Best Prepaid Debit Card Reseller Program

Best Prepaid Debit Card Reseller Program

Prepaid debit cards are becoming extremely popular, and that is why companies are aggressively offering reseller programs. It may be tough to start your own prepaid card company but joining a prepaid debit card reseller program will hardly take few minutes.

Let’s first understand the target market before we discuss the Prepaid Debit Card Reseller Program. A prepaid debit card can play a significant role in managing finances. Yes, That is so right. Many of us have hurt our credit score just because of using the credit line and not paying on time. We know the term credit score, and we all want to ensure that our credit score is above 650 always. When an individual uses a credit card chances are that he may miss making the payments on time and this may adversely affect the credit score. Prepaid cards help people in reducing the risk of hampering the credit score. The cardholder can only use the funds that are pre-loaded.

Apply Now for Prepaid Card Reseller Program

Apply Now to get your own Prepaid Debit Card without Credit check and Employment verification – No Credit Card needed to sign up.

Target Market or Target Entities for Prepaid Debit Card Sales

Individuals. Any USA individual with an SSN can apply to get this Prepaid Debit Card. The Address for card delivery should not be a PO Box Address. Individuals can use this card at ATMs, POS, and Web sites. This Prepaid card comes with its own ABA and Direct deposit Account number. People can accept payments online and the echeck can be deposited in the debit card account.

1. Businesses: They use pre-paid debit card as a preferred mode to make payments to the Employees or to manage Payroll of vendors.

2. People with severe credit score: Banks may refrain to offer bank accounts to people with bad credit. This debit card can be a game changer for the unbanked population.

3. People with good credit score: They can efficiently manage the finances, and they will only be able to spend whats loaded on the card.

4. Temp Workers: Employers can make direct ACH transfers to temp workers. Temp workers will feel safe as the money is safe in the card.

5. Retired Seniors: Seniors can request government agencies to transfer the pension and social security benefits on the card.

6. Frequent Travelers: Overspending on credit card is typical when we travel overseas. How about using a pre-paid card and spending within limits.

7. Freelancers: Web developers and SEO freelancers can also use this card. Customers can make payments to the card directly using ACH transfer.

8. Parents – Mom and Dad. We do not want our small kids to use our credit cards. We would rather be interested in helping them with the prepaid debit card with a specific amount loaded. This way they can have a fancy debit card in their wallet, and they can shop and pay online and withdraw funds from ATM.

These Prepaid cards work with most of the International and Domestic ATMs, POS and Websites.

Note:- As a prepaid card reseller you should target entrepreneurs who are interested in using a prepaid card as a preferred mode to manage their payroll.

Most of the merchant account or payment gateways easily approve transactions made by prepaid debit cards.

Let’s quickly go ahead and understand how you can join one of the best prepaid debit card reseller program. If you want to become a prepaid debit card distributor or if you want to start your own prepaid debit card company then this may require a lot of experience and money. Eventually, the final objective of beginning a prepaid debit card distributorship or a company would be to earn money.

A better way to earn money without investing lot of fund would be to become a prepaid debit card reseller. You will be very much like a prepaid card distributor, but the only difference is that you do not have the distributor license and hence you would be a reseller or an agent. It is a great business opportunity you can sell prepaid cards to customers who are struggling with their credit score, and you can also sell prepaid cards to organizations that are looking forward to transferring funds to the members and employees.

Resellers will also be able to offer high risk merchant account as the solution provider offers echeck services as well. This can help you generate good returns and can certainly be one of the best prepaid debit card reseller program.

The reason why I call this as one of the best prepaid debit card reseller program is that to sell these prepaid debit cards you do not have to buy them. All you have to do is to share a signup link to the customer who is interested in getting the card. These prepaid cards are available to customers with low credit score as well. Any customer who is a US citizen and has a social security number can apply without paying any upfront money to get this prepaid card. These cards are not shipped to a PO Box Address. There is no employment verification needed for this card approval.

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