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Get The Last Chance TMF Merchant Account

There is nothing as bad as TMF listing for any credit card processing merchant. The listing creates various challenges for merchants. Being List on the Match List does not mean that the merchant will never get a card processing solution. The List is referential and payment processors review it before the final decision. We work with various domestic and offshore credit card processing companies. These may offer TMF Merchant Account on a case by case basis. Apply today with QuadraPay to get details on merchant account for terminated merchants.

What Exactly Is A TMF Merchant Account?

Credit card processing companies prepare a list of blocked merchants. This file relates to merchants who violated the merchant account agreement. These merchants usually cannot accept credit cards for at least few years. TMF merchant account is a merchant account offered to a business that was on TMF or Match list. There can be many reasons for listing on the TMF/Match list. Some can be serious and some can be minor reasons. It is necessary to understand a TMF record or What is a Match List.

The TMF List/Match list shows records of merchants for the period of last five year. It also shows the entries of merchant searches in the last 365 days. So technically speaking it is not a good idea to keep sending application top every provider after your account got shut down. Merchants must read and understand the credit card processing agreement. Proper understanding of the agreement can help the merchant to avoid tmf listing.

Why do Merchants Get listed On The TMF Or Match List?

Startup and experienced companies often use many modes to accept payments. In a few cases, Processors close the accounts of some of these merchants. There can be many reasons behind the termination of the account. A common reason for account closure is excessive chargebacks.

Sometimes merchant account providers list these merchants on the TMF/Match List. Credit card brands maintain the TMF and Match list. After the Match listing, these entrepreneurs may not get accounts for many years. The merchant account application gets rejected for credit card solutions by acquiring banks. These types of business owners face many challenges in getting a merchant account.

The good news is that there are many alternative options available. These are especially beneficial for TMF merchants. Our advice is to work us to get a TMF Merchant Account. Various reasons can get a merchant listed on The Match or TMF list. A few of these critical reasons are.

  • Excessive chargebacks.
  • Merchant Account Agreement Violation.
  • Fraudulent Activities.
  • Money Laundering.
  • Selling Illegal Products.
  • Mis-representation of the business model.
  • Prohibited Pharmaceutical Product Sales.
  • Transaction Laundering.
  • Using Threat tactics to generate sales.
  • Use of Non-Registred URL for sales generation.
  • Compromising the cardholder’s information.
  • Exceeding Monthly Volume and Largest Ticket Size
  • How does TMF Affect Merchants In Getting Credit Card Processing Accounts?

The TMF/Match database helps the processor to understand the applicant’s reputation. They check the credit score, but TMF/Match listing negatively impacts. Merchants with a bad credit score can still get an account. Merchants listed on TMF may find it almost impossible to get approved.

How To Check If The Merchant Is On The TMF List?

The TMF/Match lookup is only shared with PSPs or acquiring banks. Only these institutions can let the merchants know about the TMF/Match status. Most of the time, this information is not passed to the merchant by the PSP. It is confidential information for most credit card processors.

How Can TMF Merchant Account Provider Help?

Business owners can place the application for offshore aggregated payment processing solutions. If the merchant is on the Match List, they will not approve a credit card processing account. Some foreign processors onboard TMF merchants after five years of listing. Depending upon TMF listing, processors can take the executive decision. In simple terms, they analyse each application in detail. These merchants can find ACH processors as the best TMF Merchant Account Providers.

How To Get Rid of TMF/Match?

First of all, It is almost impossible to get rid of the TMF/MATCH list listing. Processors list the merchant on Match because of fraudulent activities or agreement violations. If the business wants to make a removal request, then only the PSP that initiated the listing can help. Merchants can also contact any reputed bankcard industry attorney. The attorney may file a suit to request removal. Most of the time, the reduction can only happen if the listing is because of an error. The listing can create a negative impact for five years. After five years, the PSPs can have a fresh look at the application.