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Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Restaurant Merchant Services? Time To Boost The Orders!

If you are starting to run a new restaurant business, then you must also be wondering about how to process all the payments efficiently.

And nowadays, most of the consumers prefer to accept credit card payments rather than cash because of the easy, smooth and fast mode of the payment plus it also benefits them with dinner’s rewards to save money and which are only applicable on fine dining transactions.

Quadrapay is providing restaurant merchant services for the food service merchants, restaurant owners, and restaurants bars to process their debit card payments, credit card payments and e-wallet payments, also so that you can take care of your small scale restaurant payment processing efficiency and get more revenue in sales, even in this highly competitive market. We understand your problems, and that’s why we offer you best in class payment processing service with very minimum transaction fees as processing charges.

Features Of Payment System With Quadrapay Restaurant Merchant Services

  • Tip Reporting System: We provide our restaurant merchants with our dashboard where you can easily monitor your inventory management and also you can quickly get the reports of tips so that you don’t have to go through with any trouble while sorting the payrolls.
  • Additional POS Solutions: Quadrapay has a vast network and relations with several domestic and offshore merchant account and several financial institutions and banks so that your payments at the point of sale can be processed at very faster rates. We also offer a mobile pos system with our android phone credit card processing that is the suitable and ideal solution to accept restaurant credit card processing payments or debit card payments right away from the customer’s table with the help of an android mobile or a tablet.
  • Gift Cards: Our restaurant merchant services also let you accept gift card processing so that you can quickly receive the gifts card payments of your restaurant and even with your associated partners that your restaurant supports loyalty program payments.
  • Payment Gateway Solution: We provide the facility for virtual terminals and mobile payments solution with our restaurant payment gateway solution, which offers a secure PCI (Payment card industry data security standard). To protect your and your customer’s credit card and other sensitive pieces of information which ensures a highly safe and reliable payment processing online. At the same time, you take orders for your delivery or dine-in orders through the website.
  • Customer Support: We know that sometimes the digital system starts malfunctioning and even crashes sometimes. But if anything such happens, we are just a click away for you, and we offer best in class customer service and support for our privilege business merchants because we understand your requirements better. You can drop a mail for your any concerns at [email protected].

Make Your Customers Happy With Restaurant Merchant Account!

Running a restaurant is not just about to offer good meals, now it is all about in combination of how better services you offer. It also includes the level of comfort and ambience you provide to your each and every customer coming to your restaurant. In order to achieve better profits and success in the restaurant business, you also need to upgrade your payment system with Restaurant Merchant Account. Nowadays, most people prefer to use credit cards for payments. Generally, restaurant merchants opt for a POS machine for accepting credit cards at a single billing counter.

Let’s discuss in detail how you can upgrade your payment processing system while providing better services to your customers.

Win Your Customers With Restaurant Merchant Account

As the point of sale, the system is one of the most preferred processing systems for every restaurant. This system makes it easier for a business merchant to retrieve and process credit cards, debit cards, etc. But there are a lot of improvements and upgrades has been developed which most of the merchants does not aware of it. These fascinating features will enhance your payment acceptance and customer comfort. Some of the features are as follows:

  • POS Catalogue System: Nowadays, digitalization is highly preferred. For this, you can use an advanced POS machine which includes your restaurant menu in the application as well. This will allow your restaurant customers to select their items for wish list and the pay at the same spot while sitting on the table.
    Touch Screen POS: Traditional POS is just based on the numeric pad because they are meant for card payment processing only. But now as there are several payment methods available like debit card, e-wallets, and QR scanner, an advanced touchscreen-based POS is now required.
  • In-Built Interactive Services: After placing their food order, in the meanwhile time, a customer can go through interactive services like puzzles, games and even watch videos.
  • Easy To Customize: Restaurant Merchant Account allows you to set a preferred processing services as per your requirements and the actual day to day needs. This way, a business merchant can achieve faster and smoother daily payment processing.
  • Order Straight While Sitting On The Table: This feature allows your customers to order while sitting on the table, which will be shared directly to the kitchen and pay at the same time as well. This facility helps to reduce human resources and a lot of other hassles while taking the food orders straight from customers.
  • Gift Card Payment Gateway: A lot of customers also prefers to pay using gift cards. This can also be an excellent opportunity for a restaurant owner to accept those customers by accepting these gift cards as payment into the diversified payment method.
  • In-depth Analysis Of Orders And Historical Records: This is a well-furnished and useful feature for the restaurant owner. A restaurant merchant account helps you to keep track and proper record of all the transactions that are done with your processing account. This will help you to calculate the right amount of profits, calculations for tax submissions and other expenses associated with the restaurant.

Can A Merchant Apply For Merchant Cash Advance With The Help Of Restaurant Merchant Account?

We understand that in this payment industry market, there are several up and downs in terms of profits and sales. In order to overcome such situations, immediate cash flow is much required. In such cases, a USA based restaurant owner can apply for a merchant cash advance. This will provide you with a quick loan for the amount up to 400,000 dollars.

