Cracking The Online Merchant Account Instant Approval Secret

Online Merchant Account Instant Approval Quadrapay

Let us make it clear. You can not get instant approval for merchant accounts. However you may get fast approvals that are within 1 business day. There are various reasons why instant approval is not available . Key factors include the requirement of deep risk evaluation and aml check. These 2 activities can be performed instantly.

If you are a merchant who requires an online merchant account instant approval to process the debit card and credit card processing and want to increase sales and profits, then you have come to the right place. Quadrapay offers an easy approval merchant account which will get quick approvals. We provide you with a personalized solution for the processing of the payments, and you also get chargeback prevention assistance, payment gateway solution, and protection from frauds so that you can increase your business limits with a hassle-free experience.

What Are the Requirements To Get An Online Merchant Account With Nearly Instant Approval?

Most of the banks and financial institutes take at least a week to approve merchant accounts after completing the verification process. However Quadrapay processing partners value your time and help you to get an account as quickly as 1 business day in many cases. Some of the conditions and requirements for the online merchant account with quick approval are:

  1. You must have a good credit score
  2. No history of high chargebacks
  3. A functional and secured website
  4. All required Government ID and documents
  5. There should be no history of any frauds involved with your business.
  6. Processing statements of the last three months
  7. Bank statements for the previous three months.
  8. After fulfilling all the required conditions and submitting the required documents, your merchant account will be approved.

Advantages Of Getting An Online Merchant Account Instant Approval From Quadrapay

Getting a Merchant account service from a reputed processor is a must. Quadrapay is a well experienced reseller in the Industry for high-risk merchant account, payment processing solution, Echeck ACH, Payment gateway solution, Prepaid debit cards and many more services across many countries.
Apart from this, with the help of an online merchant account, you can take the facility of accepting multi-currency payments with a highly secured payment gateway.

  • Multi-Currency Payments: Our payment gateway provides you with the benefit of accepting multiple currency options which provides a benefit to your customers while taking international orders.
  • Several Modes Of Payments Processing: It’s always better to accept multiple payment options to provide more flexibility to the customers like debit card, credit card, online wallet, echeck payments, etc.
  • Secured Payment Transactions: Our payment solution always takes care of the guidelines for the security measures and compliance’s, which ensures you with an additional layer of protection from fraudulent transactions.
  • Easy to Integrate: Merchants can easily integrate the application and dashboard provided by a merchant service provider. Where you can easily monitor your orders, transactions, inventory once you understand it, it will be more flexible for you to generate invoices for the products or services sold online.
  • Customer Support: Quadrapay is a well established reseller in the payment processing industry and is always ready to provide the best support and service to its clients.

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