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Merchant Account For Online Furniture Stores With Quadrapay

Quadrapay is happy to announce that our payment processing partners in the EU are providing merchant accounts for online furniture stores. They are providing merchant accounts for furniture store under MCC (Merchant Category Code) 7394. Quadrapay can approve your merchant account for furniture store for retail and eCommerce furniture sales both.

Why Do You Need A Furniture Store Merchant Account?

  • Merchant Account provides you with the ability to accept both credit cards and debit cards online for the furniture that you are selling. To process the transaction, you will need a payment gateway that can act as a safeguard for your client’s payment details and your account details.
  • Quadrapay has a secured payment gateway for both even if you are starting your furniture store or planning to sell it online or also if you have been in this business for several years.

How will Quadrapay be beneficial for your Online Furniture Store?

  1. Zero Fees For Setup. You might be surprised by the services that quadrapay is providing you. Everything on one platform. But we assure you that we never surprise you with any hidden charges by asking you to install additional software to run your merchant account.
  2. Low-Cost Online Payment Processing. You can process various payment brands with the lowest processing rates. No extra charges for any mode of payment.
  3. No Monthly Fees. Our payment processing partners charge you only when you start transactions. Charges are per sales, and in case if you did not do any deal for the month, you won’t be charged. So we don’t charge you monthly, in fact, we only charge when you do a transaction.
  4. 24/7 Customer Support. Having trouble in using your payment gateway? Connect to us anytime be it night or day we are always available at your service to help you out.
  5. Advanced Reporting Tools. Our payment gateway has a smart reporting tool that lessens your accounting hassle. It keeps all the sale records at one place so if you ever have to have a look at your past sales you can do it on your account. You do not need to write it down in a notebook as our reporting tool is already doing that for you. You keep your focus on your core business without getting in trouble of maintaining the records.
  6. Chargebacks And Fraud Alerts Chargebacks and frauds are said to be a nightmare for a businessman as it affects the business a lot. That is why our payment processing partners have provided your merchant account with a smart alert that sends you a notification whenever any customer raises an issue so that you can resolve it before the acquirer bank gets to know.
  7. POS Terminals. Our payment processor provides you with the flexibility to accept payments from several credit cards and debit cards. Also from eWallets, mobile payments, virtual credit card, smart cards, card-not-present processing and several of POS equipment like machine cards.
  8. Echeck. Our payment processing partners in USA also provide eChecks through ACH processing. eCheck is an electronic representation of a paper check that works on the same legal framework as a regular paper check does. However, eChecks are faster than paper checks; that is why it is considered more by the merchants to process the transaction.
  9. Secured Payment Gateway. Our payment gateway has PCI-DSS level 1 security compliance that reduces the risk of data loss, card theft, identity theft and many more.

Why Invest In The Furniture Store?

According to the report of Allied market research, the global furniture market is projected to reach $800,596 million by 2025 and with a CAGR of 3.5% form 2018-2015.

Furniture is for various purposes, be it at home or in the office. It is ever growing business as people will always require a house to stay in and in turn they need furniture for the interiors. As new opportunities are evolving, so are the entrepreneurs are establishing new businesses, getting new offices and looking for a merchant who can provide them with essential furniture for their office interior. Primarily there were typical tables and chairs for the sake of having furniture in the house, but these days furniture can be modified according to our requirements. So as the real estate is growing, so does the furniture market is booming. There is an unending list for the usage of furniture that creates a massive opportunity for people to invest in the furniture market.

Types Of Furniture Online Store Merchant Accounts:

Online shopping is a boon for people who do not like much to go out for buying stuff; instead, they prefer someone to deliver it to their doorsteps on just one click. Markets have been evolved so much these days that if someone wishes to buy a bed, they can purchase it by just clicking it online and making the payment online. That lessens the hassle of going to store and also carrying a considerable amount of cash with them. It is all possible because of the furniture merchants who have updated their traditional way of selling furniture in store to selling it online.

List of furniture that you can sell online:

  1. Beds and mattresses
  2. Storage furniture
  3. Tables, desks and chairs
  4. Sofas, benches and recliners
  5. Mirrors and dressers
  6. Garden furniture
  7. Table tennis, Pool and other indoor game tables

How To Get A Merchant Account For Furniture Store?

Getting a merchant account with Quadrapay is not tricky. You can get a merchant account in a few steps. Begin it by filling out Quadrapay’s online application that is easy and does not take much of your time if you have all the required documents ready with you.

After filling the online application, you need to submit the necessary documents :

  • Bank Statements (recent three months)
  • Processing statements if any (past three months)
  • Operational website details with all the terms and conditions
  • Valid Government ID
  • Bank account details of the business (within the EU)
  • Details of the owner and partners (should be physically present in the EU)

After the successful submission of these documents, we start processing for the approval of your merchant account. We try to get your merchant account approved as soon as possible so that you can start processing your transactions.

Is There Any Maintenance Fee For Merchant Account?

Well, there is no Maintenance fee for your merchant account; however, you have to maintain the chargeback ratio to extend the life of your payment processor. Our payment processor has already covered you for that as it provides early alerts for the chargeback. Credit card networks track your merchant chargeback ratio, and according to the norms, they should not exceed more than 1%. If it exceeds the rate of 1%, then your business will be categorised as “excessively risky” that can lead to loss of your merchant account. That is why our payment processor warns you as soon as any customer raises a dispute so that you can resolve it on your end before the acquirer bank gets to know about it. You can issue a refund or can take any possible step to resolve the issue and keep your chargeback ratio low if you feel that, that raised issue is valid. If you find that request invalid, you can leave it on the processor to resolve it accordingly through the procedure.

Quadrapay now offers retail and online credit card processing solutions for American, Canadian and European Restaurant Booth Manufacturers.

The Restaurant and Bar industry requires high-quality seating arrangements. This critical requirement is fulfilled by experienced furniture and booth manufacturers. Traditionally these firms were generating business in the old fashion way. However, these days companies get customers from the world over. To efficiently and quickly accept payments for orders, these firms require a reliable credit card processing option.

Alternative Payment Options For Restaurant Booth Manufacturers.

Since the ticket size of these transactions can be high, merchants from this industry can use alternative methods like ACH in the USA and APMs in the European Union and Interac in Canada.

What kind of products and services you may offer with Payment gateway.

  • Wall panels
  • Custom Work
  • Restaurant Booths
  • Wall Benches
  • Bead Board
  • Button Tufted
  • Channel Back
  • V Back

Fortunately, Quadrapay can assist merchants with most of the above-stated solutions. So what are you waiting for? Apply today to get a free quote.

You can contact us or can fill the form to let us know if you are looking for a merchant account provider.
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