Upgrade Your Cigar Business With Tobacco Credit Card Processing

Tobacco Credit Card Processing Quadrapay

Upgrade Your Cigar Business With Tobacco Credit Card Processing

Tobacco Credit Card Processing Quadrapay

Upgrade Your Cigar Business To Online With Tobacco Credit Card Processing Solution!

Are you looking for a tobacco credit card processing solution? Want to sell cigars, vapes and loose-leaf tobacco? Wasn’t able to find a tobacco merchant account solution for your business? Well, a business merchant should know that the tobacco, cigar or vapes online trading business is considered as a high-risk business. In this article, we will help you to get the best tobacco credit card processing solution. By this, you can save a lot in processing and get high revenue.

Selling E-cigarettes / Vapes Products

The vaping business is legal in the United States under the FDA regulations. Still, business merchants selling vapes and e-cigarette are considered as a risky business practice by banks and financial institutions. Because of this, they have to suffer from a lot of difficulty in getting a credit card processing solution. Vape pens and juices are not only the products that come under the high-risk business category. Some of the essential accessories like batteries and atomizers are also considered the same as high-risk. Don’t worry! Quadrapay offers several payment processing solutions like a merchant account for e-cigarettes. Or vapes merchant account solution. This helps you to accept and process the tobacco credit card processing payments.

Tobacco Merchant Account And Tobacco Credit Card Processing!

Tobacco selling business is sometimes considered as a high-risk account business. And sometimes as a low-risk business. This generally matters on how you are accepting credit cards for your tobacco products.
If you sell your products under brick and mortar shops, you can still work with your traditional credit card processing. This only works until you are not selling your products and services online. But keep in mind that this method will not let you achieve higher profits.
In today’s era with advanced technology, putting step into online business is a must. With the help of tobacco credit card processing offered by Quadrapay, you can start trading your products and services through an online website. We provide the best in class high-risk merchant account solutions. With the help of this, you can take the advantage and benefits of extra features provided under one solution.

Why Selling Tobacco Products Online Is Considered As High-Risk Business?

The primary reason for considering the trading of tobacco products online is that every state has different laws. This includes various regulations and different age restrictions. And it is complicated through online to decide whether a customer is legally allowed to buy the product or not. That’s why our tobacco credit card processing through the online tobacco merchant account will enable you to have:

  • Chargeback Alerts Facility: This allows you to reduce the chargebacks under the threshold limit.
  • Easy To Monitor: With the help of a merchant dashboard provided by us. You can easily monitor and manage the orders and transactions.
  • Easy To Integrate: Our tobacco credit card processing is easy to integrate with our current accounting application.
  • PCI Compliance: Operating a High-Risk Business also results in higher chances of fraudulent transaction risks. We provide a highly secured high-risk payment gateway. Following the regulations of PCI DSS compliance with our tobacco merchant account solution.

If you still need to understand more about tobacco credit card processing solutions, You can contact us at [email protected].