credit card machine for taxi drivers

Brand New Taxi Credit Card Machines For InCab Payments

Streamline taxi payments to accept local and international card transactions

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing For Taxi Companies

Start accepting all major payment methods on taxi cab and apps.

Brand New POS Machines For Tax Business

Point and Swipe. Tap & Pay. Magnetic Strip. Multi mode taxi POS System

Business Funding For Taxi Companies

Get business funding for expansion or working capital at easy terms.

Sturdy & Durable Taxi Credit Card Machines

With our brand new taxi card reader and taxi pos solution you can now accept all major credit debit cards at low transaction fees. Cab companies can also accept alternative payments including NFC-based mobile wallet payments. Robust support provides high uptime on taxi credit card terminals. High-speed multi-channel connectivity ensures that you get paid without worrying about network connectivity issues.

Well programmed taxi payment terminals to suit complex trip fee & tip calculation requirements.

Get Industry-Focused top-of-the-line Taxi Credit Card Processing Solution. Start accepting credit and debit cards with the taxi payment system.

taxi credit card processing

Credit Card Processing For Taxi Companies & Cab Drivers.

The Omni Channel Taxi payment system allows taxi companies to integrate payments systems on websites, Taxi apps, and even credit card terminals inside the cab. These solutions are available at very reasonable pricing and easy contracts. Apply today.

Taxi Point Of Sales System

Omni Channel Taxi Payment Systems

Omni Channel Taxi Payment Processing With Fraud Reduction.

Our payment gateway solution for Taxi companies & Cab drivers is quite advanced. The built-in Ai driven fraud reduction tools intelligently identify and block risky transactions.

Ready-to-use plugins make it super easy to integrate on most site platforms. Based on your taxi company’s brand guidelines, you may customize the look and feel of the hosted payment page.

Multi Merchant Terminal For Taxi Companies

We understand that the requirements vary based on the size and reach of the company. Most time-independent taxi owners and cab drivers require payment solutions.

We also cater to the requirements of large taxi companies that want driver-wise individual accounting. A multi-merchant terminal helps establish separate sub-terminal IDs.

It is a revolutionary technology that has been long used in the salon industry.

taxi payment systems

Taxi Credit Card Processing FAQ

The process of applying for a credit card machine for taxi business is easy. It starts with filling out the pre-application on our website. Once we get the details, we will look at a few pieces of information you share on the pre-app.

We will ask you to send copies of the required KYC documents if everything looks good. We will also need the filled retail taxi credit pos card terminal application form.

Soon you will get a response from us. If all moves well, you will get an offer. You should evaluate the request and use your right to negotiate if needed.

After signing the agreement and completing other formalities, you get a brand new credit card machine for your taxi cab business.

Domestic merchants get paid on the same day for many payment methods. Few payment methods offer next-day settlements.

DCC or dynamic currency conversion helps taxi companies accept foreign currency card payments. The DCC functionality intelligently converts local currency to foreign currency. This helps foreign customers pay in their local currencies.

Payment interfaces in multiple languages offer comfort to the customer. In a world where global travel is easy, it’s common to find travelers who do not speak 2 languages. A multiple-language interface allows users to choose the language of their choice and pay with confidence.

Yes, QuadraPay offers low-cost credit card processing solutions for rent-a-car companies.

Credit card processing for rent-a-car companies involves using a card payment terminal or virtual terminal to accept customer payment. When customers rent a car, they typically provide their credit card information to the rental company in person or online.

The rental company will then use a card payment terminal or virtual terminal to process the payment, which involves verifying the credit card details and authorizing the transaction.

There are several steps involved in credit card processing for rent-a-car companies:

  1. The customer provides their credit card details to the rental company in person or online.
  2. The rental company uses a card payment terminal or virtual terminal to enter the credit card details and initiate the payment process.
  3. The card payment terminal or virtual terminal communicates with the credit card network to verify the card details and check for sufficient funds.
  4. If credit card details are valid and there are sufficient funds. In that case, the credit card network authorizes the transaction. It sends a confirmation to the card payment terminal or virtual terminal.
  5. The rental company receives confirmation of the authorized transaction and completes the rental process.
  6. Rent-a-car companies must ensure that their credit card processing system is secure and compliant with industry standards to protect against fraud and data breaches.

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