Best Payment Gateway For Startups

The Payment Gateway For Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur? Are you also looking for one of the best Payment Gateway for Startups?

Honestly speaking most of the Payment gateway solutions available are suitable for the start-ups. But the challenging part is that the start-up didn’t get more focussed from the processor side. It is a known fact that start-up approaches for payment solution and after a while take their step back. Only a small percentage of start-up take their business to new heights. Well, Quadrapay takes care of everyone. Whether you are a start-up or from the high-risk industry. Keeping start-up in mind, Quadrapay took a step ahead and started providing Free Seo Service to kick start their online business. And hence, we at Quadrapay can help you to provide one of the Best Payment Gateway For Startups.

What Features A Start-Up Should Look In A Payment Gateway

Every start-up who are taking the first step in the payment processing industry should be aware of some of the facts. The very first fact is that anyone can build their own payment gateway and can start accepting payments from the customer. But of course, you end up wasting a lot of your time and effort in non-core business activity. It doesn’t benefit you also because of the high cost involved. It is always recommended to start-up to go for a processor who can help you in every aspect from your application to final integration.
Again you might face a challenge where to find one of the best processors for your start-up business? Quadrapay will help you. We have partnered processor from US, EU and other global countries. Our processor will provide you with a solution that suits your business.
Let’s discuss some of the desirable features entrepreneurs should look while applying for a payment gateway for startups.

  • Application Fees: Mostly none of the processors charges you for your application, but be aware. Some fraudsters can ask you for money. Never Ever choose those processors.
  • Setup Fees: Quadrapay offers free setup to every business. We provide a hassle-free installation without affecting your business.
  • Transactional Fees: Transactional fees are the fees on per transaction basis. We offer you with the fees as low as 2.9% + 30cents per transaction.
  • Ease of Integration: Ask your processor about the gateway integration procedure. It should be easy to integrate without effective your technology stack. We provide you built-in plugin or API which gets easily installed on your web platform.
  • Integration Time: Integration doesn’t take so long, believe us. we have processed some merchants to get their payment gateway live as fast as within 24-48 hrs.
  • Secure Transaction: Ask your processor about the security of the transaction. The processor should have a PCI-DSS Compliant payment gateway that secures business from online fraud. You might find some processor with low feed, but they offer you a PCI- Compliant less solution. Never go for it, strictly recommended.
  • Multi-Currency And Multi-Cards Acceptance: If your business deals with international clients make sure to go for a processor that can let you accept international payments.
  • Customer Flexibility: The business runs with the customer. Choose your payment gateway from a customer point of view. We have a user-friendly interface payment solution.
  • 24×7 Customer Support: Being a start-up, you will definitely face a lot of issues or disputes. You will need the best customer support to cope-up with your clients. Delay in customer support might let you loose your businesses deals.
  • NO Upfront Charges: We helps merchants with no upfront charges.

Why Quadrapay’s Payment Solution For Your Start-Up.

Because Quadrapay understands what a start-up needs. We help a startups with our free SEO service. It helps you to reach the right audience, which will create an impact. You will get a free SEO analysis report within two days after you go live with our payment gateway solution. Our solution can help you to focus more on your core business activities. Providing you with a reliable payment solution is our core business. We offer free setup and application with no upfront charges. Fill the pre-approval form to get started.
If you have any query, get in touch with us at [email protected]

Happy Processing Entrepreneurs !!!

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