credit card processing for schools

Payment Processing For Schools

QuadraPay offers a robust Online School Payment system. Accept school fees with credit & debit cards. Best in class Omni-channel payment solution for online and face-to-face school fee collections.

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing For School

Easy to integrate online eCommerce plugins for school sites. Accept school fees on the website and mobile apps.

Brand New POS Machines For School

Forget Cash. Now accept in-person, face-to-face virus-free fee payments with a brand-new pos machine.

Low Interest Rate Funding For School Expansion

Business funding for expansion. Funding at low-interest rates.

Online Credit Card Processing For School Fee Payment

QuadraPay has provided merchant services to businesses operating in over 50 industries since 2016. We are proud to offer Robust School Fee Payment Gateway. With Advanced School Merchant Account, accepting one-time and recurring fees is easy. The built-in subscription module allows school administration to send payment requests to parents on fixed dates.

Advanced Pos For Schools

QuadraPay offers Brand New School Fee Payment Terminals. Accept fee payments with all major credit cards, debit cards, Wallets, and APMS. Our School Fee Pos Terminals have excellent connectivity modes like 3G, 4G, Wifi and Bluetooth. Fast charging terminals with long battery life.

IVR Merchant Services For Schools

Let parents easily make school fee payments by using a touch-tone phone. Yes, parents can now call a phone number and submit a card number over the phone using the touch-tone keyboard.

Features Of School Fee Payment Gateway

  • Fast Settlements. Local banks power all our school fee payment solutions and PSPs; thus, merchants get payments in 2-3 business days.
  • Low Fee. Highly economical transaction fee for the school. Compare our fees with others, and you will find that we are one of the most competitive
  • Detailed Reporting With Business Insight. Track all transactions. Get critical insight into the growth and decline of transactions.
  • Real-Time Notification On Email And SMS.
  • Pro-Active Support.
  • Industry Standard Compliant. Accept risk-free transactions as the gateway fully complies with the latest industry standards.

Low Cost Online Payment Solutions For Schools

School Merchant Services FAQ

The Following MCC codes may be used for schools and related institutions.

  • MCC 7911. This MCC code is for dance schools that wish to collect fees for dance classes.
  • MCC 8211. This MCC code is for elementary and secondary schools.
  • MCC 8220. This MCC is for Colleges, Universities, Professional Schools, and Junior Colleges
  • MCC 8241. This MCC is for Correspondence Schools.
  • MCC 8244. This MCC is for Business and Secretarial Schools
  • MCC 8249. This MCC is for Vocational and Trade Schools
  • MCC 8299. This MCC is for Schools and Educational Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)
  • MCC 8351. This MCC is for Child Care Services, including play schools.

School payment gateway makes fee collection easy and efficient. The current schooling system needs easy record keeping, automated processes, less human computational error, digital receipts, efficient grievance readdressing, and time-saving features.

With a merchant facility, parents can easily look at previous payments and make future payments by visiting the online portal.

Many schools have started using this system, and they did set a benchmark for other schools that consider themselves at par with premium educational institutes.

The school payment gateway system provides all the services in one place. Online Payment Gateway for schools would facilitate the user to use various modes like the following.

Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, E-wallets, and other payment modes

Schools dealing with cashless systems will solve basic accounting challenges using secure and well-connected merchant accounts.

With a dedicated billing management system for the partner schools, it can easily notify parents about the online fee payment dates and validity. Hence parents will be up-to-date about the payment status via Email or SMS.

Parents can pay the fees by visiting the school’s website or clicking on the payment link available on the email invoice.