Credit Card Processing In California

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Credit Card Processing California

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Quadrapay Making Credit Card Processing Easy In California

So you’re looking forward to getting a Credit Card processing solution for your company located in California. If yes then you are at the right place Quadrapay works as an independent sales contract of various processing companies. These processors are happy to onboard merchants from California. Our processing partners offer Internet Payment Gateways, Merchant Accounts, and Point of Sales. They are also comfortable in looking at applications of merchants that some may consider high risk or Bad credit merchants.

Website Compliance For California Credit Card Processing.

You should have a website that loads and resolves correctly. Every processing company will evaluate your business website. In case if the site is incomplete, then we encourage you to complete the website before making an application. To maintain the security of transaction information, your website must have an SSL certificate. All the products and services that you wish to promote and sell should be clearly displayed on the site. The website should also have detailed pages about Terms and condition, Privacy policy, the Refund, and Cookie policy. The contact information of your California-based company must be visible on the website. Important contact details include Name of the company, Phone number, Email address And company registration number.

Application Process For California Credit Card Processing Account

Once your website is ready, you can approach a payment service provider. We suggest you evaluate the services of our preferred processing partners. Most of our credit card processing partners have been in the industry for quite a long time. They do offer highly advanced payment processing solution to low and high risk merchants. If your local processing bank has rejected your application, then you do not have to worry. There is a possibility that one of our processing partners may say yes. You will have to send an application to the processing partners. They will evaluate your website. After evaluating your site, they will request for additional documents. If the underwriting team agrees to onboard you, then they will send you a full merchant account agreement. This complete contract will give you information about the rates and fees that will be charged for Credit Card processing services. Our processing partners also provide ready to use plugins. These plugins work well with shopping carts like Woocommerce, Joomla, Magento, and Prestashop.

Echeck And ACH For California Based Businesses.

Apart from Credit Card processing, we also help businesses in getting electronic check solutions. Our ACH processing partners offer verified echeck solutions. With echeck, you can accept one time as well as reoccurring payments. Verified echeck comes with the Account number and Routing number verification. New ACH payment gateways are capable of validating funds availability at the time of transaction. Together all these features help you to reduce the NSF ratio. With electronic check solutions, you can also get access to a virtual terminal.

Quadrapay And California Merchant Accounts.

As mentioned earlier in this article about our business model, we are proud to be extremely transparent. We immediately connect the merchant to the processing company and do not force the Merchant to pay any additional setup fees. Our team will also be happy to assist you with integration once your account is approved through one of our processing partners. So it is a good time for you to start the application process. By using International merchant accounts, you will be able to sell your product not only within California but you’ll also be able to cater to the requirements of your customers located in various other countries. Please send us an email on [email protected] with your company name, website, and phone number. We will be happy to get you connected to a few reliable processing companies.

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