High Risk Merchant Account Providers For Tech support


High Risk Merchant Account Providers for Tech support businesses are becoming very aggressive these days in terms of onboarding startup Merchants. These Tech support merchant account providers are mostly located in Eastern Europe and Asia. These merchant account providers do offer credit card processing for Tech support, SEO companies, Internet marketing companies, web hosting and web design companies. With the expansion of business globally, the number of service providers and acquirers has also increased and along with that, the approach towards high risk industry has also changed. Quadrapay.com has adeptly collaborated with these acquirers and helping merchants worldwide. Are you also looking for an online payment gateway for tech support?


The onboarding process is very simple and easy. It starts with the application submission. The underwriting team looks at the application and identifies if there any challenges in onboarding the merchant. This underwriting process takes 5 to 7 business days. The most important part of the onboarding process is the underwriting process, which varies from organization to organization. If your business plan and your financial portfolio is in accordance with the underwriting guidelines of the acquirer, you have cleared the biggest hurdle in the race to get a merchant account. Once the account is approved the merchant can integrate the payment platform using API. Once the API is integrated into the website they are all set and can start accepting transactions from the website.


1. High Risk credit card merchant account

These kinds of accounts are used to process card transactions. Mostly these are Credit/Debit and Gift cards. Most of the Merchant account providers accept Pre Paid Cards as well. Card transactions have been quite popular over last decade. But now, many more payment options have entered the market.

2. High Risk Echeck Processing

These kinds of accounts are mostly used to accept Electronic check payments. Most common terminologies for echeck are Check21 and echeck.

Both options can be used by merchants offering services in the United States of America. Merchants that offer services outside the United States of America can only use Credit Card processing option. The Merchant location can be anywhere except a few countries. Startup Merchant from India USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Bangladesh,Nepal, Philippines, Laos Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore can apply can also apply.


The typical transaction rates for echeck processing ranges from 7% to 15%. Echeck offers faster payout and lower rates. The dispute period is lesser as compared to credit card processing. This in turn reduces the chances of chargeback and helps keep the chargeback ratio below 2%.
The transaction rate for Credit Card processing can range from 5% to 25% depending on the industry type and the risk profile of the merchant. This transaction rate is usually determined by the banks depending upon the federal laws and company guidelines. The rate of transaction also varies depending upon the total level of risk involved in onboarding the merchant.


India is among a few of the fastest growing nations in the world. This nation has massive potential for financial growth and market expansion. Indians have good Technical and entrepreneurial skills. The government of India recently announced Startup India campaign. This Initiative offers massive rebates and relaxations to startups. Indian E-commerce startups are not only looking at the domestic market but also at the global market. This includes North America, Europe, Latin America and Africa. Companies from India sell products and services to the globe and earn revenues. This is helping the nation in reducing the Trade deficit to a great extent.

However, the Payment Processing industry in India is still evolving. It is very easy to get a Low Risk Merchant Account but it is extremely challenging to get a High Risk Merchant Account. Not every merchant account solution provider offers international credit card processing. High Risk Merchant Accounts have been still kept at bay by these India based PSPs and Acquirers. Many Indian High Risk Businesses use Merchant services from Offshore Merchant Account providers. These offshore acquirers are readily available and comfortable with onboarding High Risk Merchants from India. Sometimes the EU Based Processors may ask for a dormant company registration. This is usually done for less than $100 online.
Whether it is opening a merchant account in India or with any offshore processor, Quadrapay.com has a complete range of solutions to offer to merchants from high risk industry. Do you need tips on opening high risk merchant account for tech support? We are ready to help you.


  • Tech Support Companies Selling services in the USA – These companies need US Tech Support Payment Gateway
  • Pharmaceutical companies and Medicine sales websites(Selling Non-Controlled Medicines and Substances)
  • Nutraceuticals and Herbal Products including Ayurvedic products.
  • Web Design and SEO Companies
  • Ecig and Vape Stores
  • Travel Sites and Tour Operators
  • Web Hosting
  • Software Sales

All the above-stated accounts will be considered High Risk Merchant Accounts in India.
Indian High Risk Businesses can use offshore providers only on one condition. The condition is that the cardholders should not be from India. If the cardholders are also from India then the merchant must apply with any domestic PSP. (We also offer solutions from India based PSPs). With these solutions, businesses can accept Credit and Debit cards.

A popular product in merchant services industry is electronic check processing account. Echeck is a great alternative to the traditional card processing option. Especially for merchants in high risk industry, the payment option of using Echeck is the most beneficial one if one wants to reduce the chargeback ratio. Merchants get paid by the processor on weekly basis. The Amount is deducted from the buyer’s bank account. Merchants must be careful at the time of choosing the payment processing solution. Indian merchants must look at a couple of factors before they conclude onto a specific payment processor or acquirer.

  • Does the merchant account solution offer the addition of an alternative mode like echeck or check21?
  • Online businesses may need Virtual Terminal or MOTO to process call center orders. It is impossible to get CT or MOTO in India. If the business owner has a company in other nation they may apply for VT with an offshore provider.
  • Do they offer High Risk Merchant Accounts? – Depending on your Credit and Industry type the PSP may consider your business to be risky.
  • Check if they are ok with your profile. Make sure they don’t penalize you by adding a heavy markup on transaction rates and Monthly Fees.
  • Compare the rates offered by all major credit card processing companies in India.
  • Do they accept all major credit cards? Make sure they are associated with the largest number of Card Schemes.
  • What is the application process? Is there is any Application fee or Setup charges, Negotiate with them to reduce or waive the setup charges.
  • How much chargeback and refund can the merchant account handle? Check the approved Chargeback to Sales ratio. Check if they allow you to use Chargeback Notification and Alert Services.
  • Check if they use AVS and Pre Authorization. It’s better to double check the address on the file and capture the funds once the shipping is initiated.
  • How easy it is to integrate the payment gateway. Do they assist in the integration process? Are plugins available for well-known CMS like WordPress, Magento, Opencart, and Prestashop etc?

We are proud to let you know that our global connection allows us to offer echeck payment gateway for tech support. If you are facing any trouble to find the best merchant payment gateway or a high risk merchant account for your tech support/ PC support business, we are here to help you.