dropshipping payment gateway

Dropshipping Payment Gateway

Start accepting online credit debt card payments with dropshipping friendly payment gateway. Accept payments from over 100 nations in over 10 currencies. Our advanced dropshipping payment gateway solution comes at pocket-friendly pricing.

Online Credit Card Processing For Dropshipping Sites

Easily integrate the gateway to your dropshipping site with ready-to-use plugins.

50+ Alternative Payment Methods

Offer multiple local payment modes to expand your dropshipping site footprint.

Check Processing For Dropshipping Sites

Get a super convenient check processing solution for USD orders.

Agile Dropshipping Payment Processing Account

So you have created a dropshipping site. Congratulations, you have made the right decision. Dropshipping websites work hand in hand with sites like Alibaba.com, Aliexpress.com, and Taobao. Some popular dropship platforms and tools are Shopify, Big Commerce, WordPress, Woocomerce & Alidropship.

No matter what platform you are using to establish your website. You will only be able to make money if you find a credit card payment processor that accepts dropshipping businesses. With QuadraPay dropshipping merchant account, you can accept payments on your website, email, phone & mobile apps. The solution comes with world-class features, including dynamic currency conversion.

Many providers will consider your application high-risk only because of the industry. We believe in taking a deeper look at each application and then reaching a decision. Contact us today for more information.

drop shipping payment system

Payment Processing For DropShipping Sites

KYC Documents For Dropshipping Payment System

The KYC documents for a dropshipping merchant account are usually the same as any eCommerce business except for one thing. It may require drop shipping agreement/Suppliers agreement/fulfillment agreement. Let’s look at what KYC documents are needed for a dropshipping business.

  • Business License
  • Identification Proof
  • Utility bill
  • Void Check
  • Bank statement
  • Previous processing history(If available)

Rates And Fees For Drop Shipping Merchant Account

We offer competitive pricing for dropshipping merchants. We offer two types of solutions for this industry.

The 1st one is a domestic dropshipping credit card processing account where the merchant pays around 3% to 4.9%.

The fees for offshore dropshipping account ranges between 4.5% to 6%, with a weekly payout.

Dropshipping Merchant Services FAQ

So you have a website for the dropshipping model, and you think that’s all right. Think Again. According to QuadraPay’s analysis, 7 out of 10 dropshipping websites fail to pass the initial review. Here are a few most common issues with sites.

  • Dummy Products. Many sites show dummy products and think they will be approved. Keep in mind that a human being looks at all pages of your website. Make sure you only list products that you have in the inventory.
  • Mixed Categorization. Follow a niche, and try to avoid incorporating various categories. You see that the Alibaba website sells from needle to crane. That’s going to be different from the approach on your website. Follow a niche, and it makes your application easy.
  • Refrain from selling overpriced items. Being realistic with pricing and taking a 200% or 300 % margin may attract rejections.
  • No refund policy. Your website must have trust pages like terms, privacy, cookies, refund, and shipping pages.
  • Social media pages with blank links. Social media talks a lot about your reputation and the quality of services. If you put social site links, then make sure these are active.
  • No contact information. Customers like to contact the seller in case of any issues regarding the product and refunds. Just putting a form on the website does not help. Put the details address information. It may include the physical address, email, and phone number with a company registration number.
  • You are hiding processing history. Make sure to hide your PayPal and stripe history. Show it when you apply for a merchant account.
  • Lorem Ipsum Value. Merchants must know that no one will buy products if you have dummy text in the product description. We come across many sites that show dummy texts. Dropshipping sites must have complete details of all the products you wish to sell on your website. These details should be visible on your dropshipping site.

We ask for a supplier’s/dropshipping agreement no matter what processing solution you are looking for, credit card processing, debit card processing, ACH, or APMs. Most B2B marketplaces and suppliers offer these agreements if asked for. The Dropshipping agreement identifies the following.

  • Company that handles fulfillment
  • Product range available with the vendor
  • Timeline of product delivery
  • RMA and return guidelines.

Many dropshipping merchants may have Paypal, Stripe & Square statements, but they hide them. Please share your recent processing statements with us proactively. It will help us understand your monthly sales volume and your risk profile. The chances of approval increase if you share your processing statement.

For dropshipping merchants, we recommend Check/ACH as a mode of payment processing. You can qualify for a next-day payout if your monthly sales volume is high. Our ACH solution comes with API integration, allowing businesses to easily integrate electronic checks as a preferred mode of payment for the dropshipping website.