Utility Payment Processing

Boom your Business With Utility Payment Processing Solution

A company indulge in providing essential services, and commodities need a robust and diversified payment solution to serve their customer better. Utility companies have a large volume of transactions every day. So they need a proper workflow and tracking system to handle all the transactions with ease. Are you also a merchant having a utility business? Then probably you might even be searching for one of the best Utility Payment Processing Solution to let your business grow smoothly.

We at Quadrapay has the solution to overcome your problem. We can help you to get a robust solution which allows you to accept payments from your customer quickly. We have the various solution that let you accept payments from your customers via credit/debit card processing, echeck, ACH, prepaid card etc. Merchants can also be able to accept payments over phone calls. This lets you accept payments 24×7.

What Are Utility Business and Why A Utility Payment Solution Is Needed

For simplicity, a utility business is a company who are providing basic amenities or commodities. The utility business is a public sector organisation and subject to government laws and regulations. Some of the primary services include:-

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Transportation
  • Sewage Service etc.

Businesses need a utility payment processing solution that helps you to offer a diversified payment solution to their customers. This helps the business to increase its customer base, which ultimately grows the company. Let’s discuss various benefits of a payment processing solution for your business.

6 Benefits To Have A Payment Processing Solution For your Utility Business

  • Customer Satisfaction: With an online payment solution for your online business makes your customer happy and satisfied. They have the flexibility to pay anytime anywhere to fulfil their utilities.
  • Secure And Robust: We help the merchant to get a secure and robust payment processing solution. Our solution is PCI compliant and adheres the PCI-DSS standards.
  • No More Cash Handling: As the industry has a considerable volume of transactions, it is challenging to manage cash or check payments. Offering online payment flexibility helps you to process all the transactions smoothly.
  • Increase Efficiency: With an automated online payment processing solution, it helps the business to increase their overall efficiency.
  • Multi-Channel Payment Solution: A utility business requires a diversified solution to accept payments from any means of payment methods like credit/debit card, ACH, ECheck, Prepaid cards etc.
  • Workflow Management: An online payment solution not only helps in payment processing, but it helps business to focus more on core productivity which ultimately helps in Proper workflow management.

Get A Payment Solution For Your Utility Business With Quadrapay

Apply today for a utility payment processing solution to accelerate your online business. Let your customers apply for your utility service with one click. Fill the pre-approval form to get started. As soon as we collect your application, we will get back shortly. We help you from documentation to final integration. You will undergo a smooth on boarding process with us.

“Let Your Customer Utilises Your Utilities With A Click”

Get in touch for smooth on-boarding at [email protected].

Happy processing !!!

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