising MCC
  • MCC 8661 Religious Organizations. Entities classified with this MCC offer religious services. Some types of organizations and entities that may qualify for this MCC are Mosque, Chapels, Churches, Synagogues and Temples.

Tier 1 Credit Card Processing For Nonprofits: The Solution You Need For Your NGO.

Nowadays, most people prefer to pay using debit cards or credit cards for transactions, even for an NGO or other nonprofit organization. It is advisable to have a merchant account with a credit card processing facility. With the method of accepting credit cards online for donation payments, you can attract more people ready to pay for your nonprofit fund collection organization. A merchant account for charity organizations acts like a bank account with the help of the merchant account offered by QuadraPay. You can accept funds through credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and SEPA. ACH. Echeck and many other modes. There will be a very low processing fee applied per transaction.

Omni Channel Merchant Processing For Non Profit Organizations With Quadrapay!

With the help of our payment solutions, an NGO or nonprofit organization can accept payments through several payment methods such as:

  • ACH Processing: Accepting payments through ACH processing is also a good option. With ACH, donations are faster and cheaper.
  • Online Credit Card Payments: Credit card is the most used payment method. It’s necessary to have a payment processing method to accept credit card payments for the donation payments. If your charity organization has a website and wishes to accept online donations, this mode is an awesome option.
  • Retail Donation Acceptance With Donation PO Terminals. Get brand new terminals for registered charities and nonprofits. Accept face to face donations. These terminals come with advanced.

Benefits Of Charity Merchant Services

There are various benefits of using modern payment instruments for collecting charity payments and donations. A few are listed below.

  • By accepting credit and debit card donations, charities can streamline methods, forecast more significant accurately and simplify the donation process. If that’s insufficient, service providers frequently provide reductions or fee waivers to merchant debts for non-earnings companies.
  • The payment processing will be done at ease. People can now donate quickly and easily on their own time. The administrative workload becomes easier to manage.
  • Online transactions are much safer than usual. The online transactions which are done are entirely protected, and there are no trips to the bank that have to be taken.

Features Of Best Payment Gateways For Charity.

It is essential for humanitarian organizations and not for profit organizations to look at multiple factors to find the best payment gateway for the charity organizations. A couple of factors that can help you determine if the processor is perfect for your organization are listed below.

  • Setup Time frame: If the payment processing institution is taking much time in on-boarding you, then there may be a possibility that the payment processing institution may take time to release your funds. A professional organization always prefers to respond to merchants in the quickest time frame possible.
  • Setup Fee: Some processing institutions charge a setup fee, but some others do not charge it. Even if the payment processing institution is charging an upfront fee, you should carefully look at other charges that the processor charges. Sometimes the pricing model with a setup fee may be better than a pricing model without the setup fee.
  • API Integration Capabilities: If the charity payment gateway is easy to integrate, it helps the not for profit organization save much time. Not-for-profit organizations should ask the payment processing company or the credit card processing company if they have readymade plugins. Most PSPs display the list of readymade plugins on their business website.
  • User Interface Of Donation Merchant Account. The user interface needs to be friendly for the merchant and donors. The user interface should be simple enough and should not be complicated. Sometimes a complicated user interface can result in less engagement, and the donor may move out of the site without contributing to the humanitarian cause.
  • Merchant Account With Payment Link For Donation. Getting a Virtual Terminal can be very challenging for donation. Charity organizations can send a payment link to donors. The charity does not need to collect the card information over the phone with the payment link option. They need to send an email to the donor. The donor finds a payment link on the email, and after clicking the payment link, a hosted payment page opens on the mobile device for the laptop. The donor can now submit credit card information.

FAQ Charity And Donation Merchant Processing

What Is A Nonprofit Payment Gateway.

The nonprofit payment gateways are the first interaction point of the donor where they provide credit card details, and thus the gateway validates all the information provided by the donor. QuadraPay provides a highly secured payment gateway that follows PCI compliance guidelines and regulations so that you can be assured that all the payment information of credit card details is secured.

What Are The Settlement Time Frame For Charity Merchant Services.

If the NGO donation payment gateway is from a domestic processor and the profile of the organization does not attract significant risk, then there may be a possibility that the processing company may offer settlements in these forms

  • T+2. Transaction day plus two working days.
  • T+3 Transaction day Plus three working days.

In case an Offshore payment processing company provides the NGO donation payment gateway, then the settlement may be delayed, and the merchant may be subject to a rolling reserve and arrears as well.