Restaurant Payment Processing With QuadraPay

Restaurants are all about service. As much as you serve your customer better, as much as you can win them. To run a restaurant, it’s not only to serve your customer with a best and delicious meal, but with all comforts, they need while they are in your restaurant. The menu, your service, the atmosphere and most importantly, a Restaurant Payment Processing solution. No matter how good you are at meals and service, but if you don’t have a customer-friendly payment solution, you will end up losing your customer base. Any restaurant either a buffet or a cafe, or a casual dining or fine dining restaurant, they require a robust and featured payment solution which their customers love to pay for.

We at Quadrapay have an incredibly robust and feature-rich solution that you love to offer to your customer. Our processing partners from the USA, EU, Canada and other global countries offer specialised payment solutions for restaurant merchants.

How To Win Your Customers By Using Modern POS Solutions In Restaurant.

For your restaurant shop, the POS solution is the most demanded solution, and customers love to pay using it. Pos can help a Restaurant owner to accept payments via credit card, debit card, or a prepaid card. But in today’s time, POS is not limited just to accept payments but can offer a variety of incredible features. We can offer a variety of POS features, but it’s important to note that not every POS has the same functionality. The functionality may depend on the cost or other factor.

  • Touch Screen POS: Traditional POS is now replacing Touch screen POS which is easy to use and operate.
    Menus Available: POS not only helps you to accept money, but customers can also use it as a menu card. The POS software is built as such that you can add all the menus you are offering. You can add or delete menu manually
  • Order Right From Your Table: The customer can order food right from the POS machine.
    In-Built Games: It also serves your customer with a game feature. Customer can play a game until the food is served to him.
  • Report Analysis And Generation: The feature is for the Business Owner, which helps to see the whole day sales report, weekly report or monthly report.
  • Customizable: The solution can be customized as per the merchant requirement.

Getting Out Of Money? Merchant Cash Advance Helps Your Restaurant To Boom.

Are you a merchant running out of money? Or do you want quick funding to boom your business? The fastest way to get funding is Merchant Cash Advance. Any USA based merchants running out of money can apply for it. A merchant can get a maximum of $400,000 loan, which helps to boom your business. Get in touch with us to know if you qualify for business funding.

Stop Wasting Time And Start Restaurant Payment Processing

Let your restaurant shine with one of the best restaurant payment processing options. Quadrapay has partnered with many processors in the USA, Canada, EU and other countries. These financial institutions provide you with a payment solution that best suits your restaurant requirement. Get a payment solution today to serve your customer better. Fill the pre-approval form onto our site, and we will get back to you.

Restaurant Payment Gateway. A Detailed Guide In 2022.

Are you planning to run a restaurant business? Then you might be searching for a credit card payment processing solution. You have come to the right place. Quadrapay will help you in securing a merchant account for your restaurant. We are here to make your payment processing easy by offering cost-effective POS and Online payment gateway solutions. Quadrapay will help you in making your business profitable and efficient by assisting you with the latest solutions with low transaction charges. We are sure that our payment solutions will improve the customer experience.

Accepting credit card payments comes with a cost. This is the fee a merchant pays to the payment processor or the merchant account provider. There is a massive advantage that must be known to all restaurant owners. Offering credit, Debit, and ACH payment facility will help you to sell more not only that it will also help you to see an increase in the average dollar value of sales. We know that many of your customers do not carry cash all the time. So, it is necessary for every business to have the ability to accept payments via credit and debit cards.

Quadrapay Proudly Presents Three Payment Solutions For Restaurants.

Restaurant Payment Gateway. Restaurant payment gateway/restaurant merchant accounts are the most popular mode of online payments used in the industry after retail card processing. These days restaurants accept orders over websites and mobile application. Restaurants all across the European Union and the United States of America also list their menu on various third-party mobile apps and sites. All these platforms can utilize online restaurant payment gateway. Merchants located in the European Union and the United States of America may also qualify for virtual terminal also known as Moto. With virtual terminal restaurant owners can accept payments over the phone. Merchants in other countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia can qualify for online payment gateway but only with API functionality. It means customers can visit their website and make purchases.

Online And Phone Based Echeck Merchant Services. If your restaurant accepts delayed delivery orders, then ACH and Echeck can be very beneficial. This works excellent for merchants located in the United States. If credit card processing companies are not approving your account, then you should start processing to electronic cheque, and after a few months, you can we approach any card processing company. Having said that we work with many high-risk merchant account providers that onboard merchants with bad credit. We can still help you so there’s no harm in contacting us for the same.

Restaurant Credit Card Reader. This is the most common mode of payment processing used in the restaurant industry across the world. It’s quite common to find credit card readers or credit card swipe machines in restaurants across the globe. It will help if you are careful about the transaction charges that you are going to pay for using these compact machines. Many restaurant credit card processing companies may ask for hefty transaction fees.


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