Truth About Small Business Merchant Account In 60 Seconds

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small business merchant account By Quadrapay

How Small Business Merchant Account Can Increase Your Profit!

Every business requires to have a payment processing solution for there business. In this digital era, every person now prefers to pay using credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets. Now, as a small business owner, you need to have a diversified payment solution so that you can attract more number of customers and expand your business. We at Quadrapay offers Small Business Merchant Account that is specially designed for startups and small businesses that helps you to process payments seamlessly.

What Payments Solutions Are Available For A Small Business Merchant Account?

For small businesses, there are a lot of options available to accept payments from your valuable business customers. As a business owner, you should select the right payment processing solution as per your type of business, number of cards being processed on a daily basis, nature of payments and the fluency of payment processing. With the help of a small business merchant account, a business merchant can accept payments through:

  • Point-Of-Sale System: Small businesses that have a retail shop and Brick mortar stores and want to accept credit card or debit card payments can go for a full-fledge point of sale systems. A POS system includes several pieces of equipment which help a small business to have a seamless payment processing experience. The best part of a full-fledged POS system is that apart from accepting credit card debit card payments, it also provides your several benefits that maximize your payment processing operations. With a Point of sale system for small business, a business merchant can achieve better efficiency in terms of cash flow. It is EMV compliant and can accept chip card payments and also contactless payments using NFC technology. It’s management tools also helps you in inventory management as well as employee management. POS is always the processing solution at the highest priority for Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Shopping Complex.
  • Credit Card Terminal: Credit card processing solution is the most preferred processing solution for every business. This does not require you to set up payment stations, while you can use a card processing machine to accept credit card payments from your business customers. This makes it handy and easy to use payment processing solution. It can also be used to accept chip-based cards as well as stripe cards. A merchant can accept payments by swapping the card if it is a magnetic stripe or by inserting the card into the POS card terminal in case of a chip-based. The latest card terminal comes with NFC technology that helps to take contactless payment.
  • Mobile Credit Card Processing: A mobile credit card processing solution is now one of the best solutions in terms of processing convenience. There are several businesses that need to have an on the go payment processing solution or looking for a cheaper solution to accept card payments at their small business. Such small business merchant account can use mobile processing solutions in which a small portable card reader is connected to the smartphone. The card needs to be swiped by the card reader, and all the information will be shared with the mobile device to process the payment further and generate an electronic receipt of payment.
  • Payment Gateway: Nowadays, online services are ruling the market. Now every business needs to have an online website/platform to offer products and services and accept payments online. With the help of payment gateway with a small business merchant account can help you to accept payments online from your customers easily. A payment gateway acts as a processing intermediate between your website and processor to retrieve the payment information from the customers and process it further with the payment processor.
  • Virtual Terminal: A virtual credit card terminal is another great choice for those who want to accept payments over the fax, mail or phone services. The beauty of a virtual terminal is that it can be used to accept card-not-present payments as well as in-person payments.

For more information on a small business merchant account, you can mail us at [email protected].

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Naman Verma
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